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Perforated Window Decals

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  • Custom perforated window decals in standard and custom sizes
  • Digitally printed with UV-resistant inks for vibrant, full-color print
  • UV-resistant, fade-resistant, water-resistant, scuff-resistant finish
  • One-Way-Vision: Transparent from interior, opaque from exterior
  • Premium perforated vinyl mesh - simple peel and stick application
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Perforated Window Decals Details

Perforated window decals are a professional and budget-friendly way to improve awareness for your brand and increase foot-traffic for your business. Make use of your visible window space to advertise your businesses’ upcoming events, product releases, price discounts, and other promotions designed to attract new customers in the door. We offer custom perforated window graphics featuring your artwork or design, digitally printed using UV inks on a premium mesh vinyl – making for spectacularly vibrant, weather-resistant graphics for your business.

Parts List:

  • Window vinyl


  • Mesh Adhesive Vinyl: 60% print area / 40% perforated area PVC adhesive

What is Perforated Window Vinyl?

Perforated window film, also known as “see through vinyl” is an adhesive window sign that features one way vision – it displays a bright, colorful, marketing message on the opaque front side, while allowing in light and transparency from the rear side.

We offer a 60% print area / 40% perforated area adhesive vinyl. This means that 60% of the decal is the colorful design, while 40% are small micro-punctured holes. Even though the holes are equal size on both sides of the decal, you are only able to see through from the rear, dark colored side of the decal. This is because our eyes naturally focus on the bright colors of the opaque front side compared to the darker light behind it. From the interior rear side, our eyes naturally focus through the dark vinyl to the brightness behind the decal, rendering it transparent. 

The Benefits of Perforated Window Decals

The use of custom window perf is widespread among many industries and is proven effective for businesses ranging from small mom-and-pops storefronts up to large department stores, airports, and arenas. Benefits of displaying a perforated window decal are numerous. Some of these include:

Low cost & effectiveness: Custom window graphics allow for maximum exposure to your brand or company with no expensive setup, maintenance, advertising, or permit expenses making your return on investment a goal easily achieved.

Custom window graphics are a form of hyperlocal marketing, meaning they are strategically placed to generate brand awareness among the local community and visitors that pass by on a regular basis. These decals are typically designed with bright colored with friendly undertones, enticing passing onlookers to enter. The personalized designs usually include branding or logos associated with the business, helping to build brand awareness, making it more likely new customers will enter and previous customers will return.

Privacy: An underappreciated value of utilizing perforated vinyl to help market your business is the privacy aspect, as well as the “one-way vision”. Passerby can view the custom signage and the exterior of the business without seeing the customers and associates behind the glass inside. This creates privacy for the passerby viewing the design and provides privacy and improves the shopping experience for the customer browsing inside. 

Another advantage of using perforated vinyl on your front facing windows is the natural shade the micro-punctured holes create. Due to the one-way vision, light still comes through the decal, but is greatly reduced, making for a shaded, canopy effect. This can be very beneficial if your windows have overexposure to bright sunlight and you have to use blinds for shade.

Ease of application: Installing your perforated window decals is a quick and easy process. The vinyl is lightweight and is simple to maneuver to your target window. You do not need any professional help installing or removing the vinyl, and it will last for years if applied properly. Application involves cleaning the window, measuring your window and graphic, applying your graphic, and trimming any edges or sides that don’t fit the glass. The whole process is simple and shouldn’t take a considerable amount time, however we do suggest using at least two people when applying.

Design Perforated Window Clings Online

Design Online: Our proprietary online design tool makes it easy to create a head-turning decal design in minutes - without any professional design software or help.  Our online tool offers a robust design experience, offering an option to upload artwork or images, a plethora of clip art and shape options, and background designs and colors to pull your creation together. Our tool also offers technical guidance to assure your design is within our template parameters, and that it is the correct DPI size for a high-quality print. Upon submitting your online design, our professional team of graphic designers check your creation for any errors free of charge. 

