How to Clean a Mousepad: The Ultimate Guide

mouse padIf you are a gamer or an office worker, changes are you use mouse pads on your desktop computer to help control your mouse movement and cushion your wrist. A dirty mouse mat can cause problems when moving your computer mouse. This is a big issue for gamers and office workers who need to use their mouse pads regularly. PC gamers require lots of mouse movement and space while people who work from their desk rely on their mouse to get their work done. Having a dirty mouse pad is also an easy way to spread germs since you often touch your mousepad and desktops easily collect dust and germs. Therefore, it is important to keep your mouse pad clean. But how do you wash your mousepad? There are several methods and tips for keeping your mousepad and workspace tidy.

How to Wash a Mousepad

The most recommended and effective method for cleaning a mouse pad is washing it by hand. Most cloth pads just require a little soap, water, and time to get out any spills or dust. If you have a RGB mousepad, however, such as one equipped with lights or a USB port, then you should not wash it due to the increased chances of water damage. For those who use large gaming pads or custom mouse pads, this is the most popular way for keeping your pad clean without ruining it.

Step 1

Place your mouse pad in your sink or, if you use a large pad, a tub. Lightly dampen your pad with water and either hand soap or mild shampoo. Make sure to use cold water as hot water can damage your pad material and some custom prints.

Step 2

Use either a sponge or a brush to scrub any particularly dirty spots. It is important to use a soft sponge and brush. Using heavy-duty tools can damage your pad. The trick to cleaning your mouse pad is to be as gentle as possible.

Step 3

Clean any suds and soap from your pad by rinsing it with cold water. Again, make sure the water is cold so that you will not ruin your mouse pad. After you are done rinsing the pad, make sure there are no signs of soap left.

Step 4

Take a towel and pat your mouse pad dry. This action needs to be done in a mild manner too. This will not completely dry your pad, so you will have to let your pad air dry for the rest of the day. It might help to place your mouse pad near a fan to dry it quicker.

Step-By-Step Video

To see this a live demonstration, view this video on cleaning a gaming mousepad:

Can You Put Your Mouse Pad in the Washer or Dryer?

The answer for the washing machine is yes, depending on the type of pad you have. For those who may not have a lot of time to clean their mouse pad, using a washing machine can be helpful, but it is not recommended for all kinds of materials. Most cloth pads can withstand being placed in the washer. If your pad is made from such materials as polyester, nylon, foam, or rubber, then it can be used in the washer. If your pad is made from different materials or has a custom design printed on it, using a washer could damage the material and the print. All pads, however, should avoid being placed in the dryer. The heat will be harmful to the mouse pad.

Washing Machine-Safe Materials:

  • rubber
  • nylon
  • polyester
  • foam
  • acrylic
  • acetate
  • microfiber
  • polyurethane

Take the Proper Precautions

If you are using a washer, there are some precautions that need to be taken into consideration:

Make sure your detergent is mild, not one designed for heavy duty washes.
Set your washing machine to cold, as stated before, using warm water is damaging.
Set your washer to a light cycle to ensure the safety of your pad.
Do not use any bleach or other special cleaning products. The detergent will be enough.
Do not use the dryer. Always air dry your mouse pad whether you are cleaning it by hand or not.
Pro Tip: If you have a custom printed pad, it is important to keep in mind that there are different printing techniques for creating custom mouse pads. Some printing methods can resist being placed in a washing machine, but it is best to clean the pad by hand to keep your custom design in pristine condition.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to clean a mouse pad?

We strongly recommend washing your mousepad by hand. Doing so by hand is gentler and is less likely to damage your mouse pad. A washing machine is equipped for a smaller range of mouse pads, such as ones made from certain cloth-like materials and ones without custom printed designs.

How do you clean a cloth mousepad?

Cloth mouse pads can be cleaned by hand or in the washing machine. It is important, however, to always be gentle when cleaning your cloth pad. Use light shampoos and soaps for hand washing and mild detergents for machine washing. Cloth mousepads should always be cleaned with cold water rather than hot or warm water.

When should you clean your mouse pads?

You should wash your mousepad several times a year or whenever it gets particularly dirty. Washing your pad throughout the year will keep it from getting too germy over time, especially if you use it every day. If you spill something on the pad, then it should be cleaned right away to prevent stains.

