Custom Feather Flags

Design your own custom feather flags with your very own logo, artwork, and message! These windless advertising banners are printed on a premium super-knitted polyester material that is weather-resistant. Choose your shape, standard or premium fiberglass pole set, and base selections. Our flags can withstand winds up to 63mph. Offered in single-reverse or double-sided printing. Sizes range from 4ft to 18ft tall. These feather flags are highly visible and super effective at getting you noticed!

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10ft kits starting at $99.99
13ft stock design kits only $48.99
Over 10 styles at economical prices
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Mini version or large flags with mount
Parade & car lot flags in 8 styles
Pole kits, bases, bags & cases, more
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Custom Feather Flags for Sale at Vispronet®

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1. Choose Your Pole Set

Standard Pole Sets

Custom feather banners with standard pole sets are recommended for indoor or outdoor use in low-wind areas (up to 30 mph). All feather banners with standard pole sets are available in six sizes, from 4.1 feet to 17.1 feet for all shapes except for the Teardrop Flag, which can measure 3.6 feet to 14.1 feet in height.

Standard pole sets are made from aluminum and fiberglass.

Standard Pole Set Specifications:

  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • 30 mph wind-rating
  • Six sizes available: 4ft to 17ft
  • Constructed from aluminum & fiberglass

Premium Pole Sets

If you're looking for feather banners to use exclusively outdoors, or are looking for a size larger than 17.1ft, then we recommend you look at our premium pole sets, as they are made to be used in high-wind areas (55 mph to 63 mph for single-reverse flags and 36 mph to 46 mph for double-sided flags). Our Premium Pole Sets are available in three sizes, ranging from 10.2ft to 17.7ft, except the Teardrop Feather Flag, which ranges from 8.4ft to 14.4ft.

All Premium Pole Sets are made from aviation-grade fiberglass.

View all feather flag poles.

Premium Pole Set Specifications:

  • Outdoor use
  • 63 mph wind-rating for single-sided
  • 46 mph wind-rating for double-sided
  • Three sizes available: 10ft, 13ft, 18ft
  • Constructed of aviation-grade fiberglass

2. Choose Your Feather Flag Shape

Vispronet's custom feather flags are available in five different shapes:

  • Concave – The Concave style is a banner flag with a curved bottom and spine.
  • Convex – A flutter flag with a curve on both the top and bottom of the flag.
  • Angled – This swooper flag features an angled bottom and a swooped spine.
  • Straight – Slice up the competition with this blade flag, which can be seen on the right. The Straight style features a flat bottom.
  • Drop – The Drop is an advertising teardrop flag with a unique curved shape.

Shape Options

custom feather flag shapes

3. Choose Your Height

Feather flag height options

4. Print Options

Single-sided Feather Flags

Single-sided feather flags are printed on one side only, with the print bleeding through to create a reverse image on the opposite side of the flag. This style is great for quick passing traffic such as a busy road or train stop, especially if the traffic is going one way. Your design will be visible on both sides, but not as defined or vibrant as a double-sided feather flag.

Double-sided Feather Flags

Double-sided feather flags are perfect for applications where you need a print clearly visible from both sides, or two different designs on each side of the flag. The double-sided feature allows for a richer, more vibrant print on each side, or displaying two different messages on each side of the flag. To create this effect, two custom feather flags are sewn together with a piece of fabric in between to block out any light from shining through. This style is most beneficial when the traffic passing is moving more slowly, such as a sidewalk or a city avenue, because it is much more detailed and can display two separate messages. If you are unsure of which would be best for your application, our customer service team will be happy to help.

Single-sided vs. Double-sided Feather Flags

5. Design Your Custom Feather Flags Online

There are multiple ways to design your feather flags on Vispronet. These include:

Online Design Tool: Our online design tool allows you to completely customize your feather banners without any professional design software needed.  The design tool offers multiple art assets including stock clip art, an array of fonts and color schemes, as well as the ability to upload any artwork or images of your choosing. It offers guides to help keep your design and images within the appropriate design area and DPI standards. All designs will be checked by our professional design team for any errors - free of charge.

Upload Artwork to Template: This method is the best way to design for graphic designers and those with professional design software. This method involves downloading templates from our website, reading the instructions, adding your images and artwork within the recommended area, and reuploading your design to our site. Our professional graphics team then checks to make sure everything is set up correctly and meets the minimum DPI standards before approving and emailing you back a confirmation that your artwork is ready to print.

Vispronet Design Services: If you would rather have a professional design artist create your artwork for you, let us do it for you! Every custom order at Vispronet comes with a free 15-minute lookover by our professional team to check for any glaring mistakes or errors before getting approved. For more extensive designing, our design teams will create your artwork from scratch, check it, and send it to you for approval for a small hourly fee.