Upload Artwork on Template: This method is most useful for professional graphic artists and/or those with professional design software as it involves downloading the product template, adding your artwork within the guidelines, saving out, and reuploading to our website. After submitting, our professional graphics team checks the artwork for any errors before sending you a confirmation email stating your design is ready to print.

Vispronet Free Design Services: If you would like one of our professional graphic artists to create a design for you from scratch, we can do so for no extra cost to you! This option is most popular with customers that do not have the time, design knowledge, or design software to create their own designs. Our design team can create your design that will look great and leave a positive impression on all those who view it.

Perforated Window Decals - Frequently Asked Questions

Does the perforated window decal come with adhesive?

Yes, our decal comes with adhesive. A backing is added to help protect the adhesive from drying before applying. Remove the backing before applying to window.

What materials are offered?

The only material offered for this product is our Mesh Adhesive Vinyl 60% print area / 40% perforated area. The weight is 4.00oz/yd²  (130g/m²). This is a soft PVC, removable display material with a glossy finish brilliant color reproduction. The thickness is 6mil or .0006”.

Is this the only style custom decal you offer?

No, we offer multiple styles of custom decals. These include our rear window decals for automobiles, opaque car window decals, custom car magnets, window clings, die cut vinyl stickers, custom refrigerator magnets, custom wall decals, as well as our opaque custom window decals

Will sun and weather ruin my decal?

No, sun and weather will not ruin your decal. Our decals are printed using UV-resistant inks on a high-quality perforated vinyl. This print style makes for a full color, water resistant, scratch-resistant, and fade-resistant finish.

Are custom shapes offered for this style?

No, for this style we do not offer shapes. For this type of decal, customers typically fill entire windows rather than small shapes. If you are looking to create a custom shaped decal, we recommend trying our opaque window decals.

What is the maximum size my decal can be?

We offer multiple standard sizes for this style window decal ranging from 12” x 12” up to 36” x 24”. We do offer custom sizing as well, with a maximum size of 50” x 600”.

How do you print this style decal?

Our custom perforated window decals are digitally printed on our 60% / 40% vinyl mesh using UV-resistant inks for a full-color, fade-resistant, scuff-resistant, and water-resistant finish. Digitally printing using UV-resistant inks makes for a much more vibrant and long-lasting print.

Can the perforated window graphics damage my windows?

No, the decal will not damage your windows. It is safe to use on all glass windows.

Do I apply this to the interior side of my window?

No, this decal applies to the outside of your window, allowing for maximum color visibility and preventing view of the decal from being obstructed by a glare.

How long will my custom window graphics last once applied?

With proper installation and maintenance, your perforated window decal should last multiple years outdoors. If applied indoors, it can last up to 5 years. Keep in mind, after 6 months it will be harder to remove.

Can these only be used on glass?

We recommend only using these on glass because of the “one way vision” effect, but these can work on any smooth glass-like surface. If you are looking to apply this to a non-smooth surface such as cement walls or stucco, this will not adhere and will not work.

Will the perforated window decal effect lighting inside my business?

Yes, although the decal is perforated to create a “one way vision” effect, the room will be more shaded after applying the decal. This can be a pro or a con depending if you are overexposed to sunlight and how much light you need in the room.

How difficult is installation? How long does it take?

Installation is fairly simple, but we do recommend having two or more people apply the decal for best results, especially for large sizes. Setup doesn’t take long, but you must first wash the window before applying the decal, which may take some extra time especially if the window is large and dirty.

Can the window be cleaned after the decal is applied?

Yes! The window can be cleaned after the decal is applied. We don’t recommend using any harsh chemicals, soaps, and brushes as these might damage the decal. For best results, spray window gently with a water hose and wipe gently with a microfiber towel.

When I remove the custom window perf, will there by residue left behind?

No, there should not be any residue left behind. When you remove the decal, it should remove cleanly and peel back easily. If the decal has been applied for an extended period of time (over 6 months) removal might be slightly more difficult and there might be a small amount of adhesive left behind but can be removed easily with a damp/wet cloth.

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