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  • Cheer on your sports team with custom spirit flags
  • Perfect for football games, cheerleading events, and more
  • Personalize with your school’s name, logo, and colors
  • Printed via dye sublimation for vibrant, fade-resistant colors
  • Crafted from durable and tear-resistant outdoor flag polyester
  • Choose between single-reverse or double-sided layouts
  • Long-lasting and easy to clean – machine wash when dirty
  • Add on a handheld aluminum pole set to display the flag
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Spirit Flags Details

Motivate the crowd at your next sporting event with spirit flags from Vispronet! These high-quality field runner flags are crafted from premium outdoor flag polyester and are printed using dye sublimation for brilliant, full-color graphics that are scratch and fade-resistant. We offer multiple sizes to choose from as well as an optional adjustable pole set for quick setup and easy display. Each pole set comes with a premium carry bag for hassle-free travel and storage.

Parts List:

  • Custom printed spirit flag
  • Optional pole set


  • 5ft x 3ft
  • 6ft x 4ft
  • 8ft x 5ft
  • 10ft x 6ft


  • Outdoor Flag Polyester: Tear-resistant lightweight knitted fabric with excellent thru-print (3.25oz/yd²)

Additional Notes:

  • Flag can be single-reverse or double-sided
  • Carrying case included with the pole set
  • Light assembly required

What Are Spirit Flags?

Spirit flags are oversized custom printed flags that are flown during sporting events like football games, cheerleading competitions, and pep rallies. These flags feature a pre-sewn vertical pole pocket that is used to attach the flag to a handheld pole. Spirit flags, also known as cheer flags, are typically ran across the playing field during player introductions, halftime shows, and timeouts. They are used for an array of different sports and are most prominently featured during high school, college, and professional games. These flags offer cheer teams an excellent way to pump up the home crowd and inspire competing athletes.

Long-Lasting Flag Material

We craft out spirit flags from our premium outdoor flag polyester. This durable material is tear-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, and boasts excellent color reproduction. It is crafted for indoor and outdoor use and is safe for all-season display. Our flag polyester is lightweight and sheds water quickly, making it suitable to showcase during wet or rainy weather conditions. We print our cheer flags using dye sublimation. This cutting-edge printing technique produces vibrant, full-color graphics that are sure to grab the attention of the crowd and everyone in attendance. Dye sublimated flags are also far more resistant to color fading compared to inferior printing methods used by some of our competitors. Our spirit flags are safe for machine wash, allowing for easy cleaning and a longer product life.

Premium Flag Material

Aluminum Pole Set and Bag

If you do not have the hardware ready to display your spirit flag, we offer a size 13ft adjustable pole set that can be used with multiple flag sizes. These pole sets are easy to assemble and are crafted from durable aluminum. Aluminum poles are corrosion-resistant, offer maximum durability, and are easy to maintain. Best of all, aluminum poles are lightweight – making it easy to run with the cheer flags across the field, even during windy weather conditions. Each pole set comes with a high-quality carry bag for easy travel and secure storage.

pole set

3 Easy Ways to Design Your Flags Online

Design your spirit flags using one of the three methods listed below. Each artwork submission is checked by our team of graphic designers for any errors or issues. We will send you a final design proof via email for your approval before we begin printing.

Design Online: Create your artwork online, in real time using our online design tool. This tool allows you to upload logos and images directly from your computer and makes it easy to adjust sizing, add clip art, choose shapes, fonts, and more.

Upload Artwork: To design using this method you must download the provided artwork template, add your artwork using your own design software, and reupload the completed template to our website, before or after checking out. You can find the artwork template by clicking the “Proceed to Artwork” button listed above.

Free Design Service: Not sure how to design your school spirit flags? Our graphics team can help you build a design from scratch, for free! Just send our team your design files, artwork ideas, or some design inspiration and we will correspond with you until the design is completed.

Have questions? We'd love to help. Call us at 877-822-0201 or Live Chat with a Representative. You can also contact us via email or form submission.

The Perfect Team Spirit Flags for Game Day

custom spirit flag

Premium Graphics High-Quality Graphics
Graphics are printed using dye sublimation for a bold, full-color finish that is scratch and fade-resistant. Flag prints are interchangeable and safe for long-term outdoor display.

Handheld Pole Optional Handheld Pole
Add on our adjustable pole set to showcase your spirit flag on the field. This aluminum pole is lightweight and size adjustable for easy maneuvering during your routine.

Durable Flag Polyester

Long-Lasting Material
Our field runner flags are printed on our outdoor flag polyester. This lightweight material is double-hemmed for extra durability and outdoor-tested for year-round display.

