Table Top Displays, Banners, & Mini Flags

Capitalize on the space that your trade show booth space offers with our portable presentation accessories. Our line of trade show table top displays serve as the ultimate tool for customer engagement at your next event. You don’t need a giant, expensive booth to be a successful exhibitor.

The eye-catching Pop Up Portable Booth display with sides functions as a table backdrop at tradeshows and events Free Shipping Icon
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Pop Up Portable Booth 2.5ft x 5.0ft with sides Free Shipping Icon
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The eye-catching Pop Up Portable Booth display with sides for tables and counters Free Shipping Icon
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5.0' x 5.0' version of our Pop Up Portable Booth with sides, ideal for tables Free Shipping Icon
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Pop Up Portable Booth 7.4ft x 2.5ft with sides Free Shipping Icon
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Pop Up Portable Booth 7.4ft x 5.0ft with sides Free Shipping Icon
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Benefits for Trade Shows

  • Custom printing – features your custom artwork or logo.
  • Single-sided and double-sided printing.
  • A wide variety of banner stands, trade show display boards, and flags, so that you can use exactly the product you need.
  • Mobility: Light, collapsible aluminum frames allow your display to be easily set-up, taken down, and transported.

High Quality Tabletop Displays Create Lasting Impressions

Let’s face it.

Unless you find a way to get your audience’s attention, most of the people at this show couldn’t care less about who your company is or what they do.

How do you get their attention?

Utilize the keystone of every exhibitor booth – the table.

As previously mentioned, tabletop exhibit displays are responsible for getting you the most customer interaction when it comes to advertising your product or brand.

Instruct your sales team on how to use your custom printed table top display to effectively communicate with your booth visitors.

A professional and well-lit display showcasing your logo, products, and services is guaranteed to draw foot traffic to your exhibit and successfully prove the benefits your company has to offer.

Designed to fit on tabletops and promo counters, these exhibit displays not only make your booth appear professional; but will also influence how others perceive your company.


Want to know more about how to set up a successful trade show presence?

Check out this article on how to build a successful trade show experience.


What kind of table top exhibit displays do we offer?

Pop Up Table Top Displays

These single-panel stretch-fabric graphic displays feature your custom artwork attached to a curved or straight aluminum frame, creating a seamless appearance.

Available in a multitude of sizes, these tension fabric displays are compatible with standard 8-foot trade show tables.

The mobility of our table top pop up exhibits makes them an indispensable ingredient to your trade show arsenal.

They’re big enough to showcase eye-catching graphics, yet small enough to be transported to and from the show in the average carrying bag.

We have intentionally made travel, set-up, and teardown a breeze.

Our tabletop trade show displays are compact, yet pristine with collapsible aluminum frames.

Accessorize your pop up with LED or halogen lights, or upgrade to a backlit portable table top display to take your brand to the next level.


Table Banners

Retractable: Our table top retractable banner stands are small, simple advertising solutions that really pack a punch.

They’re highly mobile and compact - allowing the print to retract and store away into the aluminum base of the banner stand.

Table banners are available in two sizes: small – 8in x 12in, and large – 12in x 16.5in, and are printed on our 13 oz. opaque vinyl material.

Set-up and teardown has never been easier.

Backdrop Banner Stands: These table backdrops are available in various sizes and feature a frame of aluminum poles paired with a set of table clamps for stability.

Single and double-sided printing is available on our stretch or opaque, flame-retardant polyester.

Header table banners are also available if you’re looking for signage to display above a counter or tabletop.


Trade Show Tables & Counters

Your display probably synergizes the most with the surface it’s being presented on – a table.

Our table and counters collection holds everything from standard folding trade show tables to custom printed counters and podium stands of all different sizes.

Not only can you use these products as stands for your table top displays, but you can optimize your booth for visitor engagement by using portable counters and podiums for sign-ups, product displays and more.


Trade Show Table Covers

Pair your table top display with a trade show table cover, a staple for every trade show exhibitor.

Do not skip out on a high quality custom printed table throw for your exhibition booth.

We offer a variety of table covers in different styles – from your standard trade show table cover, to fitted and stretch styles, or even convertible tablecloths that are size adjustable.

Full print, logo print, and stock color options are available.

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