Month: February 2018

10 Reasons Why Trade Shows Are Important

    Why Are Trade Shows Important? Visitor Attendance Research Training Education Return On Investment Brand Expansion Networking Negotiations Establishing A Rapport Sales & Lead Generation   Not everyone realizes it, but attending trade shows as an exhibitor is hugely important to a business’s marketing mix, whether they’re a multimillion-dollar corporation or a small business

How To Hang a Vinyl Banner

The right signage can make the difference when it comes to effectively promoting your business or brand. For example, using a custom vinyl banner at a trade show is one of the simplest and most practical ways you can promote your business and products to potential customers. For example, vinyl banners can also be used

The Meaning of Six Color Printing

On Tuesday, we talked about picking the right Pantone color for print. In that post, I mentioned that we’d discuss 6 color printing in another post. Well, that’s this post. Today we’ll discuss the finer points of six-color printing, including: What 6 color printing is. What it’s used for. So without further ado, let’s get

The Origins of Groundhog Day

With Groundhog Day almost upon us, I thought I’d take today and explain what exactly Groundhog Day is. So what is it? Put simply, it’s a popular tradition celebrated here in the US, (specifically in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania) as well as parts of Canada, such as Quebec. Celebrated every February 2nd, the tradition derives from superstitions
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