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No matter where you plan on displaying your feather flag, we have the right base option for you. For ease of use, all our bases use a connection system that allows you to drop your pole set right onto the base for a secure but simple installation. Options like the ground stake are great for use outdoors – simply hammer the stake into the ground and slide the bottom of the pole set right over the connector. If you’d like a bit more motion to your flags, try an option like the rotating ground stake, which allows your flag to turn in the wind. Or, try a base with a spring thorn, which gives the display the ability to sway back and forth. Looking for feather flag weights?

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Choosing the Right Feather Flag Base

Feather flags are compatible with a variety of bases for indoor and outdoor display. The question is, which base works best with your feather flag? To answer this, consider where you will be placing your feather flag and on what kind of ground. Will you be securing your flag in the front lawn of a business or in front of your trade show booth inside an expo center? Sometimes buyers need to purchase more than one base to make their feather flags or teardrop flag banners more versatile.

Ground Stake

Both ground stakes and ground screws support your feather flag in soft, outdoor ground, such as grass, dirt, and sand. These feather flag base stands have a spiked end for inserting into the soil. The top section of the stakes connect to the feather flag pole without any tools. When the base is secured far enough into the ground, it will support the weight of your entire display.

Cross Base

Feather flag cross bases are for harder ground, such as pavement and asphalt outdoors or hard indoor floors. The legs of cross bases fold out on the ground. The top section of the base connects to the bottom of the flagpole. Cross bases are paired with weight bags that fill with water or sand to stabilize the entire setup. Depending on the weight of the flag and if it is windy or not, sometimes several weight bags are recommended.

Base Plate

These feather flag base stands work similarly as cross bases because they are for hard ground setups, such as sidewalks and hardwood floors. The difference is that the base plates have a flat bottom rather than fold out legs. The feather flag connects to the thorn or surface mount of the base plate. Weight bags are also used for base plates to support the entire feather flag display.

Water Base

These bases are also for securing your flag on hard ground, except the weight is already included on the base. Water bases have fold out feet, similar to the cross bases, and the thorn on top of the display connects to the feather flag pole. The weight comes attached to the base and fills with water so that your entire flag is secured to the ground. This is convenient for outdoor use in unpredictable, weather.

Car Base

Sometimes at town fairs or car shows, feather flags are displayed next to cars. If this is the case, car bases are used. The base is secured underneath a car wheel to keep it in place while the flagpole attaches to the base with the connector. Car bases are made versatile for indoor and outdoor displays.

Table Clamp

Instead of securing a feather flag to a car, some vendors at trade shows and festivals will connect their flag to their table. Table flag bases are for clamping smaller sized feather flags to the side of a tabletop. The clamp has an adjustable knob to accommodate a wide range of table sizes and styles. The flagpole connects to the thorn on top of the clamp.

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