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Trade Show Displays

Looking for a way to transform your trade show exhibit booth space into a real traffic stopper? Vispronet offers a number of portable trade show displays that are designed to turn heads and attract attention at your next show. All fabric displays are printed on the highest quality polyester material using dye-sublimation for a full-color, eye-catching finish.

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Types of Portable Trade Show Displays

Our custom printed exhibit displays are a great way to showcase your brand to a passing audience. Each display style is lightweight and designed for a quick and easy assembly, making them perfect for travel. We offer our trade show displays in an array of sizes and styles so you can find the perfect match for your brand.

Portable Booth Displays

Straight: Not only are these booths great as the centerpiece of your trade show exhibit in their larger form, but we also offer smaller sizes, like 2.5ft x 2.5ft or 5.0ft x 2.5ft, that work great as table-top displays.

Curved: This style is a great way separate yourself from the competition. If most companies are displaying the traditional straight style, your brand will instantly stand apart with a curved booth. The curved shape can also help create a more “enclosed” trade show exhibit space if paired with walls or straight booths acting as walls.

Backlit: A great way to draw attention to your company, brand, or even to individual products. Each booth is backlit by internal LED lights and features a diffuser panel along the back to prevent hot spots.

Magnet Panel: Each section of the print for these booths is attached by magnets, which means you can print a different design, logo, or piece of artwork on each section, then assemble them together to display multiple products or services on one display.

3D Fabric Panel: A great way to deploy a portable trade show display without all the hassle of something huge. Available in two different sizes: 7.4ft x 7.4ft and 9.8ft x 7.4ft. Attach multiple fabric panels to your display in a multitude of different ways -- add diamonds, squares, rectangles and more.

Silicone Edge Graphic Trade Show Booths (SEG)

SEG display booths are one of the most cutting-edge solutions we offer. These portable trade show displays are available in two different aluminum frames: one measures 9.8ft x 7.4ft and one measures 7.4ft x 7.4ft. Looking for more than just the single-sided display frame? Our SEGs also come in backlit or 4-sided options, as well.

Each SEG display features your custom artwork printed on a wrinkle-free polyester material that has been finished with silicone edging for hassle-free attachment to the frame.

Banner Stands & Backdrops

Banner stands and backdrops are a staple at trade shows and events because they are easy to travel with and are simple to set up and tear down. They are awesome at showcasing your brand or custom marketing message in brilliant, full-color graphics and are excellent at spreading brand awareness to a passing crowd. Most banner stand and backdrop styles are available with single and double-sided printing allowing you some flexibility with your display space.

Looking to display a large-sized backdrop with your display? We carry several styles including step and repeat banners, backdrop walls, and adjustable frames that make it easy to switch sizes on the go. Retractable banner sizes range from our small 18in x 36in tabletop banner up to our 79in x 123in retractable backdrop. Backdrop sizes range from our 4ft x 4ft step and repeat banner up our 10ft x 10ft adjustable backdrop.

Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays

If you are looking for portable trade show displays that are easy to assemble and easy to transport, look no further than our tension fabric displays. Each display is available in one of four styles: Straight Stretch Wall, Curved Stretch Wall, Vertical Curve Stretch Wall, and Wave Stretch Wall. Every frame includes snap-click poles for stress-free assembly -- no more worrying about lost parts.

Once your frame is assembled, you slide the print over the frame and zip it shut. The tension between the zippered print and the frame is both what gives the tension fabric display its name and ensures that it stays together.

Portable Counters & Tables

Alongside the pop up booths and other large-format displays, well-designed tables and counters are one of the most important accessories you can have when it comes to putting together a complete trade show display.

Using a table or counter as part of your setup lets you display your business’s brand or logo, while, at the same time, holding marketing collateral and allowing you to further engage with people who visit your booth.

With the exception of our inflatable tables, all of the items in our portable counters line feature some form of internal storage so that you can have marketing collateral on hand when you need it most.

Portable Trade Show Display Furniture

Adding furniture to your exhibit booths is a great way to ensure that you stand out in a crowd of competitors. Not only are you giving interested customers a place to sit down and rest, but you are also advertising your brand or product to them while they do.

Our trade show furniture offerings include:

  • Custom-printed seating displays
  • Promotional chairs and cushions
  • Standard foldable tables and chairs and other large pieces of furniture

With the exception of our standard foldable tables and chairs, everything in our trade show furniture line can be custom printed to feature your logo, artwork, graphics, or full-imprint design.

Brochure Holders & Literature Racks

If you need another place to store marketing collateral, consider a set of literature racks or brochure holders. They’re an excellent way to give portable booth display more storage space, while, at the same time, highlighting your magazines, brochures, menus and other paperwork to really make them stand out.

If you are looking for ways to draw attention to specific types of marketing collateral, we’ve got you covered there too. Our Menu Snap Sign is a great way to make your customers aware of your menu and any upcoming specials -- delivered through an eye-catching, convenient piece of signage.

