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Feather Flag Carry Bags & Cases

These carrying cases allow you to pack away your pole set and print in one unit. Certain bases will also fit, such as the ground stake or standard cross base. The individual slots inside create organization, so you will always know where your accessories are. All our carrying cases offer convenient storage and transportation. With individual pockets inside the cases, these polyester bags will keep all your accessories together and easy-to-get-to when needed. The zipper along the side closes your case and creates worry-free transportation.

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Premium Carrying Case 36" x 8"
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Safely Transport and Store Your Feather Flags

These feather flag carry bags are must-have necessities when going to trade shows or setting up a flag in front of your business. By securing your feather flags in these bags, you are ensuring that they will be protected from the elements during transportation. When traveling with your feather flag, the feather flag case keeps the poles and banner secure and makes them easy to carry. When keeping them in storage, this bag prevents the materials from getting scratched, dusty, and worn. Our feather flag carrying cases come in several sizes to suit all kinds of flag sizes and shapes. We also have a carrying case just for the feather flag banner for transporting and storing it separately. These bags fit your feather flag, the pole set, and, depending on the size, the ground stake or cross base, as well. Take these feather flag carrying bags with you the next time you are traveling to a trade show or need to keep your flag in a closet or storage space.

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