Have questions? We'd love to help. Call us at 877-822-0201 or Live Chat with a Representative. You can also send us your question via email or form submission.  

Premium Feather Flag Materials for Long-term Use

All our custom products are rigorously tested through a range of quality control assurances. Unlike other companies' flimsy, cheap feather flags, we don't skimp on using the best materials to construct our products. Our flags give you the maximum printing area, even allowing your artwork to be printed on the pole sleeve, instead of using a solid color header tape pole. This small change makes for a far more attractive and eye-catching flag compared to our competitors. Whichever size or shape of feather banner you choose, attention will increase for your organization or business.

custom feather flag with no black strip

Setting Up Your Feather Flag

Setting up your advertising feather flags is a quick and simple task! Connect the poles, slide the print onto the pole set, secure pole tip into reinforced end pocket, place pole set into base, and connect bungee cord tensioner- and your set!


Feather Flag Setup Step 1 Feather Flag Setup Step 2 Feather Flag Setup Step 3 Feather Flag Setup Step 4 Feather Flag Setup Step 5

Set Up & Wind Test Video

For more information on how to set up your feather flag, check out the video below:


Who Uses Feather Signs?

Companies and organizations fly feather flags and banners for an array of applications. They are great for attracting the attention of custom feather flag for businessespasserby, including foot and car traffic. They can be used to advertise store grand openings, in store specials such as sales and promotions, or just to draw passing traffic into a store. They are used in numerous industries for an array of different businesses, ranging from small to large. These include:

  • Trade show booths
  • Auto Dealers
  • Cell Phone Distributors
  • Real Estate listings
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Schools and Universities
  • Self-Serve Businesses
  • Multiple other applications

Versatile Feather Banners & Accessories for Multiple Applications

Vispronet offers the most comprehensive collection of feather flags in the industry. Our feather flags are designed to work for multiple applications, whether that be indoors or outdoors, trade shows, in grass and gardens, on pavement and sidewalks, on cars, backpacks, or hanging from a tent or modular display.

We have multiple shapes, styles and sizes of our customized feather flag version, an array of different stock printed business flags, multiple solid color versions, customizable backpack and car versions, tent and modular display versions, as well as multiple subcategories of useful accessories.

Our accessory offerings include over 30 base options, bags and cases, as well as a collection of base weights. Our bases range from our ground stakes, to cross stands, to weighted base plates. Our weight options include steel plates, weight bags, plates, as well as water and sand containers.

Common Synonyms for Custom Feather Banners

Being in the industry for a long time, we’ve heard feather flags called a variety of different terms. Some popular synonyms include: beach flags, swooper flags, flutter flag, teardrop flags or banners, advertising banner flags, wind flags for advertising, blade flags, feather signs, and feather banners. When you order your flag from Vispronet, you won't look at other feather flags the same again.

Custom Feather Flag Comparison Chart

(Download PDF)

Available Shapes
Standard & Premium
  Standard Premium Deluxe
Pole Construction Aluminum & Fiberglass Aviation-Grade Fiberglass Aviation-Grade Fiberglass
Overall Display Size Drop

XXSmall: 1.3ft x 3.6ft
XSmall: 1.8ft x 5.2ft
Small: 2.5ft x 7.2ft
Medium: 3.1ft x 8.4ft
Large: 3.6ft x 11ft
XLarge: 3.9ft x 14.1ft

(Angled, Concave, Straight, Convex)

XXSmall: 1.3ft x 4.1ft
XSmall: 1.6ft x 5.9ft
Small: 1.8ft x 8.2ft
Medium: 2ft x 10.2ft
Large: 2.6ft x 13.5ft
XLarge: 2.8ft x 17.1ft

Medium: 3.1ft x 8.4ft
Large: 3.6ft x 10.5ft
XLarge: 3.9ft x 14.4ft

(Angled, Concave, Straight, Convex)

Medium: 2ft x 10.2ft
Large: 2.6ft x 13ft
XLarge: 2.8ft x 17.7ft


Medium: 3.1ft x 8.4ft
Large: 3.6ft x 11.2ft
XLarge: 3.9ft x 15.9ft

Small: 2.5ft x 7.2ft
Medium: 3.4ft x 10ft
Large: 4.9ft x 14.8ft


Large: 3.6ft x 14.1ft
XLarge: 3.8ft x 18.4ft


Medium: 3.1ft x 11.5ft
Large: 3.8ft x 14.1ft
XLarge: 4.1ft x 18.2ft


Small: 2.5ft x 7.9ft
Medium: 3.4ft x 11ft
4.9ft x 16.1ft
Print Options Single-reverse or double-sided layout
Feather flag banners available in custom prints, stock designs or stock colors
Suggested Use Indoor/Low-wind Outdoor Double-Sided Prints
Continuous Outdoor Use
Indoors and/or Outdoors
Wind-Speed Resistance Single Reverse: 25-31mph

