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Shop Vispronet for a variety of canopy accessories for your pop up tents. Choose from custom printed and stock color pop up tent accessories that can help your business stand apart from the competition. These add-on items are specially designed for indoor and outdoor pop up canopies and are crafted to hold up to the wear-and-tear of everyday display. Choose a product style below to learn more.

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Canopy Accessories for Every Application

We offer multiple pop up tent accessories so you can find the exact product you need to compliment your canopy tent. Choose from multiple stock color and custom-printed products that are designed to help your business stand apart from competitors at your next event. All accessories are designed with long-lasting materials and have been thoroughly tested for durability and product longevity.

Pop Up Tent Weights

Weights keep your canopy tent firmly secured to the ground and are highly recommended for outdoor applications, especially in windy areas. Weights are especially useful for applications where exhibitors cannot stake down their canopy tents. We offer an assortment of different styles to choose from including plates, water containers, and sand bags.

Tent Bags and Hard Cases

Canopy travel bags make it easy to transport your canopy and frame to shows and events! These pop up canopy accessories are highly useful for travel and can save you and your team a lot of hassle moving from event to event. Choose from bags that fit the frame or canopy only, bags with or without wheels, and even hard case containers. Each bag and case is designed for frequent use and will keep your hardware and canopy safe from damage.

Tent Bags

Tent carry bags are crafted from heavy-duty polyester and are designed to keep your canopy and tent frames secured while traveling to shows and events. Multiple sizes are offered so you can select the perfect size for your canopy and frame. Choose between two styles: Carry bags and rolling bags.

Hard Cases and Trolleys

Hard cases and trolleys are popular canopy accessories available for transporting tent frames and canopies to shows and events. Hard cases and trolleys keep canopies and frames protected through a rough-and-tumble traveling process. Most hard cases and trolleys are multifunctional and can also carry other trade show equipment like backdrop banner stands, pop up displays, and portable counters.

Tent Flooring

Our pop up tent flooring is made from highly durable polypropylene plastic and consists of floor tiles, trip guards and tile corners. These rugged floors are perfect canopy accessories for outdoor applications and can be beneficial for indoor applications as well. Choose from multiple floor sizes including 5x5, 10x10, and 20x20 canopy sizes.

Tent Lighting

Light up your tent for after-hours applications. We offer two floodlight styles: LED White and LED RGB Color. Both floodlight products are compatible with most pop up tent models and are excellent for lighting up a canopy tent when displaying outside. The LED white produces white light while the LED RGB can change between red, green, and blue lights via remote control.

Tent Stakes & Anchors

We offer a wide variety of tent stakes and anchors to keep your tent grounded and safe for outdoor display. Our commercial tent stakes are designed to keep your tent in place, even when displaying in poor weather conditions. Different anchor styles include plastic, steel, and large-sized stakes, and accessories include a nylon webbing strap set with a carry bag included.

Tent Leg Banners

Tent leg banners are eye-catching canopy accessories that offer another way for your business to stand apart from competitors. Not only do the banners create a pleasant look for the outside of your tent by hiding the legs, but they also offer almost double the design space — a perfect way to add advertise your brand to the masses.

Removable Tent Banners

If you are interested in adding a custom design to a blank tent wall or covering a graphic on an existing tent wall – removeable tent banners are the perfect solution. These customizable pop up canopy accessories are easy to install and remove and can drastically change the exterior appearance of your canopy tent display. Each banner is 100% customizable so you can personalize the banner to perfectly complement your business’s products and services.

Tent Flags and Feather Banners

Looking for a way to maximum exposure for your canopy tent at your next show or event? Our tent flags and feather banners are great for attracting attention. These flags and banners attach easily to your tent’s legs, and we offer numerous different shapes and sizes so that you can choose the flag that best fits your business.

Tent Bows

Our pop up tent bows are the perfect pop up canopy accessories to add ornamentation to your personalized pop up tent. These bows attach easily to your canopy legs so that you can create a more unique tent space in order to stand out from the competition at trade shows and events. Choose from 20 different stock colors or get your tent bows custom printed!

Canopy Rain Gutters

Keep your visitors safe from rain-water and connect two pop up tents with a canopy gutter from Vispronet. These gutters fit between two pop up tents and direct rainwater away from the tent display, keeping visitors safe and seamlessly joining two pop up tents to create one large canopy covering. Gutters are offered for multiple sizes including: 10ft, 13ft, 15ft, 20ft tents.

Tent Awnings

Awnings are popular canopy accessories for outdoor pop up tent displays. They are a great solution to protect visitors from the sun and rain and to increase the coverage area of your canopy. Our awnings are easy to install and include all hardware needed for a secure and safe installation. We offer canopy awnings in two different styles: Custom printed and stock white color. Awnings are offered for in 10’ and 15’ sizes.

Canopy Safety Shields

Safety shields are important canopy accessories for adding a safe and clear barrier between you and your customers. These clear walls are helpful to protect employees and customers from the spread of viruses and are easy to install and take down. They are crafted from clear PVC and include all the hardware needed for a secure attachment to your canopy tent.

How Canopy Accessories Can Benefit Your Business

Canopy tent accessories are easy to install add-on products that can enhance the appearance, style, and functionality of your canopy tent. There are multiple accessories to choose from and each product offers benefits for different applications. Our custom printed accessories allow you to adjust the graphics and custom artwork to reflect on the products and services your business offers. Pop up canopy accessories are also a great way to separate yourself from competitors at shows and events. If most competitors are displaying stock colored canopies, installing some personalized accessories like tent banners or canopy feather flags can help attract the eyes of passerby to your business. The heightened attention for your business can lead to better customer interaction, resulting in better informed customers and increased sales.

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