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Looking for canopy replacement parts for your pop up tent? Outdoor shows and events can expose your canopy to harsh weather conditions that can cause damage to the frame and connecting parts. Vispronet offers high-quality hardware and canopy frame replacement parts that are built to last through all of your events. Vispronet canopy replacement parts are compatible with Vispronet canopy tents only. If you need more information about which replacement part you may need for your canopy tent, please contact our customer service team at  877-822-0201. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you.

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Canopy Replacement Parts Built to Last

While our pop up canopies are designed to last for a long time, it is possible that your favorite custom canopy tent could sustain some damage or incur some wear and tear. Canopy tents are an affordable and effective way to showcase your brand or business at shows and events. Keeping your canopy tent upright and professional looking is an important aspect to any marketing campaign. Fixing your display tent with high-quality pop up canopy replacement parts can prove critical to the longevity of your tent and to your overall brand success.

All replacement canopy parts and accessories are crafted to the same specifications as the original frame parts for an easy, sturdy, and reliable installation. Each part fits tightly and securely onto your canopy frame for a safe and stable canopy display. We offer canopy tent replacement parts for all tent styles and sizes.

Not sure which canopy frame parts you need? Contact our customer service team over chat or call (877)-822-0201, and our team will be happy to help you find the exact canopy replacement parts you are looking for.

Tips to Avoid Damaging Canopy Parts

Ropes, Stakes, & Ties

The best way to avoid damaging your canopy is to be proactive. If you are displaying in an area with constant winds or quick changing weather, take steps to fortify your tent to avoid damage. To keep your tent in place, we recommend tying your canopy with down with ropes and ground stakes. Another way to keep your tent grounded is canopy weights and sand bags on the legs of the tent. These steps are quick and easy to complete and can save your tent from possible damage.

Fix Broken Pieces Immediately

It is important to fix any broken pop up tent parts immediately to avoid any further damage to your canopy. Displaying the canopy with a broken piece may result in damage to other parts or permanent damage to the frame. We offer canopy replacement parts for each size and style so you can easily find the exact part you need for repair. If the frame is heavily damaged, we also offer replacement canopy frames for each tent size.

Avoid Harsh Weather

It is important to take precautions when you are displaying at an outdoor show or event. When you see strong storms approaching or feel strong winds increasing, we recommend breaking down your tent and packing up. Pop up tents are susceptible to blowing over in strong winds and this can cause serious damage to canopy parts and connectors. Canopy tents blowing over in winds can be dangerous to show-goers and fellow vendors. That said, if you canopy tent does sustain some damage in harsh weather, Vispronet offers pop up canopy replacement parts that can fix your tent back to its original form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will these canopy frame parts last?

Our canopy replacement parts are crafted to be durable and reliable for years to come. If you treat your canopy tent with proper care and proper storage practices are used, these parts should last the lifetime of the canopy which can be up to a decade of use.

Can I mix and match tent parts from different tent styles and sizes? Ex. A Basic Part on Deluxe Tent?

No, this will not work. Each tent frame style is crafted with different sizes and parts for each tent. For example, if you need 10x20 canopy replacement parts for our Basic Style, you cannot fit Deluxe 10x20 parts onto that frame. The deluxe and compact frames are crafted from aluminum while the basic and economy frames are made from powder coated steel.

Will these replacement canopy parts work on other brand of pop up tents?

No, these pop up tent replacement parts will only work on this specific brand of tent frame. 

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