Double-sided printing

Choose Your Printing Style
Select between single-reverse and double-sided printing options. See a full explanation of each printing style in the content below.

Easy Setup

Easy Setup & Use
Cheer flags come finished with pre-sewn pole pockets for an easy assembly process that can be completed in minutes, with no tools required.


Choose Your Printing Style


Single-reverse spirit flags are printed on one side and the ink the bleeds through to create a reverse image on the opposite side of the flag. Single-reverse flags are easy to see from the sidelines or stands and offer a budget-friendly way to showcase your school’s custom design or emblem to the crowd. This style of flag is not completely opaque but is more lightweight and fly better compared to double-sided prints when running across a playing field.


Double-sided spirit flags are best for applications where you need the print to be clearly visible from both sides of the flag. Double-sided printing creates deeper, more vibrant colors and allows for a different design to be showcased on each side of the flag. To create the double-sided effect, two pieces our flag polyester are sewn together with a liner in between to block out any light from shining through. Double-sided field runner flags showcase your custom design with richer, more colorful graphics but add significant weight to the flag, and do no fly as well compared to single-reverse flags.


single-reverse printing


double-sided spirit flags

Choose The Perfect Size for Your Team

We offer our flags with four standard sizes to choose from: 3ft x 5ft, 4ft x 6ft, 5ft x 8ft, and 6ft x 10ft.  All sizes are easy to spot from the sidelines or stands with the largest sizes being most effective for big stadiums and expanded fields. Even though spirit flags are oversized, they are still easy to run with across a playing field because of the lightweight flag polyester and aluminum pole set. The optional handheld pole set is comprised of four 39-inch pole segments and is size adjustable so you can find the perfect size that fits your flag.

Spirit Flag Size Comparison Chart


Spirit Flag Assembly Step #1

Step #1: Get the Flag Ready

Lay the spirit flag out on a flat surface. Be sure to avoid any surfaces with sharp corners or poking objects that could damage the polyester material.


Spirit Flag Assembly Step #2

Step #2: Assemble Pole Set

Assemble the handheld pole by connecting the pole sections together using the push buttons located on the male and female ends. Make sure the poles are connected securely before moving to the next step.

Spirit Flag Assembly Step #3

Step #3: Connect the Flag to Pole

Gently insert the assembled aluminum pole into the cheer flag’s pole pocket. Make sure the pole is completely inserted before moving to the next step.

Spirit Flag Assembly Step #4

Step #4: Secure the Flag Loop to the Pole Hook

Secure the flag to the pole by connecting the flag’s loop to the plastic hook located on the pole. Securing the flag to the pole ensures the flag will stay in place and not fly off during windy weather.

Spirit Flag Assembly Step #5

Step #5: Display Upright

Hold the flagpole upright and you are ready for on-field display! Because the flag is secured to the pole with a securing loop, the flag will stay in place until you are ready to remove it.

Cheer Flags for Every Sports Team

Showcasing spirit flags during sports games and events is the perfect way to energize the crowd and exhibit school spirit. These flags offer an excellent way to boost morale of the players and fans while intimidating the opposing team. Cheer flags can be used for an array of sports-related functions ranging from pep rallies to on-field use during games.

Cheerleading Flags for Competition

Cheerleading teams commonly use these flags for games and competitions. Whether they are cheering on the sidelines of the school team or exhibiting them during a cheer competitions, spirit flags for cheerleading provide an excellent way to attract the attention of the crowd members and entice a positive response.

Spirit Flags for Football

One of the most popular applications for these flags is football games. Cheer flags are used on game day during player introductions, throughout the halftime show, during timeouts, and also exhibited by the band. They are used by cheerleaders on the sidelines during the game to hype up the crowd and are an integral part of the high school and college football fan experience.

Cheer Flags for Indoor Sports & Events

These flags aren’t just for outdoor sports like football! Spirit flags can be used for multiple indoor sports like basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, boxing, and more. They are also commonly showcased during indoor pep rallies to excite and rally the crowd into a frenzy before a big game.

Easy Care & Maintenance for Long-Lasting Flags

Cleaning your custom spirit flags is a quick and easy process and a great way to extend the life of your flag. If there are localized blemishes from grass or soil, they can be wiped away with a warm soapy cloth. To clean your flags using a washing machine, follow the guidelines listed below.

