Yard Sign Stakes

Shopping for yard sign stakes? We offer a large variety of stakes and accessories for use with corrugated plastic signs that you will only find on Vispronet. Available in multiple styles and sizes, and designed for numerous applications, we offer an array of inexpensive sign stakes and accessories ranging from our sturdy Beefy and H stake sign holders to our sign wind riders and piggyback combo stakes.

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Yard Sign Stakes For Every Application 

Yard signs are an affordable and proven way to project a message to neighbors, passing traffic, and the general public. Yard signs can turn a front lawn or roadside plot into an advertising space for a business, political campaign, or any other event or organization you would like to draw attention to. Keeping the signs upright and displaying the message is an important aspect of any yard sign campaign. Employing high quality and sturdy yard signs stakes can prove critical to your campaign’s success.

We offer numerous styles of high quality yard sign stakes that are constucted to last season after season. Crafted from durable materials and coated with rust-resistant finishes, our stakes will stand up to most weather conditions without breaking down.

Choose Your Yard Sign Stakes and Accessories

H-Stake – Our wire H-stake sign holders are our most popular option to hold yard signs. They are constructed from 9-gauge zinc-plated steel and used with 4mm corrugated plastic signs. We offer them in bulk and in multiple sizes including 10” x 15”, 10” x 24”, and 10” x 30” with weight ranging from .2lbs to .4lbs for the largest size.

Beefy Stakes – Our Beefy Stake sign holders are another popular option for yard signs. These are made from durable 9-gauge titanium byproduct spring steel and are finished with an extra rust-resistant coating for extended outdoor use. They are available in bulk and are recommended to use with 4mm corrugated plastic signs. You need 2 for each yard sign.

Sign Holder – Stand above the crowd with our Sign Holder. This convenient holder is the perfect accessory if you need to physically hold your yard sign. Works great for concerts, events, political parties, parades, and especially demonstrations (as a protest sign holder).

Piggyback Step Stake – This sign accessory is for holding two corrugated plastic yard signs together. The stake slides into the top of a yard sign to allow for an additional sign to be attached on top. It is crafted from zinc plated steel and works with 4mm corrugated plastic signs.

Coro Pin – This sign accessory connects two corrugated plastic yard signs side by side. It slides into the side flutes of both signs to create an expanded display.

Wind Rider – This smart sign accessory works to grab extra attention for your display. This lightweight rider slides into the top flutes of yard signs and spins in the wind.  It is built to last, and should work for multiple years and campaigns.

Sign Water Stand - This sign accessory is perfect for supporting large, rigid, printed signs. It is a PVC base with fold out feet for use with signs, indoors and outdoors. It supports signs made from Coroplast, Foamboard, and other similar materials. It is perfect for indoors because it does not go below ground and works outdoors in harsh weather (in place of yard sign stakes) due to its ability to add up to 33lbs of weight.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are yard sign stakes available separate from yard signs?

Yes! The hardware is available separately from our printed yard signs.

Do you also offer custom yard signs?

Yes! Our custom yard signs are a popular custom product.

Is there a difference between your H-Stake and your Piggyback Step Stake?

Yes. Our H-Stake yard sign holders are the classic design for yard signs. These fit vertically into the flutes on bottom of your corrugated plastic sign. They are available in multiple sizes. Our Piggyback Step Stake has a different function all together. The Piggyback Stake connects and stacks two corrugated plastic signs together on top of each other.

Will your stakes hold up against poor weather conditions including wind?

Yes. Our stakes will hold up against poor weather conditions if they are set up correctly.

Do your yard sign stakes rust?

All our yard sign stakes are rust resistant. Our Beefy Stake comes with a special coating designed for extended outdoor use and has superior rust-resistance.

What size stakes are available?

We offer multiple sizes for our H-stakes. These sizes include 10” x 15”, 10” x 24”, and 10” x 30”. Each is useful for different applications.

Can I order my signs stakes in bulk?

Yes! Click on any of our yard sign stakes and accessories and you will see options for bulk orders.

What our customers have to say

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