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  • Great for parades, seasonal celebrations, and campuses
  • Pick you style, shape, material, and printing details
  • Vibrant, full color, fade-resistant pole banner graphics
  • Multiple size options available – up to 3ft wide and 8ft tall
  • Hardware includes all brackets, fiberglass poles, and steel ties 
  • Choose your material - multiple vinyl & polyester options

Custom Pole Banners Details

Take it to the street! Our Street Pole Banners feature aviation-grade fiberglass poles, heavy-duty pole mounting brackets that allow up to three (3) steel ties for support and your quality custom prints. These Street Pole Banners are available in a variety of common standard and custom size options in rectangular and triangular (except for Option 7) shapes. Your light post banners are able to be printed on a variety of different materials and available in a wide array of layouts. These street lamp banners are perfect for cities, towns, colleges, car dealers and more.

Parts List:

  • Custom-printed banner
  • Heavy-duty pole brackets
  • Fiberglass poles
  • Steel ties depending on banner size


  • 18oz Opaque Vinyl: 100% opaque weather-resistant & UV-protected anti-curl satin vinyl
  • 23oz Opaque Vinyl: 100% opaque heavy-duty weather-resistant & UV-protected anti-curl satin vinyl
  • Outdoor Flag Polyester: Tear-resistant lightweight knitted fabric with excellent thru-print (3.25oz/yd²)
  • 300D Polyester: Water-resistant, scratch-proof, flame-retardant fabric (6.00oz/yd²)


  • Our street banner hardware has been wind tested and can withstand wind speeds up to 55-63mph (10bft). Steel ties are intended for use with round (not square) poles. See assembly instructions for more details.


ModelPart NumberSizes AvailableWeight
Option 1 KX0220 (1.5ft wide)
KX0221 (2ft wide)
KX0222 (2.5ft wide)
KX0223 (3ft wide)
1.5ft - 3ft wide
3ft - 10ft tall
Option 2 KX0224 (1.5ft wide)
KX0225 (2ft wide)
KX0226 (2.5ft wide)
KX0227 (3ft wide)
(2) 1.5ft - 3ft wide
(2) 3ft - 10ft tall
Option 3 KX0228 (1.5ft wide)
KX0229 (2ft wide)
KX0230 (2.5ft wide)
KX0231 (3ft wide)
1.5ft - 3ft wide
3ft - 10ft tall
Option 4 KX0232 (1.5ft wide)
KX0233 (2ft wide)
KX0234 (2.5ft wide)
KX0235 (3ft wide)
(2) 1.5ft - 3ft wide
(2) 3ft - 10ft tall

What Are Pole Banners Used For?

Pole banners are made from vinyl or polyester and are displayed on lamp and light posts to promote a message to passing foot and car traffic.

Places they are commonly installed include popular avenues in cities & towns, malls, boardwalks, shopping plazas, and corporate, college, and school campuses. They are also commonly used to promote local festivities and events such as parades, food festivals, and flea markets, as well as seasonal and holidays celebrations.

What’s the Benefit of Light Pole Banners?

Not only do light pole banners give businesses and towns a simple way to showcase their brand and marketing message, but they also are now such a ubiquitous part of American culture that we’ve come to expect their presence as part of outdoor advertising campaigns in towns and cities ranging from small to large.

If you don’t want to use the traditional rectangular design, consider using one of our many other available shapes, such as the triangle or the overhang; they are a great way to give your street-side advertising a flair that not many others have. This way, you’ll be more likely to draw visitor’s attention to your promotion or event.

Custom Street Pole Banners for Your Promotion

Our banners are 100% customizable. Choose from five unique flag options, add your marketing message and image design, and we will custom-print it using our top-of-the-line dye sublimation process.

Our custom street pole banners are printed on our Polyflag Standard material, which is a weather tested, lightweight, flame-retardant polyester. We also offer two vinyl material options, as well as a heavier duty Sundeco Polyester. They are built to be seen crisply and clearly from both sides, whether you get them printed as a single-reverse or a double-sided print.

