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X Banner Stands

Create custom X Banners for your organization’s next show or event at an incredible price. X Banner Stands are one of the lightest, most convenient displays to transport, and are great for small spaces. These affordable, high quality displays are available in multiple styles, sizes, and with an array of hardware options. All our stands come with a handy travel tote for extra convenience while traveling.

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Why Order Custom X Banner Stands From Vispronet?

X Banners are available at wholesale prices, making them one of the least expensive and cost-effective marketing tools to advertise for your business. Due to their light weight, easy maneuverability, and simple setup, these reusable banner stands are a popular marketing choice for businesses ranging from small to large.

Our premium X Banners are perfect for a range of applications including: Trade shows, work events, car dealerships, churches, schools, colleges, sporting events, job fairs, among many others. No matter which application you need an X Frame Banner Stand for, Vispronet carries every style, size, and accessory you may need.

All our banners are printed on high-quality and durable vinyl or polyester material using state-of-the-art printing methods. Our vinyl materials are printed digitally using UV-inks and our fabric materials are printed using dye sublimation printing. Both printing styles produce high-definition, full color, eye-catching, UV-resistant results. All our X Banner Stands are available in print or hardware only options and are suitable for indoor use and even light outdoor use in very calm weather conditions.

Select Your X Banner Stand Style

Deluxe:The Deluxe edition of this banner is the largest version we offer, measuring at 2.8’ x 6.9’ x 1.7’. The banner size is also the largest measuring at 2.6’ x 6.6’, making it the perfect display for larger areas and maximum visibility. Although this model is slightly heavier compared to our other options, the weight is still only 2.1lbs, making your travel experience easy.

Standard:Our Standard edition of the x banner stand is slightly smaller and more lightweight compared to the deluxe. This model’s display dimensions are 2.1’ x 5.4’ x 1.8’ with the banner size measuring at 2.0’ x 4.9’. The weight for this version is only .7lbs, making it super lightweight and ultra-convenient for travel. Due to the slightly smaller size, the Standard edition can be used as a standalone banner, but also can be paired with and complement a larger background display, such as a pop up display.

Mini:Our Mini version is designed to free stand on a table or a horizontal display. The display size measures in at 10.6” x 17.7” x 6.2” with the print size being 9.8” x 15.7”. The weight is only .2lbs. The hardware is constructed from lightweight fiberglass poles, and is collapsible, making it especially easy to travel with. This version only offers Vinyl as a material vs. the larger versions which offer both vinyl and fabric.

Bamboo:The Bamboo version offers striking good looks with a stylist design. This environmentally friendly banner display consists of a bamboo base, as well as bamboo poles. The display size is 2.1’ x 5.5’ x 1.7’. The Banner size is 2.0’ x 5.3’ and weighs in at 3.0lbs, making it lightweight for easy travel.

Choose Your X Banner Stand Material

We offer 2 material options for most of our X Banners Stands. Each banner is printed on high quality-material with premium color reproduction for a professional, eye catching x frame banner stand.

Standard or Opaque Vinyl

We offer our 13oz vinyl in two different options: standard or opaque vinyl. The standard vinyl has a matte finish, is anti-curl, has a UV-protectant finish, and is the most economical option. Our opaque vinyl is also anti-curl, is UV-protected, but employs a satin, super smooth finish that is 100% opaque. It is also slightly more expensive than the Standard option. All vinyl prints are digitally printed using UV-resistant inks.

Deluxe or Opaque Polyester

Our polyester x banner material is available in Deluxe and Opaque. Our deluxe polyester is our standard knitted polyester we use on displays that possesses moderate opacity as well as a minimum of 360dpi graphics. Our opaque polyester is our more heavyweight knitted fabric that has 100% opacity, as well as wrinkle-resistance and flame-retardance. Both fabric options are more expensive than the vinyl material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are X Banner Stands displayed most often?

They are most often displayed at trade shows, events, as well as lobbies and display floors. They are commonly used on display floors such as car dealerships, workplace lobbies, government buildings, museums, sports arenas, as well churches and places of worship.

Is it easy to change and swap new prints?

Yes! This is one of our easiest banner stands to swap out old prints for new prints. Just attach new banner by attaching the included grommets to the hooks on the hardware arms and legs.

Is this X Frame Banner Stand easy to travel with?

Yes! All the X Banner stand versions are very easy to travel with. They are all under 3lbs and collapse for extra convenience. A carry bag is included for all versions except the Mini. This stand also requires no tools or additional hardware to setup.

Does the stand collapse?

Yes, the x banner display stand does collapse for each version.

What makes these different compared to normal banner stands?

The X Banner is different compared to other banner stands because of their unique design. They are also special because of their ease of use. They are super lightweight and designed for easy travel. They also take very little time to set up and break down.

What is the difference between the Deluxe and Standard versions?

The difference between the Standard and Deluxe is the hardware, as well as the display and print size. The Deluxe has slightly more premium hardware and the x banner display stand is over a foot taller and inches wider.

Do you offer custom size banners for x banner stands?

No. However, this product is great to use if you have a banner and no stand and are looking to display it. The stands adjust slightly to fit a vertical banner that has grommets installed.

What materials are offered?

We offer 2 materials types. These include 13oz vinyl and polyester knitted fabric. We offer two different styles of a 13oz vinyl: Standard and Opaque. We offer two different styles of our fabric: Deluxe and Opaque FR. For more information on the materials, please see the above copy under “Materials”.

Will the design fade?

Your x frame banner should not fade if properly cared for. All our materials are printed using dye sublimation which is the most fade-resistant method of print. Also, our vinyl is UV-protected to further help against and fading.

Does the tote bag come free with each x banner stand?

No. The handy tote bag does not come included with the Mini version. The tote bag is included for the Standard, Deluxe, and the Bamboo versions.

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