3D Banner Displays

  • Designed to attract additional attention to your advertisement
  • Great for trade shows, conferences, sporting events, concerts, malls etc.
  • Easily customizable - brilliant full print
  • Visitors can see advertisement from any angle
  • Lightweight, easy to transport
  • Assemble in minutes – no tools required
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The Benefits of a 3D Banner Displays and 3 Sided Displays

There are several benefits to getting a Vispronet-brand 3D display, including:

Easy, Tools-Free Assembly

All of our displays are put together using an aluminum support pole system that makes it easy to assemble your display and change out your prints when necessary.


All of our 3D floor displays and 3 sided banner displays offer a wide variety of customization. Choose to print a different design on each face of your display to expose your customers to a wide variety of ideas and options, or print the same design on each side for increased brand unity.

Fast Production

Order prints and hardware by 10 AM EST for same-day production and shipping: order your hardware by 1PM EST for same-day shipping. Rush shipping services are available.

By far the biggest benefit of a 3D banner display, however, is the visual benefit that a 3D object provides – once you set up a 3D display, you know that your audience will see it no matter which way they approach your booth.

Types of 3D Displays

We offer several different types of 3D displays for sale:

  • Tri-Banner Stands or 3 Sided Banner Stands
  • Floor Towers and Cubes
  • Sideline A-Frames

The Tri-Banner Stand is available in both standard and deluxe options. Our floor towers come in standard, triangle and wide options, while the cube and A-frame come in a standard option only.

All of our triangle banner stands and multi-sided displays are printed on Polydeco, our proprietary flame-retardant, wrinkle-resistant polyester fabric. If your banner’s prints get dirty or dusty, wash them in a washing machine using mild, color-safe bleach and a color-catcher. Allow the print to air dry. For more information on the care and cleaning of your prints, see our Help section.

How Does a Trade Show 3D Display Work?

These 3 sided banner displays work by taking the advertising space that might otherwise be granted by other, larger displays and putting it in a smaller, easier-to-assemble package. Almost all of our 3D banner displays – with the exception of our Floor Cube – use an aluminum pole support system that is easy to fold. 

With displays like the Tri-Banner or the Floor Tower, you have what is essentially three or four roll up banners rolled into one neatly interlinked package. The Sideline A-Frame offers the same thing in a more low-to-the-ground package, allowing you to take advantage of the unused floor space you might have at the front of the booth to create something that will draw in a customer’s eye, while still being customizable and easy to assemble.

The Floor Cube pulls double duty: not only are you able to print a different graphic or piece of artwork on all six sides for maximum visibility, but the hollow core means that you can use it as storage space for those times when the storage under your booth just isn’t enough.

Looking for a way to turn that floor cube into seating for your guests or customers? Check out our Foam Display Dice. Each one features a high-density foam core, giving your customers a place to sit while at the same time offering a sense of unity with the rest of your display. 



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