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When it comes to getting a big trade show booth, you can’t go wrong with a 10 x 20 display. Not only are they a great step up from the standard size 10x10, but they’re also much easier for attendees to experience. You have much more space for your branding with a 10x20 trade show booth than an 8x8, or even a 10x10. Features of our 10x20 booths include:

  • Two fully-collapsible 10x10 frames mean you can make a booth with one continuous graphic or one graphic on each booth
  • Durable, wrinkle-free polyester fabric keeps your graphics looking crisp and clear
  • Easy to transport thanks to lightweight construction
  • Easy to assemble because of interconnected trusses
  • Truss frame built from aluminum for long-term use
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10 x 20 Trade Show Booth Benefits

Our 10x20 booth display is the largest trade show booth on the market today. Having a large trade show booth is one of the best ways to draw in customer attention. Not only does a 10x20 display give you a ton of space for your custom graphics, but they also give you a ton of space for your customers to come in and experience your booth. Some of the advantages of a 10x20 booth include:

  • Great visibility. Our 10x20 trade show booth displays are 20 feet long -- a little longer than three 6ft trade show tables set end to end. This makes it much easier for people to see your booth as they wander the convention hall. Compare to a 10x10 booth, where you can often find yourself boxed in by the booths on either side of you.
  • Bigger screen. A 10x20 display gives you a bigger “screen” -- that is, more space for your graphics. Larger graphics become much more feasible than with smaller sizes, which makes it that much easier to capture your audience’s attention.
  • More space. A 10x20 trade show booth provides you much more overall space than any of our smaller displays. Each one has enough space to fit two 8ft trade show tables (or three 6ft tables) with room to spare. Setting up a unique trade show exhibit or a set of contained demonstration stations is much easier with one of our larger displays than it is with one of our smaller, more inline displays.

10x20 Displays with Backlit Options

If you’re looking for something that’s more than just a big booth, we offer our 10x20 displays in a backlit option so you can really light up the room. Our backlit 10x20 booths combine the functionality of a traditional backdrop pop up display with innovative in-display LED illumination.

Each one features embedded LED lights to really make your graphics stand out. Available in our classic straight stylem, they can be paired with a trade show table and cover for a great informational booth.

Accessories for Inside Your 10x20 Booth Display

Customizing your trade show booth is easier than ever when you become a Vispronet customer. Choose from a wide variety of add-ons and accessories to really make your booth stand out. Some of the different options we offer include:

  • LED, halogen and RGB lighting to properly illuminate your booth
  • Table covers to turn customers’ heads
  • Retractable banners to provide more information
  • Literature racks and brochure displays to hold collateral

Lighting is a great way to enhance your brand’s message, especially if you’re looking to set a mood.

Custom tablecloths give you a way to tie your convention-supplied table together with the rest of your booth.

Retractable banners give you a way to provide other information – contact numbers, email addresses, website URLs or similar.

Literature racks and brochure displays give you another place to store your company’s marketing collateral within easy reach of your sales team - no need to hide information under the table or behind your booth.

Simple Setup

Where some companies attempt to build their 10x20s as one large frame, we aim for simplicity. Our 10x20 trade show booth is built from two fully-collapsible 10x10 displays, making teardown, setup and transport as easy as possible. No more fussing with a huge 10x20 frame. Just set up each 10x10 frame and you’re good to go.

The Vispronet Advantage

When you get your booth setup through us, all options come with custom printing -- no matter how big your graphics get. Upload your artwork and rest assured that it will come out great: all of our graphics are printed on high-quality, flame-retardant polyester. In addition to our custom printing and high-quality materials, we offer a number of benefits that other companies won’t or can’t offer, including:

Large Booths, Low Prices

We’re proud to say that we offer some of the lowest prices possible on all of our large booths. Not only does the price of one of our 10x20 display systems include all the hardware you need to set up your booth, but also the price of your custom printing, too.

Professional Graphic Design Services

If your current trade show displays just aren’t attracting new customers, we can help you update your graphics to get their attention. For just $60 an hour, our professional graphic design team will help you put together a print for your graphics that will have new customers lining up in front of your trade show display to see what you have on offer.

As part of our professional checking service, all customers get 15 minutes of design time included to help ensure that their design passes our artwork checking process.

Fast Shipping On All Products

No matter which one of our trade show displays you order, you can rest assured that you’ll get the fastest shipping possible. All of our orders ship via UPS Ground, and rush shipping is available for a small fee. Orders containing just hardware ship out the same day if ordered by 1 PM EST.

Rush Production Services

If you’re looking for a way to get your order produced faster, we offer several different types of rush services for production. Upgrade from the standard production time (3 business days) to next day, or second day production times. Note that none of these production times include shipping, but a faster production time can lead to faster shipping times.

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