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Custom Cardboard Cutouts

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Why Choose Vispronet?

  • Cheap Custom Life Size Cardboard Cutouts
  • Upload A Photo from Your Phone or Camera
  • Durable Cardboard or Corrugated Plastic
  • Fast Turnaround Times
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  • Buy life-sized cardboard cutouts of yourself and loved ones for events
  • Use standees during the holidays, at weddings, events, and for retail displays
  • Enter a custom height up to 7ft tall
  • Your custom photo is printed on one side of the material
  • Choose between economy cardboard or durable corrugated plastic
  • Includes easel for simple setup
  • Large cardboard cutout standees are shipped folded
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Custom Cardboard Cutouts Details

Get a one-of-a-kind poster of yourself or someone you know or work with to display in front of your store, at a trade show booth, or as a decoration at a party. Upload a personal photo and we will cut it to shape for your standee. The height can vary depending on the photo you use. These single-sided cardboard cutout standees come in several heights to suit tabletop displays and custom life size cutouts. Our custom cardboard cutouts ship with protective framing that you easily remove when you are ready to use them. Your custom standee also comes with an easel so that it will stand freely on a flat surface. The photo is printed on durable corrugated cardboard or plastic for either indoor or outdoor setups. We also use state-of-the-art digital printing to produce a product that will last for years. Give your friends and loved ones something they will remember: a custom cutout of themselves that they can keep forever.

Parts List:

  • Custom printed standee
  • Standee easel

Print Size:

  • Enter your own size between 18in & 7ft tall
  • Width will vary based on the photo (max is 36in)

Additional Notes:

  • Cardboard cutouts are printed on one side (single-sided)
  • Cutout may vary in size due to the quality of the photo provided
  • Keep in mind the person's hair, standing position, and accessories like hats when entering their height
  • Larger standees ship folded for better cost
  • Recommended for indoor use or outdoor areas with no wind
  • Uncut areas of negative space may occur between arms and legs for extra stability


  • 4mm Coroplast®: Weather-resistant & UV-protected lightweight corrugated plastic
  • White B-Flute Corrugated Cardboard: 1/8" one-sided white corrugated cardboard (compliant with Mullen 200# test)

Custom Cardboard Cutouts for Personal & Professional Use

Personalized cardboard cutouts are seen in a variety of business and private settings. Businesses often make life size cardboard cutouts to place in front of their store, in their lobby, or at their trade show booth. Having a cutout of someone creates a friendly environment that catches the eye of potential customers. Using large, life size cutouts is an easy way to attract attention to something you want to showcase and gives your business a face that makes it more personable. Our smaller size cardboard cut outs also fit on tabletops to compliment product displays and printed table covers. Custom life size cutouts are a great choice for retailers that sell apparel because they can show the articles of clothing on a life size model that is easier to travel with and move than a mannequin.

Our cardboard cutout standees are also great decorations and gifts for parties. Customers turn photos of their friends and family members into life size cut outs that they can display at a birthday party or wedding. Place custom cutouts of people at the entrance where they will be the first thing your guests see or get smaller ones for tables at an event venue. Personalizing cardboard cutouts with a photo of the honoree gives the party a fun touch and makes it more personal and special. These standees also make funny gifts for a theme party or serve as giant cards that everyone can sign with a marker due to the cardboard or plastic material.

Photo Cardboard Cutouts Requirements

To ensure that your life size custom cardboard cutouts print clearly, please follow the steps below.

  • Image size should be more than 2MB
  • Pixel size should be greater than 1800x1800
  • DPI (dots per inch) should be between 180-300
  • We prefer JPEG or TIFF files, but also accept PDF, AI, GIF, and PNG files.
  • Avoid zooming in since it will decrease the resolution and cause the image to be blurry.
  • Get close to the person so they fill up as much of the picture as possible.
  • Take the picture in good lighting - if the photo is dim, the image will look fuzzy or dark.

custom cardboard cutouts high quality photo

Size - 1,000KB

Resolution - 3,000px x 3,350px

High-resolution images like the one shown above will be printed with very little or no pixelation at all.

life size cardboard cutouts medium quality photo

Size - 680KB

Resolution - 480px x 486px

Medium resolution images like the one shown above can be printed but will have visible pixelation in the image when printed.

cardboard cutouts low quality photo

Size - 17KB

Resolution - 365px x 412px

Low-resolution images like the one shown above cannot be printed due to the amount of pixelation in the image.

