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Custom Flags

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#1 High Quality, Custom Flags Cheap

  • Unlimited Full Color Printing
  • Resists 3000 Hours of Intense Sunlight Without Fading
  • Double Hemmed Sides, Header Tape, Grommets
  • Design Online or Upload Template File
  • Receive A Proof with Every Order
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  • Single-reverse and double-sided printing available
  • Dye sublimation printing allows you to design with unlimited colors
  • Finishing options include grommets or pole sleeves
  • Available in standard and custom sizes
  • Printed on high quality, outdoor, polyester-based fabric
  • Washed after printing to prevent print bleeding
  • Great for use along entrances, outside buildings and more
  • Save money on personalized flags with quality discounts
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Custom Flags Details:

  • Custom printed flags for outdoor use come in a variety of standard or custom sizes
  • Custom flag printing on Outdoor Flag Polyester: Tear-resistant lightweight knitted fabric with excellent thru-print (3.25oz/yd²)
  • Custom single-reverse (1-sided), as well as custom double sided flag (2-sided) printing options available
  • Choose from a variety of finishing options (black or white header tape will be selected to match your design)
  • Add on flagpole kits for flags 5' x 3' (width x height) or smaller
  • Design your own flag using our online design tool, downloading the product template, or through our free design services

Custom 3x5 Flags from Vispronet

Custom 3x5 flags are the most common flags out there. You’ll often find them flying everywhere from homes to schools and even government offices. Each 3x5 flag is crafted from high-quality polyester and finished with two brass grommets on the side for easy mounting on a variety of hardware by default.

Print and Material Quality: All our flags and banners are printed on high quality and durable polyester using the dye sublimation printing method. This advanced printing style produces exquisite, bold, high definition prints sure to draw the eyes of any passerby. This printing process also makes for dramatically less fading long term compared to inferior printing methods.

Custom Sizing: In addition to standard sizes we offer six standard sizes ranging from 18" x 12" to 10' x 6', we also offer custom sizes for our traditional flags. Choose “Enter Your Own Size” from the size dropdown. Custom flags must have a minimum width and a height of 12" each.

Finishing Options: Aside from high quality printing and material, Vispronet also offers more finishing options than other custom flag makers. These finishing options include horizontal or vertical orientation, an array of finishing accessories, and your option for single-reverse and custom double sided flags. 

custom flags

Finishing Options Finishing Options
All our custom flags come with multiple finishing options including grommets, pole sleeves, and header tape for no additional cost.

Standard and Custom Sizes Standard and Custom Sizes
We offer 6 standard flag sizes to choose from as well as custom sizing for special applications. Custom 3x5 flags are the most popular size.

Dye Sublimation Printing

Dye Sublimation Printing
The material is printed using the top-of-the-line dye sublimation printing method. This makes for spectacular, bold, color reproduction, as well as exceptional fade-resistance.

Premium UV Resistant Flag Material

Premium UV Resistant Flag Material
All custom made flags are printed on our durable, high quality, polyester material. This material is outdoor-tested and suitable for use all-year round. It also boasts exceptional color reproduction.

Material Layout Orientation

Material Layout Orientation
Choose between Single-Reverse or Double-Sided printing options as well as the option for portrait or landscape printing.


3 Ways to Design Your Own Flag Online

Design Online: Create your very own personalized flag in real-time with our online design tool where you can upload logos, images, and other files. Choose from a number of free online fonts, clip arts, and backgrounds to design your own flag.

Upload Artwork Template: Configure your custom flags above and download the provided template file after you’ve finished selecting your desired orientation, size, finishing, and optional hardware. Design your custom flag banners on the template file using your own design software and reupload the finished file before or after placing your order.

Free Design Services: Having trouble getting the creative juices flowing? Need some help to create your custom flag design? Our team of graphic artists can help you create your own flag design at no additional cost. We will send an artwork proof for your approval before we print anything. Contact us via phone, email, or chat to get started today!

Custom Double Sided Flag Printing Available

All of our custom 3x5 flags come standard with a single-reverse style print, where the image is printed on one side of the flag and bleeds through so that it can be seen in reverse from the opposite side.