Double-Sided: 13-17mph
Single-Reverse: 55-63mph

Double-Sided: 39-46mph
Single-Reverse: Up to 46mph

Double-Sided: Up to 46mph

Frequently Asked Questions

What are feather banners and flags used for?

They are used to entice passing traffic to enter your business. They are extremely effective if the print is eye catching and if they are set up correctly. It is important to display a flag that will complement your business rather than detract from it. Our feather flags are crafted from premium materials and exhibit a professional appearance for any event, brand, or business storefront.

What material are these feather flag banners?

All of our flags are made from our outdoor flag polyester. This lightweight polyester material is built to last through outdoor conditions. This material is also great for color reproduction, meaning your design will stand out more compared to competitors. It is suitable for single-reverse or for double sided prints

Is there a different between feather flags and feather banners?

This is a popular question. This is a product that goes by many names including swooper flags, feather signs, and blade flags to describe the same product. All these terms can be used interchangeably.

There are some differences when you are describing some of our other popular banner flags including our teardrop, crystal, surfer, razor, dart, and moon flags. Each of these has its own popular design, specific shape and layout. For example, our teardrop flag has and often has a wider and shorter shape than typical feather flags.

How long will they last?

Your custom feather flags should easily last over 2+ years if for proper storage and maintenance requirements are followed. Continued exposure to harsh weather elements, including prolonged bouts in the hot summer sun, can prematurely diminish the quality of your print.

Will strong winds blow my flag away?

Winds, if severe enough, can blow over your feather flag. We sell an array of bases, weights and weighted bags that can help secure it in poor conditions. We strongly recommend to always take your flag inside during inclement weather conditions because there could possibly be damage to the poll or fabric, especially if it is a larger size.

Do you offer custom sizing? What standard sizing do you offer?

We only offer standard, predetermined sizes for our custom feather banners. Our standard sizing is different for each product. For our custom blade flags we offer heights of: XXsmall - 4.1’, Xsmall – 5.9’, Small - 8.2’, Medium - 10.2’, Large - 13.5’, and Xlarge - 17.1’.

Can I interchange pole sets for different feather and teardrop flags?

No, each size flagpole is designed to just fit one size of flag as listed on the product pages.

Will my design cover the whole feather banner or just a section?

Due to the high quality of our fabric, your design can cover the whole entire flag. This is different from almost all of our competitors, who’s feather flags feature an unsightly 2.5 inch black strip up the seam due to their lower quality fabrics.

Can I order hardware without the flag and vice versa?

Yes! You can order just the flag, and you can order just the hardware if that is all you need. We offer all harware including pole kits, bases, bags and cases, as well as weights and accessories. If you would just like a flag and not the hardware, you can make that choice when you are configuring your product.

Do they have matte or glossy finishes?

Our custom feather signs have a matte finish. Matte is best for outdoor applications in bright conditions.

What is the difference between double sided and single reverse print options?

Single-reverse and double-sided options refer to the print style. Single-reverse, also referred to as single sided feather banners, involves printing on one side and bleeding the printed ink through to the other side. It creates a reverse of the image on the other side. Double-sided feather banners involve printing two separate prints and combining them with a piece of fabric in between to prevent any transparency. It costs extra for double sided printing, but produces a higher quality and more visible result than a single-reverse flag.

What is the difference between your base options?

We offer an array of base options. Each of our custom feather banners include a Standard Ground Stake for free in your order. Other options include a rotating ground screw, which rotates your sign in the wind. We offer multiple styles of cross stands in different sizes and different weight bag options. We also offer a variety of different accessories and base plates in multiple sizes and weights.

What do you fill the weight bag with? And how much does it weight when full?

We offer multiple weight bags to use with our custom feather banners – all of which can be filled with either water or sand for indoor and outdoor use. All available weight options range from 26lbs to 102lbs when filled.

Does every flag order come with a carry bag for free?

Yes! Every order comes with a free complementary carry bag for your pole sets.

Can I use pole sets from another company with your flags?

We do not recommend using another company's flag pole sets with our feather banners or vice versa. Our hardware and flags are designed to work together for a premium, professional appearance.

Custom Feather Flags Reviews

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