Custom Wall Decals for Business

Custom wall decals are a cost-effective way to add branding, energy, and personality to a room. They are quick and simple to install and will last as short or long as you need them to.  Custom wall decals are extremely popular for workplaces, public spaces, and homes alike. Our custom decals are the perfect way to incorporate branding, logos, and artwork into the room design. Whether you need the custom decals for the office, restaurant, warehouses, retail stores, malls, personal and home use, and many more applications, Vispronet carries all the options you may need.

Why Choose a Vispronet Custom Wall Decal?

Customizable: Wall decals can be customized for your business, brand, home, or anything you would like. They are completely customizable meaning the shape, size, adhesive strength, and print are all controlled by our customers.

Cost: Walls decals are a highly economical and effective marketing tool for small and large businesses. Due to the high-quality vinyl and brilliant color reproduction, custom wall decals are excellent at instantaneously stealing the attention of customers and passerby. 

Design: Custom wall decals can be designed to perfectly match the energy, color, and décor of the space they are applied. Ours are produced using state of the art printers and are hand crafted and cut by experienced technicians for a pristine finish. This simple upgrade can make all the difference on how the room reflect on your business, and can improve the shopping experience for customers.

Reusable: Both our removable decals and die cut vinyl stickers are printed on high quality vinyl that is removable and can be repositioned and reused if needed, saving you the hassle and time of ordering new prints.

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Choose Your Wall Decal Style

  • Low adhesive decals can be removed and repositioned multiple times and are usually applied if the wall decal is placed for a short period of time. These are perfect for seasonal or part time promotions and advertisements. We offer these in a removable option and a clear option.
  • High adhesive decals are less maneuverable and are designed for a long term or permanent marketing solution. All of our wall decals are flexible and tear resistant so they can be applied even over curved surfaces. We offer 5 standard sizes ranging from an even 12”x12” up to a 36”x24” as well as custom sizing beyond that.
  • Die Cut vinyl stickers are offered in multiple sizes, styles, and materials. These include temporary and permanent, perforated, opaque and clear options. These versatile decals can be applied to most hard surfaces and are be cut and shaped however you desire. Die cut vinyl stickers are typically used for small shapes and characters such as animals and cartoons. Die cut stickers are great for wall greetings and messages in office lobbies, boardrooms, bathrooms, and any high traffic area where people may congregate.


Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are offered for your custom wall decals?

We offer three materials for custom wall decals. These include a low adhesive vinyl for temporary to medium term decals, a high adhesive vinyl for long term or permanent applications, and die cut vinyl stickers for short term use but more custom and creative use.

What is the difference between the low adhesive and the high adhesive decals?

The low adhesive decals are meant for more short term or temporary applications. It is easier to adjust and remove without any issues while the high adhesive is meant for a permanent application and isn’t able to be removed and repositioned multiple times.

What standard sizes are offered?

We offer multiple standard sizes for low and high adhesive decals including sizes ranging from 12” x 12” and up to sizes 12” x 36”. We also offer custom sizing and shapes for all sizes larger and in between.

Are there color limitations?

All of our custom decals are printed using dye sublimation printing method. This means all colors are available and they are printed in full, bold colors.

How long does this decal product last?

Our wall decals are made from a high-quality vinyl so their lifespan, if correctly cared for, should be at least 5 years. This may change depending on how often they are removed.

Do your decals include a laminate covering?

No, our custom decals are made from high quality vinyl materials only.

Are custom wall decals difficult to apply?

No, they are not difficult to apply. You must remember to wait about a week after fresh paint is applied so there is no damage to the paint. Also, the area must be wiped down before applying the custom decal. Apply the decal on a smooth dry surface, starting at the top and making your way down.

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