How To Hang a Vinyl Banner

The right signage can make the difference when it comes to effectively promoting your business or brand. For example, using a custom vinyl banner at a trade show is one of the simplest and most practical ways you can promote your business and products to potential customers. For example, vinyl banners can also be used for step and repeat banners at company events. No matter which way you choose to use them, vinyl banners remain a versatile option that can be hung up in a variety of ways.

Hanging your banner correctly is important if you want to ensure that you get the most impact out of your banner when you use it. Your banner should be smooth and taut against wherever you’re hanging it up – no one is going to stop and look at a wrinkled, creased banner, no matter where you hang it up. How you hang a banner up is just as important as what you’re hanging up, so we’ll show you some of the many possible ways you can hang your banners to ensure that they’re smooth and wrinkle-free.

These tips are useful for hanging banners to promote businesses, at trade shows, or for guiding you on how to simply hang a banner on a wall for a party.

Before we begin: how to measure banners

We offer many different kinds of custom-printed banners in standard sizes, such as 6’ x 3’ and 4’ x 2’, but the best way to get exactly the banners you need is to measure the amount of space you’re displaying in and then get one of our custom-cut banners made exactly to the dimensions you need. Aside from vinyl, we also offer fabric banners and mesh banners in standard and custom sizes.

When you’re hanging your banner, no matter which method you use, make sure that you attach something through all four of the eyelets. Otherwise, the tension will not be spread evenly across the banner, making it easier for the grommets to get damaged or torn out entirely depending on how windy it is.

How to hang banners with grommets

When it comes to hanging banners with grommets, you have a couple different options:

Rope: If you need a simple option for hanging a banner, rope is still king, though it’s morphed a little bit since the old days. No longer is it simply manila or hemp fibers. Nowadays banners are shipped with polypropylene or polyester cord – all of our banners have 4.5mm (1/6th of an inch) polyester cord available as an accessory.

Using rope or cord lets you hang your banner from walls, pillars, poles, fences and even buildings – basically any free-standing structure. Here’s how you hang a banner using rope:

  1. Figure out what you’re going to be attaching your banner to. Knowing what you’re going to attach your banner to enables you to figure out if you need to use two grommets, all four, or if you need to have more put in.
  2. Once you’ve figured out what you’re going to attach your banner to, loop one piece of rope through each grommet, as needed.
  3. Tie the rope off around the pole, pillar or fence using a binding knot like a square knot.


Bungee cords: Our 16.5”, 10.75”, 8.75” and 6.5” bungee cords are like a step up from using polyester cord or simple hemp fiber rope for hanging banners. They make it easy to stretch your banner taut and attach it to a nearby structure – no knots needed. Hanging a vinyl banner with bungee cords is easy – here’s how:

  1. Like with rope, figure out what you’re going to be attaching your banner to.
  2. Push the bungee loop or cord through all four of the grommets to ensure proper distribution of tension.
  3. Loop the cord over the edge of the banner and back through the loop to make a knot and secure the bungee cord. Alternatively, if using a single-cord bungee as opposed to a loop, tie it off around the edge of the banner.
  4. Attach it to your desired structure using the included hooks.

Suction cups: Suction cups are a great way to hang a banner in front of a window or over glass. Here’s how to hang a banner using suction cups:

  1. Attach one of the suction cups to the wall or window that you’re going to be attaching your banner to. This will serve as your anchor point.
  2. Put one grommet over the suction cup pin or through the included hook.
  3. Pull the banner taut and, ensuring that it’s straight, place another suction cup and put the grommet over it/through the included hook, as needed.
  4. Place the two remaining suction cups and put the grommets over them or attach the grommets to the included hooks.

Carabiners/pear snap hooks: Carabiners and pear snap hooks are great if you just need to attach your hanging banner to some kind of hardware. They work great with polyester cord, bungees, or as a way of attaching your banner directly to the hardware in question.  Here’s how to hang a banner using a carabiner or pear snap hook:

  1. Attach one of the carabiners or pear snap hooks to each of the four grommets.
  2. Tie off polyester cord to the carabiner or snap hook. If using a bungee, attach the wide end of the carabiner or snap hook to the hook end of the bungee.
  3. Tie off polyester cord to the hardware using a binding knot like a square knot (see the video above for a tutorial on how to tie one).

How to hang a banner outside

When it comes to hanging banners outside, you have a couple different options. You can use rope, bungees, carabiners or pear snap hooks, depending on what you’re anchoring your banner to. If there’s nothing for you to anchor your banner to, you can use one of our in-ground banner post sets to show off your vinyl banner outdoors. Here’s how they work:

Are you looking for a vinyl banner for your next event or for displaying long-term? We carry vinyl banners in a wide array of sizes. We also offer different finishing options so that you can get grommets, pole sleeves, or all sides cut to suit different hanging styles. These vinyl banners are a great addition for professional and personal use and they can be set up indoors and outdoors to accommodate all the different hanging options listed.

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