Tablecloths and Runners

Personalized tablecloths are a smart addition to any portable trade show display and are a popular and cost-effective way to attract the attention of a passing audience. Whether you are displaying at an indoor event or an outdoor show, Vispronet offers the customization options to provide you with a professional, eye-catching tablecloth for your event. Each tablecloth is printed using dye sublimation, a premium printing technique that produces a high-color, fade-resistant finish that is safe for machine wash.

Tablecloths and runners are offered in custom and stock color styles and are available with 3-sided and 4-sided coverage options. They are not only great at attracting attention, but they are also great for product display. Showcasing your products on personalized tablecloths spreads brand awareness and improves the shopping experience for customers.

Hanging Banners

A hanging banner above your portable booth display is a great way to direct traffic right to you. Trade show convention centers can be noisy, crowded and full of distractions. With a hanging banner, you cut away one more distraction for your customers. They can look up and immediately know where you are.

These banners work great on customers that are already coming to see you and customers that are still making up their mind on who to visit -- interested customers have a beacon they can follow right to your booth. If a hanging flag would be a better fit for your trade show display, we offer custom flags in sizes ranging up to 10ft x 6ft. Flags can be printed in landscape or portrait orientations.

Design Trade Show Displays Online

At Vispronet we offer three different design methods so customers can choose the best option based on their design experience. Each design submission is checked by our pre-press team for any errors before emailing you a final proof. Each design option can be found by clicking the “Proceed to Artwork” button on any custom product page.

  • Online Design Tool: Our online tool is the best option if you would like to create your design online in real time. It comes loaded with features and guidance prompts to help you create a professional design for your brand.
  • Upload Artwork Template: This method is for customers with design software. It involves downloading a design template from a custom product page, adding your artwork within the design template, and reupload to your account
  • Free Design Service: We offer free design services for customers who would like a professional to design their trade show displays. It is completely free – just send us ideas and any artwork inspirations you may have, and our team of designers can theme your products for free – no strings attached.

The Vispronet Advantage

Here at Vispronet, we are dedicated to helping you build and deploy portable trade show displays that are designed to improve your business. That is why we offer a number of different benefits that the competition does not:

Lowest Possible Prices

We are proud to say that our products are priced the lowest out of all of our competition. When you look at pricing on our site, that pricing includes both the hardware and your custom-printed artwork. We believe that you should not have to break the bank to build successful event displays, and our prices show it.

Trade Show Booth Design Services

Is your current exhibit booth display not getting you the quality or quantity of traffic that you are looking for?

Our team of graphic designers can create you a fresh design and theme your product for you for no cost to you. All you have to do is send us ideas or any artwork inspiration you may have, and we can create you a design from the ground up.

Fast Shipping & Production

Part of our dedication to ensuring that you have successful trade show displays is making sure that they get to you on time. All of our event displays can be produced and shipped out at different priority levels for a reasonable upcharge. All hardware-only orders always ship the same day if ordered by 1 PM EST.

Trade Show Displays - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical turnaround time?

Turnaround time for our portable trade show displays is typically 4 – 6 business days depending on how busy our warehouse is. Expedited product and shipping options are available for a small fee if you need your display as soon as possible.

Trade show booth hardware ships same day if you place your order before 1PM EST.

Can I purchase just the trade show booth hardware without the banners and vice versa?

Yes, we do offer just the product hardware or just the product banner. When configuring your product, make sure to select whether you want just the hardware, banner, or both.

How do you print your trade show displays?

Depending on which material you select, we print using two different methods. We print all fabrics using dye sublimation. This cutting-edge printing technique produces brilliant, high-definition graphics that are fade-resistant and are safe for machine washing. All vinyl and pvc materials are digitally printed with UV-resistant inks. This printing process produces full-color graphics that are scratch and fade-resistant and are safe to display in direct sunlight for an extended period of time.

Will I get a proof of my custom design before it’s printed?

Yes, all proofs are emailed to customers before we approve the item for print. If there are any issues with your design or file, the email will state what needs corrected before the item is ready for print. Common issues for trade show displays include spelling errors, template errors, and low resolution graphics.

What material options are offered?

Depending on which display style you select, we may offer multiple material options.

  • 300D Polyester: This heavy-duty polyester has a canvas-like finish and is an option for some of our pop up display styles. It is water, tear, and scratch-resistant, and has excellent lightfastness, making it ideal for an advertising display.
  • Stretch Polyester: This fabric is super-stretchy and is a material option for our 3D booth displays. It is the most flexible material we offer, and it is stain and wrinkle-resistant for worry free display.
  • Display Polyester: Display polyester is our most popular fabric option and is offered for a number of our portable trade show displays including booths, banners, counters, and more. Features include wrinkle-resistance, flame-retardance, and an eye-catching glossy finish.
  • Premium Opaque Polyester: This fabric is a step up from our display polyester and is offered as an option for multiple products. This heavy-weight knitted polyester is 100% opaque and comes with a black backing.
  • Vinyl: We offer multiple vinyl sizes including 12oz, 13oz, 18oz, 23oz. The 12oz vinyl has a perforated finish and the 13oz is offered with a matte or satin finish. All vinyl size options are weather-resistant, UV-protected, and anti-curl for long term display.

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