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Custom Backdrop Banners

We promise you’ll love your company’s logo or artwork printed on one of our high quality custom backdrop banners. We offer several styles of personalized backdrops in high-quality vinyl or polyester material options. Single-sided and double-sided backdrop printing available. Get your business the attention it deserves by ultilizing one of our custom backdrops at your next trade show or event.

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Step and Repeat Banners
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Adjustable Banner Stands
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Photo Backdrop Stand
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Retractable Backdrop
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Straight Stretch Wall
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Curve pillow case backdrop banner
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Wave Stretch Wall
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Vertical Curve Stretch Wall
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Backdrop Printing - Backdrop Banner Stand Display
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Tall Table Backdrop Banner Stand
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Short Table Backdrop Banner Stand
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Header Table Backdrop Banner Stand
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Backdrop Banner Stand Floor Extension Kit
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Weight Bag (2-pack)
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Backdrop Banners for Your Event

Custom backdrops for events that showcase your brand or business is a guaranteed eye-catcher when it comes time for trade show season. Our line of backdrop display stands is a great way for your company to get its message out to anyone who's interested. These backdrop displays are large and noticeable, so you know that anyone who walks by will be able to take in your message or logo immediately. Our custom backdrop printing process is guaranteed to last by utilizing dye sublimation for polyester displays and digital printing with UV inks for custom vinyl backdrops.

Benefits of Our Custom Backdrop Banners

Our personalized backdrop banners were designed to benefit the serious trade show exhibitor. In addition to custom backdrop printing, there are several other valuable features:

  • Durable materials to choose from that stand up to the rigors of the trade show circuit
  • You can rapidly increase the size of your trade show backdrop banners - we offer sizes as large as 20ft x 7.5ft
  • Custom backdrop with stands are built for increased durability that will last many uses
  • Comes with an included carrying case for easy transportation

We also offer several different accessory options to help you put together the best custom backdrops possible:

  • Halogen and LED lights in gray or black, so that you can illuminate your custom backdrop banners in order to better draw audience attention
  • Extension and connector kits so that you can transform your personalized backdrop or display it outdoors
  • Weight bags so that your display remains upright no matter what the weather's like outside

Custom Vinyl Backdrop vs Fabric Backdrops

Business backdrop banners have become a popular display of choice at events and shows due to their portability, ease of use, and effectiveness at attracting the attention of passerby. Choosing the right material for your custom backdrops can be vital to the success of your campaign and to how much attention your brand can capture. Below we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of displaying each type of material.


Vinyl is the more affordable material option for backdrop printing and can be better for certain outdoor applications. Custom vinyl backdrops are digitally printed with UV-resistant inks so they will not lose vibrancy or fade if displayed in direct sunlight. A vinyl backdrop banner is also water-resistant, so it can be displayed outdoors for short periods of time and won’t be damaged if it gets wet.

13oz Indoor Vinyl: Most economical, matte finish, anti-curl, tear-resistant, minimum of 800dpi graphics

13oz Indoor Opaque Vinyl: 100% opaque, double-sided print available, satin finish, super smooth anti-curl, tear-resistant, minimized glare, minimum of 800dpi graphics


Fabric is the more premium material option for custom backdrop banner display. Fabric banners are printed using dye sublimation, a printing technique that infuses the ink directly into the fabric’s fibers for a spectacular, full-color finish. Backdrops made from fabric are more lightweight than vinyl and are machine washable.

Display Polyester: More economical fabric option, great for photos, wrinkle-resistant, non-glare, nearly opaque, flame-retardant, glossy finish, very slight stretch, minimum of 360dpi graphics

Premium Opaque Polyester: Heavyweight knitted polyester, highest quality print for photos, 100% opaque fabric option, wrinkle-resistant, non-glare, flame-retardant, minimum 360dpi graphics

Backdrop Printing at Vispronet

  • Choose from 4 types of premium vinyl and polyester materials
  • Full color CMYK printing for beautifully sharp colors and vivid designs
  • Different finishing options for displaying your personalized backdrop design
  • Our graphics department reviews and approves of your design for free
  • Our custom made backdrops are printed in-house with our own team
  • Quick turnaround time and shipping options – rush production available
  • Rock bottom prices for high quality backdrop displays

Backdrop Banners - Frequently Asked Questions

What types of displays do you offer with your custom backdrop printing services?

We offer several types of backdrop displays, each with their own unique features.

  • Step and Repeat Banner – a popular logo backdrop style that can be printed in a pattern and used at events. Perfect as business backdrop. This stand includes telescopic poles.
  • Adjustable Banner Stands – uses the same hardware as the step and repeat, except the banner isn’t printed in a pattern, but instead can have the image take up the whole graphic.
  • Retractable Backdrop – a large roll up banner that retracts into the base for storage. For more retractable banners, click here.
  • Stretch Walls – our straight, curved, wave, and vertical walls are tension fabric displays with stabilizing bases. See our other stretch fabric displays.
  • Backdrop Banner Stand Display – backdrop banners with longer supportive bases and a pillow-case style banner.
  • Table Backdrop Banner Stand – tall short, and header stands are different sized backdrops for placing on top of booth tables. We also print table covers for tradeshow use.