We also offer double-sided flag printing so that you can get the custom double sided flag you need for outside your home or business.

Instead of the standard double-sided fabric printing process, we do something a little different. Each of our double-sided polyester flags is made from two single-sided fabric prints that are sewn together over a piece of blocker fabric. This prevents the reverse image from bleeding through.


custom single sided flag


custom double sided flags

Dye Sublimation Printing

All of our flags are printed using a dye sublimation method, meaning that you can get your custom printed flags cheap. Each flag is printed using a four-color printing process, then steam-imprinted to seal in the colors.

Combine this with the fact that we can print PANTONE colors and we have the ability to print almost any color that you send us. Design your custom flags with as many colors as you would like for no extra costs or fees.

Cheap Flags, Premium Specifications

We strive to provide you with a source of cheap, custom-printed flags that still adhere to all the specifications of the premium brands. Here’s how:

  • All of our single-reverse flags read correctly on one side, with 80% of the image showing through to the other side.
  • All of our custom double sided flags read correctly from both sides, which makes them a perfect choice to use as custom outdoor flags.
  • Standard 3x5 flag size and custom sizes available to suit all kinds of locations and types of printed designs.
  • Your custom flag design is printed on a durable, high-quality polyester that scores an 8/8 for lightfastness on the bluescale (DIN 53387) test. This means that it will last 3000 hours in intense sunlight before it starts to fade.
  • All custom outdoor flags come standard with wrapped header tape on the left side and brass grommets punched through the header tape every three feet, with a minimum of two per flag. Upgrades such as pole sleeves are available as part of the finishing process.

Satisfied Customers

custom double sided flag make your own flag custom flag maker custom 3x5 flag
custom flags

The Vispronet Advantage

The biggest advantages to choosing Vispronet over other competitors is our custom dye-sublimation printing, and our years of experience as a a custom flag maker. Dye sublimation printing is included in the price of your personalized flags so that you can rest assured you’ll get your graphics looking great no matter how many colors you use: unlike screen-printing shops, we don’t charge on a per-color basis. We also offer a number of other advantages -- even some that other companies can’t or won’t.

Custom Cheap Flag Printing

With over 15 years of experience as a custom flag maker, we are proud of the fact that we've slashed the prices on our custom flags so that they’re as cheap as possible. Not only do they beat out the competition, but we pass the savings on to you. Our prices include custom printing using proven dye-sublimation techniques, plus all the hardware you need to run it up your own flagpole. 6ft and 20ft flagpoles are available for purchase separately.

Professionally-Designed Event Flags

Not sure where to get started when designing your new event flag? Let us help you create your own flag. Our professional design team will help you put together a design for your custom 3x5 flag that will make it look beautiful, no matter where it’s flying at no additional cost.

As part of our professional checking service, all customers get 15 minutes of design time included to help ensure that their custom flag design passes our artwork checking process.

Fast Shipping On All Flags

Whether you order an event flag, one of our custom made 3x5 flags, or a different custom flags option altogether, you can rest assured that we’ll do everything we can to get it to you ASAP. All of our orders ship via UPS Ground, and rush shipping is available for a small fee. Orders containing just hardware ship out the same day if ordered by 1 PM EST.

Rush Production Services

If you’re looking for a way to get your order done faster, we offer several different rush services for production. Upgrade from the standard production time (4 – 6 business days) to next day, second day or third day production times. Note that none of these production times include shipping, but a faster production time can lead to faster shipping times.

custom flags comparison

Custom Flag Printing - Frequently Asked Questions

What are custom flags?

Custom flags are personalized with your own graphics and logos rather than a ready-made image, such as a state or country flag. Design your own flag image to be replicated on the material, such as your business slogan and logo or your local sports team mascot. Customized flags are made uniquely for customers upon request. Create custom flag designs for anything you would like, whether that be for business, education, showcasing custom artwork, or just for home display!

What material are the custom outdoor flags made of?

While we offer custom flags cheap, we do not use lesser materials. Our custom flags are made from our outdoor flag polyester material, a lightweight polyester that is designed to be scratch-resistant and UV-resistant. This material is designed for extended outdoor use in wet or dry conditions. We believe that polyester material is best for flags because the printing method creates bold, stand-out colors that will not scratch or peel in different weather conditions. Our polyester also has an excellent thru-print, making it the perfect option for single-reverse flags. Polyester flags are also ideal for displaying all year round because the knitted fabric is tear-resistant for durability.

