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Custom Photo Stand Ins

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  • Design life-size photo stand ins for your next party or event
  • Select full photo stand-ins or cardboard cutouts with a face hole
  • Sizes range from 4ft up to 7ft tall
  • Printed on one side of either corrugated plastic or corrugated cardboard
  • Upload a photo from your camera or phone
  • Easel is included for quick and easy setup
  • Large stand ins will be shipped folded to save on costs
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Custom Photo Stand Ins Details

Design a one-of-a-kind photo stand in for your next party, celebration, or event! Upload your custom design, photo, or favorite artwork and we will print it in brilliant, full color on your choice of durable corrugated plastic or cardboard. Each custom stand in is cut to the exact shape and height specified, with the face holes pre-cut for a professional and photo-worthy finish. We ship our photo cutout boards with a protective and easy to remove framing for extra security during the shipping process.

Each photo stand in order includes an easel to prop up the board so it can stand freely on any flat surface. All graphics are digitally printed using UV-resistant inks so they can safely be displayed indoors and outdoors in direct sunlight without worrying about any fading or color deterioration. Our photo cutout boards are designed to last for years of repeated use, offering your events and parties a fun and memorable activity that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Parts List:

  • Custom printed photo stand-in or cutout
  • Easel attachment

Print Size:

  • Enter your own size between 4ft & 7ft tall
  • Width will vary based on the photo (max is 36in)

Additional Notes:

  • Photo stand in is printed on one side (single-sided)
  • Cutout may vary in size due to the quality of the photo provided
  • Keep in mind the person's hair, standing position, and accessories like hats when entering their height
  • Larger standees ship folded for better cost
  • Recommended for indoor use or outdoor areas with no wind
  • Uncut areas of negative space may occur between arms and legs for extra stability


  • 4mm Coroplast®: Weather-resistant & UV-protected lightweight corrugated plastic
  • White B-Flute Corrugated Cardboard: 1/8" one-sided white corrugated cardboard (compliant with Mullen 200# test)

Photo Stand Ins for Personal and Professional Use

Parties & Celebrations

These custom cutouts with face holes are crafted from premium materials, so they are strong enough to last for years of multiple uses at parties and family celebrations. Photo Stand Ins are a fun activity for bonding with friends and family members and make for fantastic pictures and lasting memories. Use them as a popular photo opportunity at large family events like weddings, showers, birthday parties, religious celebrations, anniversaries and more! Design the perfect photo cutout board for your next function and take the fun to the next level! Combine photo board stand ins with custom cardboard cutouts or custom big heads to create an even more zany and memorable photo experience. 

Professional Use

Displaying face cut out boards at professional or work events creates an ice breaker activity, allowing for a fun atmosphere where even the most up-tight party goers can let loose and show off their fun personalities. Displaying at gatherings like work events can encourage teamwork and comradery among employees and management. Custom photo stand ins are not only fun, but they are also excellent at promoting outreach and advertising messages for brands, charities, and similar campaigns. They are commonly displayed at professional events like educational gatherings, corporate parties, trade show booths.

While face in hole boards are commonly displayed at family and corporate celebrations, photographers and photography businesses can employ custom designed photo stand ins as creative props for photoshoots at parties and events. Because these photo props are reusable and designed to last, they can be displayed for years, and at multiple events, before they show any signs of wear and tear.

Custom Photo Stand In Requirements

Please follow the steps below to ensure your custom photo stand in prints clearly.

  • Image should be larger than 2MB
  • Pixel size should exceed 1800 x 1800
  • Dots per inch (DPI) should fall between 180-300
  • JPEG or TIFF files are preferred, can also accept PDF, AI, GIF, PNG
  • Avoid zooming on image – will decrease resolution and can cause a blurry finish
  • From top to bottom, person should take up as much of the picture as possible
  • Best photos have good, bright lighting – dim images can produce a fuzzy or dark finish

Photo Stand In High Quality Image

Size - 1,000KB

Resolution - 3,000px x 3,350px

High resolution images like the example above will print clearly with very little or no pixilation in the finished product.

Custom Photo Stand In Medium Quality Image

Size - 680KB

Resolution - 480px x 486px

Medium resolution images like the example above can be printed but may have visible pixilation on the finished product.

Low quality Image For Photo Stand In

Size - 17KB

Resolution - 365px x 412px

Low resolution images like the example above cannot be printed due to the visible pixilation issues and blurry graphics on the finished photo stand in.

