Fitted Tablecloths

Want to give your old trade show display a brand new look? Look no further than a fitted tablecloth from Vispronet®. Each of our table cover styles (full-color, logo and stock) are available in either 6 or 8-foot sizes, with the logo or full-print styles available in 4ft sizes, as well. No matter which style of table cover you choose, all of them share some of the same features, including a seamless, one-piece design, double-fold hemmed edges, and wrinkle-resistant and machine-washable fabric that is flame-retardant.

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Trade Show Fitted Tablecloths from Vispronet®

We offer three different styles of fitted table covers, each with its own advantages and uses.

Full Print Fitted Tablecloths

Our fitted tablecloths with full print are an excellent way you to show off a brand, design, or company logo. The full print option of our fitted table cover gives you complete creative control, meaning that you have the ability to completely design your display cover from the ground up. All of our full-print fitted table covers are printed on Polydeco Deluxe Stretch, which offers wrinkle resistance and a slight stretch all in one lightweight package.

Logo Print

If you don’t need the full creative control that our full-print table cover offers but still want a way to show off a logo or an other design, look no further than our fitted table cover with logo print. These fitted tablecloths offer a simple way for you to attract the eye of passersby at a trade show or other event. Choose from over a dozen ready-to-print colors, including red, green, yellow, orange, and grey.

Stock Color

Our stock color fitted table covers are an excellent alternative to a fully custom table throw, offered at a bargain price that’s hard to beat. Each of these tablecloths is available in one of four stock colors: red, blue, black or white. These choices make it a great selection to go with one of our custom-printed table runners to really draw the eye. If you’re worried about damage to your table cover, don’t be: all of our stock fitted table covers are made from 300D dyed polyester, which makes them wrinkle-resistant and flame-retardant.

Get Your Fitted Tablecloth Today

All of these qualities make our tablecloth an excellent addition to your next trade show display or booth. If you’re looking for something to help liven up your customers’ experience at your booth, consider getting a fitted trade show table cover from Vispronet® today. Simply pick one of the products above to get started.

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