Pole Banner Hardware That Is Built to Last

The hardware included with our street banners is built to withstand the elements. Each one is built from aviation-grade fiberglass. The street banner kit also includes three heavy-duty pole mounting brackets to support whatever mounting method you choose to use.

All light pole banners are grommeted with brass grommets to further secure them and keep them anchored against the wind and elements.

Weather-Resistant From the Get-Go

Every one of our lamp post banners is designed with weather-resistance in mind, whether that means summer or winter, rain or shine. All the vinyl materials we offer are designed to be water-resistant and UV-resistant so that they’ll look just as nice outdoors as they will inside.

The blue scale (DIN 53387) test helps figure out a general assessment of both the material and the inks that we use for our pole banners. Each of our vinyl banners are rated 8 out of 8 on the DIN 53387 scale, so they’ll last several seasons in moderate sunlight.

Easy-To-Assemble Lamp Post Banners

This product is designed for hassle-free assembly. Attach the top mounting bracket to your pole at the desired height, then screw together with a drill or screwdriver. Thread the mounting arm onto the bracket, then follow up with the graphic itself, which can be secured with a zip-tie.

Reverse the process to attach the second mounting bracket. Slide the mounting arm into the graphic, then attach the mounting bracket to the pole at the required height for a taut fit. Connect the mounting arm to the mounting bracket - and your lamp post banner is ready to go.

How To Advertise Using Our Street Banners

Great for advertising or other promotions, our street pole banners can be attached anywhere – telephone, flag, and light poles & lamp posts. Commonly seen during street fairs, parades, and festivals, they’re a great way to promote a company, event, team or school. Many towns and cities usually have a set of banners up and down Main Street and other important roads.

Here’s the bottom line: street lamp banners are the most visual type of advertising on the market. They’re much more effective than standard ads piped through television, radio, or displayed in a newspaper, which require active participation.

A street banner doesn’t really need active participation – people can take it in as they walk by or drive by, or stop and take the time to digest everything the banner is promoting.

The Vispronet Advantage

When you order a set of custom pole banner flags from Vispronet, we offer you several different benefits that other companies won’t offer - either because they can’t, or because won't.

Great Quality, Low Prices

All of our street pole flags come bundled with your custom print, as well as all the hardware needed to install it. This bundle includes: your custom print, mounting brackets, flagpoles and steel wiring.

Professional Street Banner Design Services

Every one of the custom street banners we produce for our customers is a work of art, and we treat them that way. If you’re not sure how to go about designing your next pole banner, let us help. For just $60 an hour, our team of professional graphic designers will help you put together a design that will really make your banners shine as they line Main Street.

Rush Production On All Orders

If you need your order as soon as possible, we’ve got you covered! In addition to our standard 4 – 6 day production time, we offer several other production times for you to choose from, such as Next Day, Second Day, or Third Business Day production.

Fast, Reliable Shipping

We offer several different types of shipping for you to choose from. Upgrade from the standard shipping times to our rush shipping for a small fee. Most Vispronet orders are fulfilled by UPS when possible, so you’ll get the fastest shipping in the industry.

Pole Banners - Frequently Asked Questions

How wide is the pole pocket on your banners?

We currently offer 2” pole pockets for our banners, fitting hardware poles around 1.25” in diameter.

What sizes are offered? What is the most popular size? Are there custom sizes available?

The most popular sizes we offer are our 1.5ft x 3.0ft (18in x 36in) and our 2ft x 3ft (24in x 36in). We offer an array of different sizes ranging from our 1.5ft x 3.0ft all the way up to our 3ft x 8ft. We do offer custom sizing as well ranging from 1.5ft x 18in up to 3ft x 8ft. If you have any additional custom sizing questions, please contact our customer service.

How many brackets do you need to hang one banner?

2 heavy duty pole brackets and fiberglass poles are included in your order for standard sized banners options #1 & 2. Options 3 & 4 only include one bracket and fiberglass holding pole per banner. We also offer steel ties - depending on how large the banner is.

Are your banners printed only single-sided or do you offer double-sided printing as well?

