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Table and Desk Flags

Design table and desk flags featuring your brand’s custom artwork or logo. Each flag style is 100% customizable and is printed in brilliant full color on tear-resistant polyester. Choose between single and double-sided printing. Hardware is optional and all flags are replaceable, making it easy to update the custom flag for the next business promotion or advertisement. These desk and table flags are perfect for trade show counters, exhibits, office settings and more. Choose a product below to start your order.

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Custom Printed Desk Flags

Also known as table flags, these small displays are tiny replicas of a full-sized flag that’s designed to carry the same idea or message, just in a smaller, more portable package. You’ll most often see these tiny flags during events like trade shows, conferences or other events where people are trying to draw you to their booth.

Even though their primary use is indoors at trade shows and conventions, our table and desk flags are built with both indoor and outdoor use in mind. They’re not just limited to mini country flags, either – all of our mini table, desk and outdoor flags come with custom printing as an option so that you can print your artwork and graphics on them.

With your custom artwork printed on them, they make great gifts, mementos or merchandise. Use them as part of your marketing campaigns too: have your company’s logo or a suitable marketing graphic printed on the desk flags, along with any relevant details.

Our custom table flags also work great as a way to get customer attention to certain areas of your store or trade show booth. Use words like “CHECKOUT” or “SALE” to ensure that your customers are going where you want them to go – something that’s invaluable when it comes to trade shows.

Looking for another way to get people to your trade show booth? Printing your company logo on desk flags is a great way to advertise. Give them out as freebies at your trade show booth so that you can more easily spread the word about your business and its services – all without having to lift a finger.

How Table Flags Make a Difference

Practically the only time we see little flags out in the wild are on patriotic holidays like Flag Day and the Fourth of July, where miniature American flags are handed out en masse so that everyone can show a little bit of patriotism. Once the festivities are over, though, the big flags come down and the mini ones get packed away, often to be forgotten even when next year rolls around.

One of the best ways to use custom desk flags to make a difference is to use them as a way to make all your occasions unique ones. Having a sale? Line the street outside your business with a series of small flags to advertise it to anyone who drives or walks by. Combine them with a custom banner, and you’ve created an excellent display to draw customer attention.

Why Choose Vispronet for Your Desk Flags?

Our small custom flags blow the competition out of the water. Not only do we offer custom printing as standard on all of our miniature flags, but if you choose double-sided printing, you can print a different image on each side of the desk flags for no extra charge.

Choose between single-reverse or double-sided printing so you can get your product printed just the way you want. With our single-reverse printing option, your graphic or custom artwork is perfectly mirrored over to the other side of the fabric. Our premium double-sided printing option is two prints sewn together over a liner to prevent light from shining through.

Want to use our mini desk flags for your next business event? Pick from any one of the products above or give our customer service team a call at 877-822-0201.

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