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Each of our feather flag poles is made from a combination of aluminum and fiberglass poles that will bend to fit any of the shapes offered in their size range. You can use the same feather pole for the teardrop shape as you use for the straight, angled, concave and convex shapes. The feather flag poles are excellent for a variety of uses (both indoor and outdoor) and have been tested for a variety of wind speeds (up to 63 mph depending on the feather flag pole kit).

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Standard VS Premium Feather Flag Pole Kits

Display your feather flags outdoors in the grass or on the sidewalk with one of these feather flag pole kits. We include both standard and premium pole set options all of our feather flag shapes so that you can find the perfect one to suit your purpose. In this category, we include pole sets for all of our feather flag shapes: the standard feather flag kit, teardrop flags, rectangle flags with and without the arm, razor, dart, crystal, surfer, and moon.

Standard Pole Kits

The economical standard pole set can be paired with six different size feather flags ranging from 4.1ft to 17.1ft (XXS to XL) and our teardrop flags, which measure anywhere between 3.6ft. These banner flag poles are a budget-friendly option made from aluminum and fiberglass with a wind-resistance rating of up to 30mph. All standard pole sets are recommended for indoor and limited outdoor use.

Premium Pole Kits

The more durable, premium pole set is available in three sizes ranging from 10.2ft to 17.7ft for feather flags and 8.4ft to 14.4ft for teardrop flags. Our premium pole sets are recommended for continual outdoor use and manufactured from aviation-grade fiberglass. They have a wind-rating of 63mph for double sided flags and 46mph for single-sided flags.

Standard Pole SetPremium Feather Flag Pole Set

Feather Flag Poles with Easy Assembly

These feather flag poles don’t require tools to be assembled and include everything needed for set up. These banner flag poles also include a drawstring bag for conveniently transporting the feather poles to different locations. If you plan on placing your feather flag into the ground, you can add a ground stake to your order on the product page. If you would rather display your feather flag on the sidewalk, you can add a cross stand and weight bag to your order. If you aren’t sure, we offer a combination of both!

Click on one of the feather flag pole products and select your quantity, size, and whether you want the standard or premium version. You can also add a premium carrying bag and a base to your order without having to leave the product page!

If you need help with installing your flag pole kit, here is a step-by-step guide for how to assemble your feather flag with our pole sets:

  1. Connect the small section of the feather flag pole to the larger section.
  2. Push the skinny end of the pole through the bottom of the feather flag’s pole pocket.
  3. Slide the pole all the way through the pocket and insert the tip of the pole in the reinforced top of the feather flag.
  4. Secure the bottom of the flag pole on either a ground stake, cross base, or another base.
  5. Hook the bungee cord of the feather flag onto the tab of the pole set for extra security.

If you would like to see a video guide, see our Set Up video for our flag poles below.

Feather Flag Poles - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the standard and premium feather flag poles?

The standard is the economical choice while the premium feather flag pole kit is the heavy-duty option.

The standard pole set is made from aluminum and fiberglass and can be used in low winds. We recommend up to 30mph winds for single-reverse flags and no more than 17mph winds for double-sided flags. This banner pole kit is less expensive than the premium version.

The premium pole set is made from aviation-grade fiberglass and can be used in more wind without falling. Single-reverse flags can withstand up to 63mph winds and double-sided flags up to 46mph winds. The premium banner flag pole costs a little more than the standard option.

What are the shortest and tallest heights of the feather flag pole kits?

It depends on the flag’s shape. Our popular blade feather flag kits can go from 4ft – 17ft with a standard pole set and 10ft – 18ft with a premium pole set.. A regular blade, teardrop, or rectangular flag with no arm can go from extra extra small to extra-large sizes, while our unique feather flag shapes, like the razor, surfer, and moon are available in medium to extra large sizes.

Standard Pole Set Specifications

SizePart NumberFlag SizeHeight Above GroundWeightBottom Pole Diameter
XXSmall BO0101 1.3ft x 3.1ft 4.1ft 0.5lbs Inner: 17mm (+/- 0.2mm)
Outer:19mm (+/- 0.2mm)
XSmall BO0120 1.6ft x 4.9ft 5.9ft 0.7lbs Inner: 17mm (+/- 0.2mm)
Outer: 19mm (+/- 0.2mm)
Small BO0130 1.8ft x 6.6ft 8.2ft 0.8lbs Inner: 17mm (+/- 0.2mm)
Outer: 19mm (+/- 0.2mm)
Medium BO0131 2ft x 8.5ft 10.2ft 1lbs Inner: 17mm (+/- 0.2mm)
Outer: 19mm (+/- 0.2mm)
Large BO0135 2.6ft x 11.2ft 13.5ft 1.4lbs Inner: 17mm (+/- 0.2mm)
Outer: 19mm (+/- 0.2mm)
XLarge BO0138 2.8ft x 14.8ft 17.1ft 2lbs Inner: 17mm (+/- 0.2mm)
Outer: 25mm (+/- 0.2mm)

Premium Pole Set Specifications

SizePart NumberFlag SizeHeight Above GroundWeightBottom Pole Diameter
Medium BO0140 2ft x 8.5ft 10.2ft 1.1lbs Inner: 17mm (+/- 0.2mm)
Outer: 24mm (+/- 0.2mm)
Large BO0150 2.6ft x 11.2ft 13ft 1.4lbs Inner: 17mm (+/- 0.2mm)
Outer: 24mm (+/- 0.2mm)
XLarge BO0160 2.8ft x 14.8ft 17.7ft 2.1lbs Inner: 17mm (+/- 0.2mm)
Outer: 25.5mm (+/- 0.2mm)

Where can I find the diameter of the feather flag pole sizes?

The chart above is included on all of the product pages for the feather flag poles. These charts include the inner and outer diameter of the bottom of the pole. You will also find the banner flag pole’s weight, height, and the flag size that should be used with it.

How to I decide between a ground stake base and a cross stand/weight bag base?

This depends on where you plan on displaying the feather flag pole. If you are placing your feather flag in a grassy or soil area, like a front yard, then the ground stake should be used. If you are placing the feather flag on the sidewalk in front of a store, indoors, or on the street, then use the cross stand and weight bag combination.

If you need both because your feather flag location will be constantly changing, we include an option for purchasing the stake and the cross stand with weight bag bases.

Can I use these banner flag poles with another vendor’s flag?

We do not recommend using these feather banner pole kits with any flags not produced by us. Our feather flag poles were designed to fit our flags and might not be compatible with flag sizes and shapes from other companies. If you have any questions regarding this, you can contact customer service for assistance.

Are there any warnings when using these feather flag pole kits?

These feather flag poles should not be used near overhead wires or close to buildings where they might be blown against them. You need to give your feather flag and pole set a 4ft – 12ft clearance to prevent it from being damaged from nearby structures. If you would like to see our complete disclaimer for these feather poles, you can view our assembly instructions in the “Downloads” tab on the product pages.

Where can I find help on setting up my feather flag pole?

Below are our assembly videos for our standard and premium pole sets. These videos show you a step-by-step process of setting up your feather pole. You don’t need tools for putting together the feather flag pole kit.

Feather Flag Polesets

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