How To Build A Better Trade Show Booth

We’ve established the importance of partaking in trade show exhibits as a means of increasing business outreach. We’re certain almost everyone recognizes the significance of maintaining a presence in the midst of an industry’s who’s-who. Businesses prepare months in advance to together a successful trade show booth in order to generate as many new leads as possible.

They spare no expense in promoting the event, securing the best-positioned booth and making certain they are a part of the various discussions and conferences that take place during the exhibition. They do this so they are able to present their enterprise to the largest number of audience members as possible.

Unfortunately, however, there is one aspect that is usually ignored by business people and trade show exhibitors in favor of everything else. That aspect is the pop up display at the trade show. What exhibitors fail to realize is visual appeal is one of the key attracting factors that draws in the audience and helps convert them into a client.

Unbeknownst to most business hopefuls is that a trade show attendee can take one glance, lasting for less than 3 seconds, and decide whether they would like to visit your booth, let alone engage with you in any way. Three  seconds is all it takes to make or break your business at a trade show exhibit.

Here’s how you can maximize your potential and make the most of those 3 seconds to cast a lasting impression on your target audience.

Craft a Trade Show Booth

The first thing that you should pay attention to when planning a trade show booth display is the physicality of the booth itself. Keeping in mind the booth’s size, style and location, think about how you can strategize the display of materials to make it more appealing to the audience.

This is a crucial part of visual merchandising. There’s the placement of portable counters, pedestals, banner signs, overhead signs, chairs, audio/video equipment and even the entrances to consider. Like you would with your home, consider hiring a professional to draw a blueprint of the booth display in order to help you maximize the use of the limited space available to you.

Create an Audio/Video Combination

Once you have your blueprint showing placements of the various elements in a booth, you can shift your focus to the individual elements themselves. Most exhibitors choose to incorporate only one aspect in their display. It’s either an audio presentation in the form of music or voiceovers or it’s a video-set up.

We’d advise you use a combination of both to make your trade show display booth more unique from your competitors. Kick it up a notch by including professionally-made interactive audio and video presentations with a mounted video display.

Incorporate Scents

Apart from listening and seeing, the sense of smell also does wonders in attracting an audience. Capitalize on that and incorporate attractive aromas into your display to entice attendees into paying you a visit.

Consider Graphics

Graphics make up a large aspect of any booth display. They also greatly influence the influx of trade show attendees to your booth. We are visual creatures by nature and are naturally inclined toward large illustrations. Utilize that to put up a display that is quite noticeable and visible from afar to entice possible customers into paying you a visit.

Think fabric panels, hook-and-loop adhesive displays, hanging or pedestal banners and more.

Think Special Effects

Take the graphics a step further by incorporating 3D graphic displays within the exhibit. We’re talking holographic full-length murals, 3D displays, augmented and virtual reality segments and so much more. The more intricately detailed the display is, the more appealing it appears to the target audience. What’s more, the more it entices, the more it encourages attendees to approach and engage with the business and brand.

Pay Attention to Color

A majority of people discredit display designs by saying they’re superficial. They justify their argument by saying that they would rather focus their time, energy and finances on materials that result in tangible results rather than think about colors, shades and hues.

Unbeknownst to  those naysayers, a display’s color palette has a considerable influence on a company’s success. Colors can be attractive,  enticing, relaxing, stimulating and exciting. Blues and greens are considered colors of confidence and consistency, while reds and oranges often invoke feeling of shock. Pay attention to and choose the colors, hues and shades of your display wisely. With the right color selection, you can have immediate and lasting effects on the target audience you wish to attract.

Integrate Lighting

You wouldn’t think it, but you can make a world of a difference by simply integrating lighting into your displays. Now it’s a well-established fact that any trade show is well lit to make sure all booths are visible. However, you can certainly take things to a new level by incorporating artful lights and lighting fixtures to change the mood of your setup.

Use spotlights to dramatize and draw direct attention to a particular product, use accent backlights to add dimensional illumination to your displays and images, add colorful LED lights to brighten the space, use strobe or gobo lights to enhance the special effects at your booth or consider architectural use of lights to create depth and interest into the physical setup.

Contemplate Continuity

To make your display considerably more attractive for your customers, consider incorporating continuity within every aspect of your display. Integration and connectivity is what can be used to seamlessly tie things together to make them flow together. Establish, develop and incorporate a theme, whether it’s a business logo, display, architecture or the use of color. Ensure that theme is reflected in every aspect of your booth, from the promotional items, to the branding and promotional advertising, giveaways, gifts and even the booth display elements themselves.

If you’re considering partaking in a trade show as an exhibitor, we’re certain you must have attended at least one before reaching this decision. A good idea when designing your trade show booth display is to draw on your own experiences. Reflect back to your first trade show. Wasn’t the most visually interesting booth the one that was the most attractive for you and countless others? Think about it, and up your trade show exhibit display game to keep everyone captivated!

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