International Flags

Show pride in your country with an international flag from our online store! Benefits include:

  • Excellent color production via sublimation printing
  • Durable, flame-retardant polyester construction that is fade & scratch-resistant
  • Standard 3x5 size – custom sizes available upon request
  • Header tape and brass grommets included for easy mounting
  • Same-day shipping on orders placed by 1PM EST
  • Full print custom flags also available

Buy Country Flags Online

Getting your world flags from Vispronet makes it easy to celebrate your country and display your heritage at any location. Do it with a high-quality, knit polyester flag from Vispronet.

Here’s what sets us apart from the competition:

High-quality Polyester Material

All of our international flags are made from our proprietary lightweight (3.25 oz/yd2) Polyflag polyester material. Every one of our polyester flags is designed to work for single-reverse or double-sided printing. This way you can print your flag exactly the way you want it and not worry about how it looks.

International Flags Printed for Maximum Durability

The biggest thing that sets us apart from the competition is how durable our international flags are. Their material is flame-retardant, fade-resistant and scratch-resistant. All of our flags are double-stitched, too, which means that they are much less likely to unravel, especially when subjected to high winds.

We score an 8 (out of a possible 8) on the bluescale (DIN 53387) test.

This means our flags can withstand up to 3000 hours of sunlight before showing any sign of fading.

The bluescale test is what determines the air permeability/lightfastness of all fabrics. Here’s how it breaks down:

Flag Fade-Resistance Specifications

Lightfastness (according to DIN 53887)SummerWinterHours of intense sunlight before fadingDays of average sunlight in PA before fading
1 = subpar No No Up to 20 hours About 5 days
2 = below average No No Up to 40 hours About 10 days
3 = average 4-8 days 2-4 weeks Up to 80 hours About 20 days
4 = moderately good 2-3 weeks 2-3 months Up to 160 hours About 40 days
5 = good 3-5 weeks 4-5 months Up to 350 hours About 80 days
6 = very good 6-8 weeks 5-6 months Up to 700 hours About 160 days
7 = excellent 3-4 months 7-9 months Up to 1500 hours About 350 days
8 = superior over 1.5 years N/A Up to 3000 hours About 700 days

When you get one of our country flags, not only are you getting a way to celebrate your heritage, but you’re getting a flag that has the best lightfastness rating in the business, meaning it’ll last month after month out in the elements.

Digital Dye Sublimation Printed Flags of the World

One of the things that just adds to the durability of our flags is the fact that they’re digitally printed using a dye sublimation technique. Dye sublimation is a way to print on fabrics and ensure that whatever you’re printing lasts for a while.

Our dye sublimation process uses heat to transfer your colors to the fabric of our flags. All of our flags are printed using a Pantone-derived 6-color printing process to ensure the best color reproduction possible. After all, if you’re getting a US flag (or any one of our country flags for sale), you want it look its best.

A Wealth Of Accessories

All of our flags come with a wealth of optional accessories, including flagpoles, weights and fringes. Our flagpoles are available in 6ft and 20ft options, meaning that you can mount it on the wall, on a pole, or take it with you as a handheld flag, which is great for color guards and other ceremonies.

In addition to our standard flagpoles, we also offer portable and telescoping flagpoles with a variety of mounting options, such as stakes, cross bases and base plates.

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