You need to own the rights to the photo: If you are the one who took the photo then you are the copyright owner of the photo. You will need to get permission if someone else takes the photo. You can upload professional pictures if the photographer gives you a release form. If a photo is uploaded and you do not have the rights to it, we will not be able to print the photo for your custom cardboard cutouts.

If you have any questions about how to make a life size cardboard cutout, please live chat with us, call us at (877) 822-0201, or email us at

Custom Cardboard Cutouts Material Options

We include both cardboard and a corrugated plastic material option to accommodate different locations and uses. Think about where you will be placing your standee and for how long when deciding which one to choose:


Our White B-Flute Corrugated Cardboard is an excellent choice for indoor displays, such as inside party venues and at store entrances. It comes at an inexpensive price, but the quality is not cheap. Our corrugated cardboard material is lightweight but more durable than your average store-bought cardboard. This is because the 1/8in thick material is not flimsy, offering you a longer life for your cardboard standee. Your photos will also show up well on the crisp white background so that your life size cardboard cutouts really stand out. This is the same kind of material that we use for many of our custom boxes.

Durable Corrugated Plastic

If you plan on placing your photo cardboard cutouts outdoors, such as at a festival booth or a storefront, we have corrugated plastic material, which is our premium material option. This choice is recommended for outdoor use because it is weather-resistant and UV-protected, making your print and the material able to withstand a wide range of weather conditions for long-term use. Your custom photo will also show up nicely on the material that makes colors pop. This is the same kind of corrugated plastic that we use for some of our most popular products, like our yard signs and yard letters.

Life Size Cardboard Cutouts Come in Many Sizes

Choose between getting small, tabletop size cutouts or life size cutouts. We have a mini 18in standee size that is a perfect decoration for placing on tabletops at weddings, trade show conferences, and at store checkouts. If you are looking for life size versions of human cardboard cutout standees, we also have larger 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, and 7ft options. Get the perfect size for a picture of a dog, a small child, a teenager, or a full-grown adult so that your custom life size cutouts can seem more lifelike. The giant cardboard cutouts sizes are what you see at the entrance of parties, weddings, and stores. Keep in mind that our life size photo cutouts will ship folded in half to save you money on shipping costs. All life size photo prints will arrive with a protective framing around the cut shape. Carefully remove the perforated framing from around the edges of the photo before setting up your personalized cardboard cutouts.

Satisfied Customers

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Cardboard Cutouts - Frequently Asked Questions

What do people use custom cardboard cutouts for?

Cardboard cut out persons are popular for a variety of professional and private events and settings. For business purposes, customers may set larger cut outs up at their trade show booth to give it a friendly atmosphere or at the entrance of their store to greet people as they enter. The smaller size is for tabletop displays, such as in a lobby or at a trade show table. For more private events, all standee sizes are common decorations at birthday parties and weddings because many people get photos of the birthday person or the bride and groom printed on the cardboard standups. Whether you are getting a full size cardboard cutout of yourself, friend, or family member, it will always illicit a smile and enjoyment from passersby.

What is the difference between corrugated cardboard and plastic?

The material options differ in where they should be set up and their quality. The corrugated cardboard option is recommended for indoor use while the corrugated plastic is better suited for outdoor locations because of its weather resistance and UV protection. The cardboard version is more affordable than the premium corrugated plastic. Both custom cardboard cutouts materials are made to last a long time if they are set up and stored properly.

What type of printing do you use?