  • Machine wash the flags using the gentle cycle and cold water
  • Use a mild, color-safe detergent and a color catcher (Do not use bleach)
  • Hang the flag up to air dry for best results (Do not use a high heat dryer)
  • Use a clothing steamer to pull out any wrinkles (Do not use a clothing iron)

Taking these precautions will keep your flags in excellent condition so you can use them for multiple seasons. Contact customer service for any further questions about cleaning and caring for your flags.

cleaning your flags

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time is 3 business days, plus shipping. If you need your spirit flags faster than our standard turnaround time, we offer rush production for an extra fee. We also offer expedited shipping options if you need your flags as soon as possible. To preview which shipping options are available for your location, click the “Estimate Delivery” button at the top of the page.

Is the handheld pole included with my spirit flag order?

No, the handheld pole does not come included with your flag order. If you would like to add an aluminum handheld pole to your order, make sure to select “Pole Kit w/ Bag” when configuring your order.

What is the difference between “spirit flags”, “cheer flags”, and “field runner flags”?

This is a popular question. Each of these terms describes the same product and can be used interchangeably. Each term refers to large team flags finished with a pole pocket that can be ran across a playing surface during sporting events like cheerleading, football, and basketball games.

Can you help me create a design for my spirit flag?

Yes, we can help you fix your current design or can build you a design from scratch, for free! Send our team of graphic artists your current artwork or some design inspiration and we will work with you until the design is completed and applied to your flag.

How do I contact customer service if I have any questions?

If you have any questions about the design process, ordering process, or just about our general product offerings, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team. Contact us by phone by calling (877)-822-0201. You can also reach out to our customer service team via chat which is located on the lower right hand corner of our website. Our customers service team is available Monday - Thursday: 8am - 6pm ET, and Friday: 8am - 5pm ET.

What are the smallest and largest sizes I can purchase?

The smallest size we offer for our spirit flags is 3ft x 5ft and the largest size we offer is 6ft x 10ft with multiple sizes available in between.

How many people are required to hold the spirit flags?

The height, weight, and strength of the person holding the flag are important factors when deciding how many people may be needed to run with the flag on the field. Single-reverse cheer flags are nearly weightless and fly easier compared to double-sided flags. Another factor is the weather conditions experienced when on display. If it is very windy out, the flag may be harder to control compared to exhibiting the flag on a calm day.

Where are spirit flags most often displayed?

Spirit flags are more popular than ever and can be used for an array of sports related activities and sports games. They are most often used by cheerleading teams at football games, basketball games, and cheer competitions. Cheer flags are popular in sports leagues with ages ranging from kids all the way up to professional sports teams. They are popular because they are easy to setup and display and they are highly effective at eliciting a positive response from the crowd to cheer for their team.

Printing Specs

How are the spirit flags printed?

We print our field runner flags using dye sublimation. This cutting edge printing technique produces high-resolution, full-color graphics that are scratch-resistant and fade-resistant. Dye sublimated flags are machine washable and are designed for long-term use and display.

Does it cost extra to design with multiple colors?

No, it does not cost extra to create your design with multiple colors. Because we print using dye sublimation, you can include as many colors as you would like in your design for no extra cost.

Do you offer double-sided printing? Can I print a different design on each side of the flag?

Yes, we do offer double-sided printing. Double-sided printing can be beneficial for applications where your custom design needs to be clearly visible from both sides of the flag or for teams who want to display a different design on each side of the flag.

What are the differences between single-reverse and double-sided flags?

There are a few important differences between single-reverse and double-sided spirit flags. First, single-reverse flags are more transparent than double-sided flags, so while your design will be visible from both sides, it won’t be as clearly defined as a double-sided flag. Also, single-reverse flags create a reverse image on the opposite side of the flag compared to the printed side. Double-sided flags are printed on two pieces of flag polyester and sewn together with a liner in between, eliminating any transparency and making the colors of the flag more vibrant and easier to see. Additionally, double-sided flags can feature a different design on each side of the flag.

The only downside of double-sided cheer flags is the weight of the flag. They are heavier compared to single-reverse flags and for larger flag sizes this can an important factor for some applications. They also do not fly as easy as single-reverse flags. However, they still look great and can be a fantastic addition to any sports team or cheerleading squad.

Can I print any sports logo or brand on my flag?

Vispronet will only print designs, logos, brands, or images that you have rights to. If you have any questions or concerns about our printing policies, contact customer service for more information.

Materials & Durability

What material are the flags made of?

We print our flags using dye sublimation on our outdoor flag polyester material. This lightweight fabric is UV-resistant and tear-resistant, making it suitable for year-round display in wet or dry weather conditions. Our outdoor polyester is water-resistant and dries very quickly for fast turnaround during rainy or wet weather.

Are your cheer flags flame-retardant?

