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Pop Up Displays

Our portable pop-up stands make trade show setup and teardown a breeze. Choose from our huge inventory of over 16 different sizes, 2 different shapes, and several styles of pop-up displays for your next event. All our banner pop ups feature aluminum frames that are compact and lightweight for easy transportation. We promise you’ll love your business’ graphics dye-sublimated on our premium, wrinkle-resistant polyester material. Additionally, all our pop-up displays feature easy assembly and banner attachment in a matter of seconds. Replacement prints and frames are available for purchase.

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What Are Pop Up Trade Show Displays?

Pop up displays, also referred to as pop up booths, are single or double-sided display systems that allow you to display high-quality, eye-catching graphics, often in a larger format than other, smaller tabletop displays.

These display booths are characterized by their ability to “pop up” -- they can be assembled to full height without the need for tools or, in some cases, even a second person. This makes pop up trade show booths an incredibly cost-effective choice for people who want to exhibit at show and events, but don’t have the resources to bring the whole team or spend for the huge fees required for larger, customized booths.

3 Ways to Design Pop Up Displays Online

Vispronet offers multiple ways for our customers to design their banner pop ups. Each submitted design is checked by our pre-press team for any errors and we will send you an email with a final proof before printing your pop up trade show displays. To find these design methods, navigate to the “Proceed to Artwork” button on any custom product page.

Design Online: Design your pop up wall online, in real time, using our online design tool. The tool can upload artwork from your computer and is loaded with design features.

Upload Artwork: This method involves downloading the artwork template for the pop up booth display, adding your artwork using design software, and reuploading to your account.

Free Design Service: If you would like us to design and theme your trade show pop up display stands for you – no problem! Send us some artwork or ideas to start with, and we will correspond with you until the design is exactly what you want.

Why Use Pop Up Booths At Your Events?

There are several benefits to using a portable booth pop up as the centerpiece to your trade show display.

  • Easy Assembly. The hallmark of portable booths is their quick, easy assembly process. Getting it set up is a matter of opening and expanding the frame, locking it into place and setting up the graphic print overtop, if it’s not installed already.
  • Easy Interchangeability. Since all the graphics on our fabric pop up displays are mounted to the frame using fabric-receptive hook-and-loop fasteners, they can easily be changed out for a new print if the situation calls for it.
  • Easy Savings. All of the prints for our booths are designed to attach to the same hardware, so when you want to get new prints made to update your pop up booth display, all you’re paying for is the price of new prints -- not a whole new booth.

How to Assemble Your Display

Our pop-up displays have an expanding/collapsing frame system. To set up the display:

  1. Remove the pop up booth from its carrying case and set it print-side up on the ground.
  2. Pull from two of the opposite corners until the frame expands to its full height.
  3. Connect all the exposed plastic connectors inside the frame.
  4. Stand the frame up vertically.
  5. Bring the excess print fabric around each side of the frame to cover the exposed frame edges.

Pop Up Display Styles

We offer several different kinds of trade show pop up displays:

  1. Straight Booths: Our Straight Booths are available in several sizes, ranging from 2.5ft x 5ft, all the way up to 19.6ft x 7.4ft.
  2. Curved Booths: A gently curved version of our standard straight displays is perfect for use on tables or as backdrops. Available from 5ft x 5ft, all the way up to 12.2ft x 7.4ft.
  3. Backlit Straight & Backlit Curved: These combine the standard versions of each display with innovative inside illumination. All of our backlit pop up booths feature LED lights to draw additional attention to your booth setup and are available in a variety of sizes, depending on whether you choose straight or curved booth displays.
  4. Magnetic Pop Up Portable Booths: These display booths use magnets to attach the print to the frame. Due to the method of attachment, each print comes in multiple sections, meaning it’s possible to do multiple small prints instead of just one large one.
  5. 3D Trade Show Booth Displays: These unique exhibit booths feature multiple areas for custom prints, including the ability to arrange your prints in a diamond for a truly eye-catching visual.
  6. SEG Pop Ups: These pop up displays come with SEG graphics, which have silicone edges that slot onto the frame for simple setups. Custom prints cover the front and sides or the entire frame. These pop ups come in both standard and backlit options.

Materials & Construction

The frames for all of our pop up trade show displays are made from lightweight aluminum with plastic end caps to provide stability to the display when it’s fully enlarged. All the fabric display prints are made from variants of our polyester material, which is designed to be flame-retardant, while, at the same time, offering brilliant color reproduction for your fabric graphics.

