What is a brand identity package?

With our branding package deal wrapping up (it ends on March 31), I thought I’d take the time to explain what exactly a brand package is. Branding is a combination of the name, slogan and logo that can be used to help identify a company or its products to a potential customer. Here’s what your company’s branding should be able to do:

  • Deliver your business’s message or explain its products
  • Connect your products and services with customers
  • Create user loyalty
  • Get users to purchase your products

So what’s in a branding package?

Branding packages contain a lot of different items. Depending on the type of brand package you’re trying to build, an average brand identity package includes some or all of the following:

The most basic branding package will have a personalized logo, business cards, letterhead and a piece of paper (or, nowadays, a PDF) called a branding standards document. So what is a branding standards document, and why do you need one?

Here’s the deal: having a branding standards document explains how the elements of your brand package speak for your company in a clear and meaningful way.

By making sure that your employees and others follow the branding standards document you put together, you make sure that your brand is well-defined to everyone from vendors, to shareholders and the community.

Branding standards documents typically include standards for:

  • The different elements of your logo and how they should be used
  • Typography (what fonts your logo uses, how and where they’re used)
  • What color palette your logo uses and what parts of the logo those colors are used for
  • Any legal requirements for using the logo

So what does the average brand standards guide look like? Take a look at this HubSpot article on brand standards documents for 21 great examples.

Why do I need a brand package?

You might be wondering: why exactly do I need a branding package? Have you ever thought about the first impression that your business makes on potential customers? Branding packages help further your business by creating the image and impression that you want to create.

Here’s a couple of different reasons that your business needs a branding package:

1. A brand package creates a unified and succinct message across your company’s various channels and representations

Whether you’re re-designing your company’s website, posting to social media, or attending a trade show, having a business branding package makes sure that you have a unified message no matter who it is that you’re interacting with or what channel you’re using to interact with them. As you begin spreading a unified message, your business becomes synonymous with your message, which makes people in your niche want to do business with you.

2. Branding packages help you stand out from your competitors

Once you’ve built a brand identity package for your business, it becomes much easier for potential customers to recognize you in the sea of your competition. Applying that same branding package company-wide can help shape and positively transform that company’s reputation throughout the community, especially when it comes to vendors, shareholders and potential customers.
Want to learn more about building a brand package for your company? Check out this course on building a branding package from Canva.