No, our flags are not flame-retardant. You should not display the flags around open flame or fire as the heat may damage the flag.

Is my spirit flag weather-resistant?

We craft our field runner flags from outdoor flag polyester. This lightweight fabric is tear-resistant and dries quickly, making it perfect for outdoor display in inclement weather conditions like wind, snow, and rain. Compared to nylon material, outdoor flag polyester is better fortified for long term outdoor display in windy weather conditions, allowing for a longer product life.

Will my spirit flag fade in direct sunlight?

We print our flags using dye sublimation for vibrant, full-color graphics that are fade-resistant. These flags are safe to display in all weather conditions including direct sunlight. However, if the flag is left outside for an extended period of time in direct sunlight, there could possibly be some fading of the colors. We recommend storing your flags indoors when not in use.

How long do these team spirit flags last?

With proper maintenance and storage, our flags are designed for last for at least 4 years of use.

How do I remove wrinkles from my flag?

Sometimes flags can get wrinkled in storage, especially when on the road. To smooth out the wrinkles, we recommend using a clothing steamer. Clothing steamers offer a gentle and safe way to remove wrinkles without doing any damage to the fabric or custom graphics.

How do I clean my cheer flags?

Cleaning your flags is a simple, no-hassle process. If the flags have some blemishes from dirt of grass, you can wipe those spots with warm soapy water and a rag. For a more thorough cleaning, simply throw the flags into a washing machine using the gentle cycle with warm water. Hang dry for best results.

How should I store my spirit flag?

Proper storage is essential for extending the product life of your flag. First, make sure the flag is clean and fully dried before storing. Storing a wet flag may result in mold growth that may damage your custom design. Next, fold the flag and place it into a box or storage container to keep it protected from any sharp objects that may snag the fabric. Next, place the storage box on a shelf in a dark and dry environment like a storage closet.

Can these flags be displayed in cold weather?

Yes, these flags are perfectly safe to display in cold weather. They are made from highly durable and tear-resistant flag polyester.

How do I keep the flag from flying off the pole during use?

We craft our spirit flags to stay on the pole during display. Each flag is finished with a pole pocket that keeps the flag secured to the pole at all times while in use. We also include a loop on the flag that connects to the pole. This ensures the flag cannot fly off, even during the most extreme weather conditions.

Parts & Accessories

Are pole pockets included with my flag purchase?

Yes, pole pockets are included with each flag purchase for no additional cost. The pockets run vertically down the left side of the flag and measure 2”.

Can I have my flag finished with grommets instead of a pole pocket?

No, our spirit flags are finished with pole pockets. If you would like a flag with more customization options, check out our custom flags page.

What are the specs of the handheld pole?

The length of the handheld pole set is 13ft and diameter of the pole is 1in. The pole is sectional and each section of the pole is roughly 39in. The pole is assembled by connecting the pole sections together using the push buttons located on the male and female ends. So, depending on how long you need the pole, the length can be 39in, 78in, 117in, or 156in. The pole set includes end caps for a professional finish and also a carry bag for your pole set and flag.

Do you offer any other cheer or sporting event related products?

Yes, aside from our spirit flags we offer multiple cheerleading products. These include our cheer signs, which are fully customizable and crafted from 4mm corrugated plastic. They are available in multiple shapes and with your choice of vertical or horizontal flip orientation.

We also offer breakaway banners. These banners are fully customizable and are fitted with a hook and loop fastener down the middle so players can run through the banner before games and events. They are designed for years of repeated use and are perfect for sports like football, basketball, and cheerleading.

How do I assemble my spirit flag?

Assembly is a quick and easy process that can be completed by one person with no tools required. The first step in assembly is laying out the flag on a flat surface. Be sure to avoid any surfaces that may have sharp objects that can damage the flag material. Next, use a clothing steamer to smooth out any creases or wrinkles. After smoothing out any wrinkles, assemble the handheld pole by connecting the pole sections together using the push buttons located on the male and female ends. Once the pole is assembled, insert the pole into pole pocket located on the left side of the flag. Be sure to insert the pole gently to avoid any snags that could cause damage to the fabric. Next, secure the flag to the pole by connecting the flag’s loop to the plastic hook located on the pole. Assembly is now complete. You are now ready to display the flag.

Will the pole bend while on display?

No, our handheld poles are crafted from lightweight but durable aluminum. Aluminum is designed to withstand the pressures of running with a flag and will not bend or break during normal use. We recommend disassembling the pole set and storing it the provided carry when not on display. Disassembling the poles and storing them in a bag helps to avoid any damage to the poles while in storage.

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Spirit Flags Assembly Instructions

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