What’s the lifespan of the personalized flag material?

Regarding the lifespan of the print and material, customers can generally expect over 6 months of use, plus or minus some time depending on facts such as air pollution, severity of weather, lightfastness level, and material composition. In order to get the most out of the product, we recommend that customers perform general maintenance, such as washing, trimming, reinforcing and re-hemming every 8-12 weeks (3 months).

How are my graphics printed on the flag?

Graphics are printed onto flags using a printing method known as dye sublimation. With dye sublimation printing, the material is heated and then inked or dyed with each color needed to create the finished image, one layer at a time. By using this custom flag printing process, we create full, vibrant colors and the print is resistant to scratching and peeling off. Another benefit of dye sublimation printing is unlimited color usage. Whether you are designing a custom logo flag or an all-over graphic, make your own flag with as many colors as you would like for no extra cost.

Read more about dye sublimation here.

Can you make your own photo flags?

Yes! You can upload personal photos to your custom flags template for us to print. We use full CMYK color, which allows us to recreate photos in great detail.

What is the standard flag size?

The most popular custom flag banner sizes are available as standard sizes in the size dropdown. The most frequently purchased size is our custom 3x5 flag. Another very popular size often used for custom made flags is 5x8. It is important that the pole size being used with the flag is factored into what the size of the flag should be. The typical rule is that the flag’s height should be ¼ of the pole height.

Are your custom flags printed single-sided or double-sided?

Single-reverse style is standard, but for no additional fee, you can opt for double-sided printing.

When we print custom 3x5 flags double sided, you’re not limited to just one image or graphic like you are with a single-reverse printing style. The use of a piece of blocking liner between the two sides of the flag means that you can print anything you want on either side without having to worry about it bleeding through to the other side.

Keep in mind that single reverse is a popular style because it’s more enduring for outdoor use and easily flows in the wind. Custom double sided flags are heavier than single-reverse flags and won’t wave in the wind as much.

How will the weather affect my custom made flags?

The material is UV-resistant and printed using dye sublimation. This means that the rain and sun won’t wear down the custom outdoor flags material or the printed image.

Do you offer kits? Is a flagpole included with my purchase?

We do offer flagpoles as an optional accessory for our custom flags. For an additional fee, you can purchase one of the four pole options listed below:

  • 6ft handheld – for use in parades and similar events
  • 6ft wall mount – for use outside homes and businesses
  • 6ft pole-mount with steel bands for mounting on street poles
  • 20ft standard pole for flying your flag outside schools or residences

Do you offer grommets or pole sleeves?

We offer both grommets and pole sleeves under the “Finishing” tab in the product configurator. Grommets are ideally used for custom wall flags or for using with a large flagpole. Pole sleeves are for use with thinner, more portable poles. All feather flags use pole sleeves rather than grommets.

Are your flags flame-retardant?

Our custom flags are made from a knitted polyester fabric that is not meant to be flame-resistant. We advise that you keep your flag away from fire and sparks, or else it could catch on fire and ruin the design.

How do I take care of my personalized flag?

Our custom made flags can be washed, but it’s very important to follow some specific guidelines. They shouldn’t be washed with bleach, only soft detergent on a delicate cycle. We recommend not washing your flag with other fabrics for best results. Don’t dry your flag, it should be air dried outdoors. If your flag is wrinkled after being washed, the wrinkles will be removed after the flag dries. Don’t iron your flag to get rid of the wrinkles, it will ruin the material.

How much does a custom flag cost?

The standard 3x5 size costs $86.26 for a single-reverse option and $133.87 for a custom double sided flag. These affordable prices for our set sizes range from $30.32 for our smallest 18in x 12in single-sided flag to $526.84 for a double-sided option of our largest 10ft x 6ft size. We also have custom sizes that range from $28.10 for a single-reverse 1in x 1in flag to $1,360.93 for a double-sided 8.2ft x 20ft size. All of our custom made flags receive free shipping!

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