Our picture cardboard cutouts are digitally printed, which offers sharp, vibrant colors that will not fade or peel, even when set up outdoors. As a premium cardboard cutout maker, we also use full CMYK color printing, which allows you to include as many colors as you want in your design without it affecting the price, making it perfect for printing photos.

Does the cutout include something to help it stand up?

Yes, all sizes of these body cut outs include easels so that they easily stand on flat surfaces. The easel is only visible on the non-printed side and is made from the same material as the custom cardboard cutouts. The standee comes with supports on the back that the easel fits into.

How do I set up the standees?

These life size cardboard cutouts of people are easily set up without tools. Your standee ships flat and will be scored and folded in half for sizes 3’ and larger. Strong adhesive tabs are included for display. The life size photo cutouts will come with a perforated frame around them for protection. When you are ready to use them, carefully remove the frame. The easel will also be folded. The easel fits into the supports on the back of the standee. Go to our “Assembly Instructions” tab for a step-by-step guide.

Can I use these custom life size cutouts outdoors?

Yes! Use our beefy stakes to install the custom cardboard cutouts in the ground. The bottom of the stakes pushes into the soil while the top inserts between the layers of the cardboard. Depending on the size of your cutout, you may need several stakes to fully support the display.

How can I get the best-looking photo for my personalized cardboard cutouts?

Getting a high-quality image for your cardboard cut outs is especially important if you want your standee to attract attention. There are several rules to follow so that your life size cardboard cutout comes out looking its best:

  • Make sure the image for your photo cardboard cutouts is high-quality
    • Size more than 2MB
    • Greater than 1800x1800 pixels
    • 180-300 DPI (dots per inch)
  • Use a JPEG or TIFF file
  • Do not use zoomed-in photos
  • Get the image as close to the person as possible
  • Make sure there is good lighting in the picture
  • If you need help figuring out how to make a cardboard cutout or creating your design, please contact our customer service team.

When will I receive my custom cardboard cutouts?

Standard production time of only 4-6 business days is needed to print and produce these standees with additional shipping time required. We offer rush production and shipping rates if you need your custom life size cutouts before a certain date.

How much is a cardboard cut out person?

Buy cardboard cutouts at affordable prices without sacrificing the quality of the material or print. Our giant cardboard cutouts are cheap in price but first-rate in quality. The average 6ft tall cutout costs $89.99 on corrugated plastic and $86.99 on cardboard. The price depends on the size and material you choose - with 4mm corrugated plastic being the most popular. Smaller sizes between 18in and 1ft 11in high cost $19.99 with the corrugated plastic and $39.99 with the corrugated cardboard. Larger sizes that measure 2ft up to 7ft range from $79.99-$189.99 for corrugated plastic and $39.99-$186.99 for cardboard. Free shipping is available for all standees to make them more affordable for our customers. Vispronet is one of the most popular cardboard cutout makers, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

California Residents

Proposition 65 Warning Click here for Proposition 65 warning

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Hardware

A. Standee
B. Easel
C. Hook and Loop Tabs


Out of Box Assembly

  1. The standee ships folded in half with the frame around it for safety.
  2. Unfold the standee and carefully remove the
  3. Carefully unfold the easel.
  4. Gently fold the creases on the easel.
  5. Depending on the standee size there will be 1 or 2 supports. Fold the support down until they are secure.
  6. With the support(s) locked in place, the easel will stand on its own.

Standee Assembly

  1. Peel the plastic off the back of the hook-and-loop connectors.
  2. Attach the hook-and-loop connectors to the easel. Space the connectors evenly apart to provide the best stability.
  3. Once all the hook-and-loop connectors are in place, remove the plastic from the other side of the connector.
  4. Line the easel with the standee. The bottom of the easel should be flush with the bottom of the standee. Gently push the easel to the standee and make sure the easel is secure.
  5. Stand up the standee with the easel attached. The standee should sit flat on the ground or table.
  6. The standee is now ready to use.
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