Trade Show Cases for Storage & Travel

When you buy trade show displays or accessories, you want to be able to protect them from damage. Using a padded storage case is a great way to keep your valuable trade show equipment and their accompanying graphics both organized and protected when you’re not using them.

Take a look through the large selection of trade show cases we offer and you’ll find an assortment of products to fit your needs. We offer everything, from padded carrying bags, to rolling trade show display cases and shipping containers.

All non-printed travel & transport cases ordered by 1 p.m. EST will ship out the same day.

Trade Show Shipping Cases For Your Booth Equipment

When you take your trade show booth with you to next month or next year’s event, you want to be able to carry all the items you need comfortably and easily. A padded or hard shelled case works much better than meager cardboard boxes or fabric totes.

Why should you choose a trade show display case from Vispronet® over other, cheaper crates and cases?

Our trade show containers are built to protect your exhibits, equipment and graphics – and here’s why:


  • Our trade show cases feature EVA foam-padded liners to protect any of the trade show displays you might put inside them, such as pop up displays, retractable banner stands, booth lighting, flooring and any accessories you might have.
  • Our all-purpose carry bags are highly mobile and accessible. These bags are easy for you to store in the overhead bin on a plane – perfect for those trade show marketers who attend international shows where they might have to take goods with them on a plane.
  • Our hardcase trolley gives you the versatility of a multi-purpose storage container: simply attach a wood tabletop and transform it into a promotional counter – perfect for handing out marketing collateral like business cards, brochures and more.
  • Many of our shipping containers are built with nylon straps so that the contents can be easily secured, allowing marketers to ship items ahead of time and travel light.
  • Need more protection for your large display items? We offer a number of road cases that are constructed from 8mm fireproofed plasticwood board. Each container also has 5mm black PVC foamboard padding and a reinforced aluminum frame.

Quality Cases Designed For Trade Shows

If it’s your first time setting up a trade show booth, check out our 10 tips for setting up a booth and getting the attention of your customers. No matter what size your booth is, you’ll need trade show shipping cases to fit everything that you’re taking with you to the show.

Many trade show exhibitors buy simple bins or use the totes they get when they purchase their trade show equipment – these lack EVA foam for padding, fireproof walls or nylon straps. Our storage containers are designed specifically for trade show exhibitors and feature custom compartments that are used to store away particular items and hardware. This ensures optimal protection of your entire arsenal of trade show equipment. Since large displayslike booth backdrops are hard for one person to carry, using trade show rolling cases makes them much easier to move because they can be wheeled into place and unpacked.

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