Note: If you are using an image, you must own the rights to the photo being printed. If you snapped the photo yourself, you are the rightful copyright owner of the image. If someone else took the photo, you need the permission of the copyright owner. You may upload professional pictures with a release from the photographer. If you do not have rights to use the image, we will not be able to print the picture cut out boards.

If you have any questions, please live chat with us, call us at (877) 822-0201, or email us at

Photo Stand In Material Options

Our photo cutout boards are crafted from your choice of corrugated plastic or cardboard. Both materials can be beneficial for different applications. Read below to choose the best material for your display.

Corrugated Plastic

 We recommend printing on corrugated plastic because it is the more durable and water-resistant option compared to our cardboard material. This is the best option for repeated, long term use. Our corrugated plastic is digitally printed with UV-resistant inks and is safe for extended indoor and outdoor display. This photo standin material option is also stain-resistant and safe to wipe with water if there is a blemish or imperfection after use.


Our White B-Flute Corrugated Cardboard option is perfect for indoor face cut out boards. This material option is less expensive than corrugated plastic, but is still 1/8in thick, so it is not flimsy like light-duty store bought cardboard. Cardboard photo stand ins are digitally printed with UV-resistant inks on the white cardboard for a crisp and full color finish that is resistant to fading. This material option is not waterproof or weather-resistant.

Face Cut Out Boards Come in Many Sizes

We offer out photo stand ins in multiple sizes so you can choose the best option for your event or display. We provide sizes that fit adults, children, and every size in between! For larger sizes, the face holes are placed higher so adults can easily bend down to take a photo. For smaller sizes, we supply additional templates so children can easily place their face in the holes without needing any help from a standing prop or stepping stool. No matter which size you choose, we ship each board with a protective framing to avoid any issues that could damage the item during the shipping process.

Satisfied Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are these stand in cardboard cutouts typically used?

Photo stand ins are popular for a variety of private and professional events. They are commonly displayed at family gatherings like weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, religious celebrations and more. They are also a popular ice breaker at professional events like corporate outings, conferences, trade shows, and job fairs. Our face in hole boards are completely customizable, allowing you to choose the design, height, and shape.

Is corrugated plastic the same as corrugated cardboard?

No, these materials have some structural differences. The cardboard option is recommended for indoor settings only while the corrugated plastic can be displayed indoors and outdoors without worrying about any distortion if the product gets wet. If properly cared for, both can last years and through multiple uses, but the corrugated plastic is waterproof and is sturdier, giving it the upper hand when it comes to long term use.

What printing process is used?

We digitally print our photo stand ins with UV-resistant inks for a vibrant, full-color finish that is resistant to fading and peeling. We print using the CMYK method, so you can design using as many colors as needed without any additional cost or production time.

How does the product stand up? Can it stand by itself?

Yes, it can stand by itself. Each order includes an easel so they can stand on flat surfaces without falling down. The easel is crafted from the same material you choose for your photo cutout board and is not visible from the front side when the display is set up.

How do I set up my custom photo stand in?

Setting up this product is an easy task that does not require any tools. Each face in hole board is shipped flat and folded into sections. Adhesive tabs are included for quick and easy assembly. Before first use, make sure to carefully remove the protective outer piece before installing the easel. For more comprehensive setup instructions, see the “Assembly Instructions” located on the tab above.

Can face cut out boards be displayed outside?

Yes, these can be displayed outside. We recommend choosing the corrugated plastic material option if are planning to display outdoors. We also offer stakes to provide additional reinforcement for displaying on grassy areas.

What happens if it gets wet?

Getting the photo stand in wet is only an issue if you are displaying using the cardboard material option. If there is just a small amount of water, there should be no issue, but extremely wet applications can ruin the cardboard material. We recommend choosing the corrugated plastic if you plan on displaying outdoors or for wet applications, as the corrugated plastic is waterproof and weather resistant.

How can I ensure my design will print without any pixilation?

To avoid any pixilation issues, we recommend following this design checklist:

  • Image should be larger than 2MB
  • Pixel size should exceed 1800 x 1800
  • Dots per inch (DPI) should fall between 180-300
  • JPEG or TIFF files are preferred, can also accept PDF, AI, GIF, PNG
  • Avoid zooming on image – will decrease resolution and can cause blurry finish
  • From top to bottom person should take up as much of picture as possible

How long will it take to ship to my door?

Our standard production time is 3 business days with additional days added for shipping. If you need your photo stand in sooner than our standard product time, we do offer expedited production and shipping options.

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