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Shopping for canopy leg weights to secure your custom canopy tents in the event of windy weather? Keep your canopy tent firmly secured to the ground with our high-quality pop up canopy weights. Choose from an assortment of different canopy tent weights styles and sizes ranging from our small powder coated steel plate up to our heavy-duty large sand bag weights. Shop now and secure your canopy with weights designed for indoor and outdoor use.

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Why Do I Need Canopy Weights?

Pop up tent leg weights are essential to displaying your canopy in areas where you are unable to stake your tent frame down into the ground – because of local regulations, or because the ground or hard surface make it impossible.

Displaying a pop up tent outdoors in windy conditions without canopy tent weights can not only be an expensive issue to remedy, but also a disastrous one. Strong winds can appear quickly during stormy days or even during seemingly calm days – creating an instant safety hazard. If a tent is not secured and leaves the ground or display surface, it can turn into a dangerous flying object that is capable of serious damage to other vendor tents, automobiles, and people in the immediate and surrounding area.    

Many craft shows, festivals, and fairs take place on sidewalk-lined city streets which are not places where vendors have the time or ability to stake a pop up tent down. Using a set of canopy weights makes for an easier and quicker set up time. Instead of having to stake the tent down (which can be a long process if you’re staking down on something like concrete), just attach a set of pop up tent weights around the legs of your tent to keep it grounded. A weighted canopy keeps your tent display stable, and safe to display in all environments.

Types of Pop Up Tent Weights We Offer

All of our canopy weights are designed to be secured to the base of the tent frame leg. A canopy with weights secured to the base of each leg is much safer than suspending them from the corners of your tent, which is an unsafe option we see competitors offering. We offer an array of different tent leg weights that will have you ready for any outdoor application. These weights options include:

Base Plates

Our steel base plates are the some of our most popular tent leg weights. These tent weights are black powder coated steel, designed to be long lasting for indoor and outdoor use. They’re also the easiest to use -- attach them around your pop up tent legs to secure them in place, no extra steps required. We offer three weight sizes including 11lbs, 22lbs and 44lbs. If you still need additional weight, these steel plates are stackable to provide maximum support and safety.

Our 11lb tent weight plate slides over the top of the tent foot, locking it in place and preventing it from moving. For our 22lb and 44lb pop up tent weights options, interlock the canopy weights around the tent leg, which will keep it firmly anchored to the ground.

  • 11lb Base Plate: Fit up to 1.5” pole diameter
  • 22lb Base Plate: Fit up to 2.0” pole diameter
  • 44lb Base Plate: Fit up to 2.0” pole diameter

Sandbag Weights for Tents

Our canopy sand bags fill with sand, zipper close, and then secure together around your tent, providing a tight, secure fit. These pop up canopy weights are extremely easy to use on multiple sizes and styles of canopy tents. We offer two different sizes: 25lbs and 50lbs - when filled with sand. The 25lb pop up tent weights secure using a clip while the 50lb option employs hook and loop fasteners for a snug, consistent fit. Both size sandbags are constructed from a black polyester.

  • Tent Sandbag Weights: Fits multiple styles of tent legs

Water Tent Weights

Our Water Tent Weights are made from heavy-duty plastic and can be filled with water to create weights up to 22 pounds. Each of these containers has a cross-shaped slot cut into it to allow the tent leg to lock into place inside the container, preventing it from moving. They are easy to fill and empty by simply unscrewing a cap located on the top of the container and pouring out. These canopy weights are also stackable for extra security and safety in windy conditions.

  • 22lb Tent Water Weight: Fits up to 1.5” pole diameter

Choosing Your Canopy Weights

Pop up tent weights are very simple to install and break down. Before you purchase and install, follow these steps below to make sure have chosen the best fit for your tent and application.

  1. How much weight will you need for your outdoor tent application? If there is any wind, make sure you have enough weight to keep your tent grounded and unmovable.
  2. Pay close attention to the allowable diameter for each weight style, making sure your tent leg will fit within the allowable diameter for each weight.
  3. Choose your size and style and add to cart for checkout.

Tent Weights - Frequently Asked Questions

What size tent legs do your canopy weights accommodate?

Each of our different pop up tent weights are rated for different leg sizes. See below for a quick guide. For more information, see in the above copy under “Base Plates”.

  • Base Plate 11lbs: Up to 1.5”
  • Base Plate 22lbs: Up to 2”
  • Base Plate 44lbs: Up to 2”
  • Container Water Weight: Up to 1.5”
  • Sandbag 24lbs: Any – wraps vertically
  • Sandbag 50lbs: Any – wraps vertically

Are these prices for a single weight or a set?

Each of the prices for our tent weights is listed for a single weight, except in the case of the sandbags, which are listed as one price for a set of two.

Do your canopy weights fit all of your tents?

No. To see which weights fit with which tents, refer to each individual product page. Scroll down to the bottom copy under “Use With”.

Do tent leg weights work as gazebo weights too?

Yes! These pop up tent weights will work as gazebo leg weights as well. If purchasing weight plates or our water tent weights, make sure the diameter is large enough to fit the leg of your gazebo.

Is sand included with the Sandbag Weights?

No, sand is not included with purchase.

Am I able to stack the canopy weights?

Yes! You are able to stack all the base plate weight options together as well as the Container Water Weight 22lb. Small grooves are cut out on each pop up tent weight, so they stack more easily.

Do I fill the Sand Weight Bags with sand directly?

Yes. You can fill our Sand Weight Bag with sand directly. We’ve seen some customers use other methods such as bagged sand for easier clean up if needed. For example, some customers fill small trash bags with sand, then load into weight bags.

Do your canopy weights rust?

Our canopy tent weights are crafted from powder coated steel and will not rust. If left outside for multiple years, you might see a slight color and gloss reduction.

How much does the Container Water Weight weigh when empty?

Our water weights for canopy tents weigh 2.9lbs when completely empty and 22lbs when completely full.

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