Yes, we do offer double-sided printing. Our polyester banners are offered with single-reverse which means they are printed on one side only, with the print bleeding through to create an image in reverse on the opposite side of the flag. We also offer our double-sided option for our vinyl banners which means that two banners are printed and sewn together with a piece of fabric in between to block any light from passing. This double-sided style produces a more vibrant and detailed display. This also allows for different designs on each side of the banner.

What materials do you offer for your light pole banners?

We offer four material types for this product. These include our:

  • 18oz Opaque Vinyl - weather resistant, UV-protected, anti-curl, with a satin finish
  • 23oz Opaque Vinyl - heavy duty, 100% opaque, UV-protected, anti-curl with a satin finish
  • Outdoor Flag Polyester - tear resistant, knitted fabric
  • 300D Polyester - heavy-duty, water-resistant, scratch-proof, flame-retardant fabric option

Is there a difference between street pole, light pole, and lamp post banners?

No, there are no differences between those terms and they each refer to our pole banners. Each of these terms is commonly used throughout the industry and advertising professionals.

How do you print your pole banners?

For our vinyl pole banners – they are digitally printed using UV-resistant inks. This makes them water-resistant as well as UV-safe for outdoor use. Our fabric material options are printed using dye sublimation for outstanding, full-color, fade-resistant color reproduction.

What shape pole banners are available?

We offer two shapes: rectangular and triangular. For our two first product options (#1 & #2) a rectangular shape comes standard. Option #3 and Option #4 are offered with your choice of triangle or rectangle.

Are there grommets included with your light pole banners?

There are two grommets on each pole banner. These come standard and the placement is not optional.

What comes included with my order?

Your order will include custom printed banner, heavy-duty pole bracket(s), fiberglass pole(s), and possibly steel ties depending on your banner size.

Am I able to buy a banner without the hardware? Can I buy the hardware without the banner?

Yes! You certainly can buy just hardware if needed as well as just a printed light post banner. When you are configuring your product, navigate to the first dropdown “Order Type”. Click the down arrow and select either “Prints and Hardware”, “Prints Only”, or “Hardware Only”.

How do I upload my design to your design tool? What file types are accepted?

We offer two ways to design your custom pole banners online. The first option is to insert your files and logos into our design tool where you will have the ability to add extra text and design elements. The second option is to upload your artwork on one of our provided ready-to-print templates.

Choose how you want to create your pole banner by navigating to the product configurator at the top of the page. Customize your product with the available options and click the “Design/Upload” tab. Here you will see the options for “Design Online” and “Upload Template”.

Design Online: To upload your artwork inside our Online Design Tool, look on the left hand pane for an arrow with a horizontal line below it. Click this and see the option to “Choose Your File”. Format on the online tool from there.

Upload Template: To upload your artwork with our Upload Template option, look directly above to the Artwork Template and Reseller Artwork Template. Download the appropriate template, apply your artwork to the template within the specified limitations, and reupload to the Vispronet with the “Upload Template” button. The artwork will then be checked by our professional design team, and then will be approved or disapproved. You will receive notification in your email.

Do you offer design services?

Yes! We do offer design services for your convenience at no additional charge. Please contact customer service to speak with one of our design professionals. For a small hourly fee, we can create your design from scratch and then send it to you for approval.

Will weather damage my pole banner? Will my custom design fade?

We have designed our banners to be weather resistant. Each banner has grommets included so you can secure them to the pole in high winds with zip ties or something similar. Each banner is digitally printed with UV-resistant inks, or dye sublimated, for fade-resistance and the ability to withstand prolonged sun exposure. Your banners may start to fade over an extended period like any outdoor banners or signs. Your design will never wear off.

How do I remove wrinkles from my vinyl?

If you must remove any small wrinkles left from the shipping process, simply lay your light post banners out in the sun for a couple hours and all wrinkles will smooth out. Simply installing your banners in the sun will also smooth the wrinkles out.

For more information on how to remove wrinkles from vinyl, check out this blog post.

How should I clean my banner?

To clean your banner, simply wipe with a soft cloth soaked in soapy water and let air dry. Do not use any scrubbers or harsh cleaners as these may damage the finish on your banner.

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