15 Tips to Keeping a Clean Desk

Rather than just keeping your mouse pad clean, you should keep your entire work or gaming space tidy too. It might not seem like it right away, but keeping your workspace uncluttered and tidy creates a better working and gaming environment.

1. Keep your monitor and keyboard clean

Computers collect dust easily, especially between the keys and on the monitor. There are several cleaning cloths designed specifically for computer screens and keyboards so that you can remove dust without damaging the system. If computer keys get too dusty, they can be difficult to press, which is why it is important to clean keyboards on a regular basis.

2. Wipe your monitors on a regular basis

Use the special cloth that removes dust from your monitor to also remove any fingerprints and specks that appear on your screen from time to time. Keeping your monitor free from spots allows you to easily see and read what is on your computer and keeps your environment professional.

3. Mount your monitor

Is your desk often filled with dust and crumbs? An easy way to keep your monitor away from it is by mounting it on stands. This allows you to see your screen easily when seated at a desk, but it also makes it easy to wipe away dust and crumbs that get on your desk while keeping them away from your computer screen.

4. Get a stand for your headset

For some jobs and games, a headset is necessary. If you are using a headset in your work or gaming area, get a special stand to store it when you are not using it. This will keep your headset in a place where you can easily find it while also keeping your desk area free of clutter.

5. Manage your cables

One of the main things that gets in the way of work and gaming desks is computer cables. The cables should not be on the desk because it will add to the clutter and give you less room. Instead, they should be kept behind and underneath the desktop, giving you more mouse space.

6. Invest in an l-shaped desk

If you are looking for more space for moving your mouse around, a simple solution is to get an l-shaped desk. These desks are made to give you more space and offer more arm room, which is convenient if your job has you on your computer a lot.

7. Dress up your desk area with plants

You can make your work area look nicer by adding small plants nearby or on your desk. Make sure that these plants are small enough that they will not take up too much space. Some common plants for desks include succulents and spider plants.

8. Organize your desk

Your desk should also be kept as uncluttered as it can be. If you are a gamer, this creates room for larger gamer pads and if it is a work desk, it makes it simpler to be organized. Keep manuals, gaming tip books, work folders, and notebooks in desk drawers or, if you do not have that much drawer space, in desktop organizers.

9. Keep paper stored and organized

Rather than keeping your papers on top of your desk, you should keep them tucked away in a drawer. One of the best ways to keep them organized is by having a filing system with dividers and folders. This will keep your desk and your drawers uncluttered.

10. Store things digitally

While offices and gamers often use papers for notes, keep whatever you can digital. Filing away important documents on your computer creates more space on your desk and is also more environmentally friendly.

11. Use a labeler to identify everything

When using drawers and folders, it is important to use sticky notes or labels to identify where things are. Adding crafty labels to your drawers or files will allow you to find things quicker and easier, especially if you work with a lot of paper and supplies.

12. Store similar items together

Your work or gaming materials will be easier to find if you keep them in the same place. You should keep all writing utensils, folders, and game cases together so that they are easy to find. This will also help you know if you need to restock on something, such as pens.

13. Display a trash bin close by

Does your desk often have items you should have thrown away a while ago? Invest in a small, workplace sized trash bin to conveniently store underneath or next to your desk. This will prevent you from keeping papers, food wrappers, and broken supplies on your desk and forgetting about it.

14. Keep your pencils and pens within reach

Changes are, throughout the day you are constantly reaching for your pens and pencils to write quick notes down. If this is the case, you should keep them on your desktop rather than in a drawer. Get a fun pencil holder to store a few necessary writing utensils.

15. Put everything away when you are done using them

Are you finished citing a gaming guide? Done using your scissors? Then keep them off your desktop and store them away once you are done using them. The more you ignore doing this, the faster your desk will become messy again.

Pro Tip: Using an extended xl custom gaming mouse pad is a good solution to keep your desk clean and organized.


The Bottom Line

To get more use out of your mouse pad and for them to be more effective, they need to be cleaned over time. Doing this will allow your pad to last longer and keep your workspace from getting dusty. Desks are one of the main places for collecting dust and germs, especially since we use them so much, so having proper desktop hygiene is important for your health, as well as maintaining a pad. Mouse pads are something that you use daily, so it is important to keep them in the best shape possible.


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