Pop Up Display Sizes

All our pop up displays come in a wide variety of sizes to suit all kinds of locations. The straight portable pop up booths come in small tabletop sizes from 2.5ft x 2.5ft to larger floor sizes like 19.6ft x 7.4ft. The most popular pop up booth size is 9.8ft x 7.4ft. The other pop up displays don’t have as many sizes as the straight, but still come in tabletop and floor sizes. Our 3D displays come in either 7.4ft x 7.4ft or 9.8ft x 7.4 sizes but come in different formats for the stretch panels. Think about where you will be setting up these booths, and which size best compliments your available space.

Adding Lights

Looking for a way to shine a light on a new product or brand, but a backlit booth just doesn’t fit with your trade show display? Consider getting some of our trade show lighting -- a perfect way to illuminate your pop up booth display without having to rely on the innate illumination of a backlit display, if that’s not your style.

Choose from circular, square, wide or double-sided lights, all of which mount right to the pop up display -- or go for one of our larger flood lights, including an RGB strobe light.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will I receive my product?

Our typical turnaround time for pop up booths is 4 – 6 business days to produce + shipping. Depending on how busy we are, the turnaround time could be earlier. We do offer rush production and rush shipping if you need your booth display sooner than our standard turnaround time.

How long will the pop up displays last?

With proper care and maintenance, our pop ups are designed to last for years. Each frame is crafted from durable and corrosion-resistant aluminum and material options are polyester or PVC based. Because the custom print attaches to the frame using hook and loop fasteners, replacing the print or frame is not an issue. Many customers buy additional prints to swap out for different shows, or when a promotional campaign comes to an end – saving time and money.

What are the most popular sizes for pop up trade show displays?

Our best-selling booth sizes are 9.8ft x 7.4ft, 12.2ft x 7.4ft, and 7.4ft x 7.4ft, in that order. Because all trade show exhibit spaces are not created the same, we recommend checking the measurements of your display area before choosing a pop up size.

It is also important to consider how you will be using the display space and how show-goers will interact with your brand. How much of the space will house other items such as chairs, tables, and product showcases? Keeping foot traffic in mind is an important aspect to creating a welcoming booth that passerby will want to interact with.

How are the pop up walls printed?

We print our displays using dye sublimation. This advanced printing technique embeds the ink directly into the polyester fibers, creating a more vibrant, full-color finish compared to inferior printing techniques used by competitors. This printing style also creates a fade-resistant finish, making them safe for regular machine washing so you can use your custom printed display over and over, year after year.

What material are the pop up displays made from? Are there any material options?

We offer multiple material options depending on which display style you choose. Each material option has been thoroughly tested for initial quality and for extended product longevity.

  • Display Polyester: This material is offered for our traditional pop up booths. It is wrinkle-resistant, flame-retardant and has a very slight stretch to help you form the fabric over your booth display. The finish is glossy for a professional, eye-catching look perfect for indoor display.
  • Premium Opaque Polyester: This material is a step up from our Display Polyester and is available for booths. It is a heavy weight knitted polyester that is 100% opaque with a black backing. This material is also wrinkle-resistant and flame-retardant for a worry-free installation and display.
  • 300D Polyester: This is a heavy-duty polyester material that comes standard with our backlit displays. Is has a canvas like finish and is scratch and tear resistant. It has excellent lightfastness and is flame-retardant making it perfect for a backlit display.
  • Stretch Display Polyester: This super-stretchy knitted polyester is used for our 3D displays with stretch panels. It is the most flexible fabric we offer and is stain and wrinkle resistant. It is also flame-retardant making it safe to display alongside lights.

What is the difference between the Pop Ups and Stretch Walls?

Although each of the pop up displays can function as a backdrop wall, there are numerous differences between the styles:

  • Frame styles: The biggest difference between the displays is the frame style. Trade show pop up displays are designed with a lightweight aluminum frame that expands and collapses easily for effortless assembly. Everything comes included on the aluminum frame so there are no extra pieces. The stretch walls come with a more traditional frame like our backdrop banners. Assembly involves connecting poles, and the finished frame is held up by two feet on the bottom corners.
  • Sizes: The booth sizes range from tabletop sizes up to our largest size of 19.6ft x 7.4ft. Our Stretch Walls are offered in sizes ranging from 8ft to 20ft.
  • Lighting: Another difference between each style is the lighting. Our pop ups displays are available with back-lighting. Backlit booths come with lightbulbs already installed inside the frame and are designed to really stand out in certain applications. The stretch walls have more traditional lighting options; overhead lights that can be installed after setting up the display.

Can these display styles be used as photo backdrops?

Pop up booth displays can be used as a photo backdrops. These displays are typically used as photo backdrops at restaurants, parties, and nightclubs, and set the ideal background for pictures.

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