What materials are offered for custom backdrops?

The material options depend on the custom backdrop banners product selected. We mostly offer our display polyester and vinyl materials. These personalized backdrop materials are usually used for indoor display and light outdoor use.

  • Step and Repeat Banner – 13oz indoor vinyl, indoor opaque vinyl, display polyester, premium opaque polyester
  • Adjustable Banner Stands – 13oz indoor vinyl, indoor opaque vinyl, display polyester, premium opaque polyester
  • Retractable Backdrop – 13oz indoor vinyl, 13oz indoor opaque vinyl, standard polyester, premium opaque polyester
  • Stretch Walls – display polyester
  • Backdrop Banner Stand Display – display polyester, premium opaque polyester
  • Table Backdrop Banner Stand – display polyester, premium opaque polyester

Are the backdrop banner frames adjustable?

The expanding backdrop stand that’s used for both the step and repeat banner and the adjustable banner stands can be adjusted without tools. The aluminum poles on the sides and top/bottom twist to loosen and tighten.

The retractable backdrop’s pole and print can also be adjusted to different heights when it’s rolled out.

The stretch walls and backdrop banner stands are made from snap-and-click poles, so they can’t be adjusted to different sizes other than what was ordered. They do, however, come in a wide range of sizes.

Do you print double-sided backdrop banners?

The step and repeat banner and adjustable banner stands include double-sided printing for all materials except for the standard 13oz. indoor vinyl.

All other business backdrops, except for the retractable backdrop, include the option for double-sided printing. We don’t include double-sided graphics for the retractable backdrop because it’s attached to a pole in the back.

What printing process is used for these custom backdrops for events?

Our custom backdrop printing utilizes two state-of-the-art methods that are dependent on the material type you choose for your display. All our polyester banners are produced via dye sublimation. All vinyl banners are digitally printed using UV inks that are fade-resistant. These professional printing methods create incredible personalized backdrops.

Are your backdrop banner frames available without graphics?

We do offer the opportunity to purchase our backdrop banner stands with just the frames. We sell the expanding backdrop stand for the step and repeat banner and adjustable banner stands as its own hardware only product.

For the other products, if you go to their pages, in the “Order Type” dropdown in the configurator there’s a selection for “Hardware Only”. Clicking on this option will just have the frame shipped within a day.

If you want to only purchase the prints for the custom backdrop banners, you can select the “Prints Only” option in the same dropdown.

Would these backdrop display stands work as photo backdrops?

These types of banner stands are often used as photo and video backdrops. You will often see a logo backdrop set up at the entrance of large events like parties and movie premieres. These custom backdrops are made with a matte finish so that the light won’t reflect from the fabric and ruin your pictures.

Do you have videos to showcase setup?

We understand that setting up one of our backdrop banners for your event can be a little challenging, especially if you've never done it before. We offer setup videos for each of our products on both the relevant product page under the “Videos” tab and on our YouTube channel.

How do I send you my design for my custom backdrop banners?

We have three different ways for you to send us your print for your personalized backdrop:

  • Design Online Tool – In our “Design/Upload” tab, we have a “Design Online” button that will take you to our design suite. When here you can access clipart, backgrounds, different colors, and upload your own logo or artwork to our custom backdrops.
  • Artwork Templates – in the same tab we have templates for you to upload your artwork to and send back to us. We include a version for direct customers and an unbranded template for wholesalers. Please do not send in another company’s template with your backdrop banner artwork as they use different dimensions than we do.
  • Get help from a designer – Our graphics department is here to assist you and will help you with any problems you’re having. Our customer service team is also happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about your artwork for your custom made backdrops.

What do I do if I need help with my banner design?

Do you not know what to do for your design? Are you not sure how to use our templates? All you have to do for help is call customer service and explain your desired backdrop banner design. For a small fee, our graphics department will come up with a custom logo backdrop design for your approval without you having to design it yourself.

All of our artwork, whether designed by you or by us, is sent to you in a template form for your approval. Once we receive your final approval, we will start the backdrop printing process.

Can I use these backdrop display stands outdoors?

The vinyl and polyester material of these custom backdrop banners can be used lightly outdoors. Do not place these displays outdoors for days and weeks, as these are not their intended purpose. If you would like to see signs that you can use outside for an extended period, see our custom signs.

These custom backdrops can ideally be used for day-long events outdoors because a lot of our materials are flame-retardant and weather-resistant, but they are really intended to be kept indoors for tradeshow booths, lobbies, and conventions.

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