Custom Tablecloths

We promise you’ll love your artwork printed on one of our high-quality custom tablecloths. Our 300D super-knitted polyester table covers are flame-retardant with a glossy finish and are available in full coverage or with an open back. 4ft, 6ft, 8ft sizes available in any style. Our custom table covers turn boring tables into traffic stoppers! Perfect for trade shows, events, & company use.

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Custom Table Covers Get You Noticed

If your company is looking to better promote its brand awareness, getting a custom tablecloth is a must. A well-dressed table is the perfect place for your company to engage with its customers, whether that engagement consists of giveaways, handouts, samples, or other kinds of promotional merchandise. When it comes to promoting your company and its products, don’t waste money on lackluster, cheap trade show table covers – consider turning your table into premium-quality advertising space with a custom table throw from Vispronet.

Whether it’s a tradeshow, a job fair or an other event, Vispronet® carries custom promotional tablecloths for every setting under the sun. We have dozens of styles, so there are table covers available for every use imaginable.

Caring for Your Custom Table Covers

If you follow these guidelines, the custom print and material will not be affected in anyway.

  • Machine wash on a delicate cycle or hand wash with cold water
  • Do not use bleach on the custom table throw
  • To dry, place in a dryer on a low cycle or hang dry
  • Use a steamer or low heat iron to smooth out and eliminate any wrinkles

Washing a custom printed tablecloth

1. Wash on a delicate cycle with cold water

Drying a custom tablecloth in a machine dryer

2. Dry on a low cycle or hang dry

Steaming a custom printed tablecloth to eliminate wrinkles

3. Steam or iron out wrinkles on low heat

Types of Custom Tablecloths

Stock Color Table Covers

Vispronet®’s single-color trade show tablecloths are an economical choice for those customers looking to create a cohesive display without breaking the bank. Whether you want a blue, black, red or white table cover, our stock color table cloths are a quality alternative to custom-printed table throws, and are available at a bargain price.

Standard Tablecloths

Our full-print and trade show table covers with logo print give you the ability to completely design your tablecloth from the ground up. If you need a simple way to brand your company at your next event or trade show, look no further than our full or logo print personalized tablecloths.

Convertible Table Throws: 2 Sizes In 1

Our convertible trade show table covers let you convert your table cover from 8ft down to 6ft, or 6ft down to 4ft, giving you the flexibility you need to handle any display size. Whether it’s our flagship full-print table cover or a branded tablecloth with a logo print, our hook-and-loop adhesive tape makes the size conversion happen simply and easily – perfect for helping you get your company out there, no matter the event.

Fitted & Stretch Style

Each fitted tablecloth firmly fits your table and provides a definite shape, while the stretch tablecloth gives you the ability to fit your table cover to the table. Both the fitted and stretch tablecloths are available in two configurations: the full throw covers the entire table with a zipper at the back, while the economy throw covers all but the back.

Crossover Table Covers: A Unique Look

Our crossover line features two complimentary designed table throws positioned on top of each other to form a stunning, modern look. Each crossover table cover is available in one of three sizes: 4ft, 6ft and an 8ft tablecloth, with your custom design printed on each.

Stain-Resistant Promotional Tablecloths

Printed on either our stretch display polyester or our 300D polyester material, our stain-resistant table throws make embarrassing spills and unsightly marks a thing of the past. When a spill happens, all you need to do is wipe away the mess – there’s no dampness left behind at all. Choose which material better suits your event; stretch display polyester is a soft, stretchy polyester fabric compared to 300D polyester, which is a vinyl-like fabric for your stain resistant table cover.

Table Runners

A colored or custom table throw is a great way to bring customer attention to your trade show booth or event table, but pairing it with one of our custom table runners is a surefire way to maximize the attention your table receives. Using a table runner emblazoned with your logo or printed with your design helps customers notice your brand and marketing message. Our custom table runners are offered in a number of styles, including full print, white with logo print and colored with logo print.

Custom Tablecloths for Round Tables

Our round table cloths are offered in a variety of styles and choices to better help bring customer attention to your brand message. Not only do we offer our flagship custom full printing service, but we also offer branded tablecloths, accentuated with a variety of background colors. Our round table cloths can cover table diameters, ranging from as low as 32in, to as high as 96in, and everything in between. Each table cover is printed on our flame-retardant, 100% polyester fabric, which offers a slight stretch to prevent wrinkles. We also offer a stain-resistant fabric for customers in high-spill environments, like food shows. If you spill something, just wipe away the mess.

3 or 4 Sides: Open or Closed Back

We have two different coverage options available, depending on your needs. Our economy coverage option covers the front and sides of your custom tablecloth to leave the back open (perfect for storage), while the full coverage option covers everything – front, back and both sides.

Printed tablecloth with 4 sides

Full coverage promotional tablecloths feature full length panels on all four sides.

Printed tablecloth with 3 sides

3-sided custom printed tablecloths feature an open back, ideal for seating and storage access.


Full coverage is great if you’re in a location where your table cover is going to be viewed from 360°, such as school functions or weddings. On the other hand, the economy coverage option allows you to store things underneath the table itself so that you have easy access when it comes time to go to the trade show.

Additional Tabletop Displays

Getting a good advertising presence means not only maximizing the use of your table space, but also the space on top of your trade show table cover. Vispronet’s line of advertising table displays and banners helps you do just that, maximizing your use of every inch of available space. Every inch of your message, brand or logo is custom-printed on our high-quality fabric, so you can subtly promote using a miniature banner or flag, or create a prominent table display, when trying to figure out how to set up a vendor booth at your next trade show. Our table top displays come in a variety of sizes and styles, including portable booths, backdrop banners, header banners, and mini banners. Our portable booth banners range in sizes from 2.5ft by 2.5ft to 7.4ft by 5ft, so you can find the banner size you need to fit whichever table you use.

Personalized Tablecloths at An Affordable Price

No matter what your budget is or how big your business is, Vispronet® offers you the options to fit your table cover needs. From trade shows, to business fairs, and beyond, Vispronet® has table covers to fit any setting. Whether it’s one of our solid-color stock table covers, our branded tablecloths with logos, or our custom full-print designs, all of our table covers are made of flame-retardant, 100-percent polyester fabric, with hemmed sides for a nice, finished look.

If you’re looking to boost your company’s brand awareness and better engage with your customers, consider a table cover from Vispronet® today.

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