Trade Show Hanging Signs

Put your name in the sky with one of our trade show hanging signs. Features include:

  • Aluminum hardware poles keep your display taut and upright
  • Adhesive strips that slide into channeled rails, making for easy assembly
  • Choice of custom graphics on all sides
  • Included carry bag for easy transportation

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Custom Trade Show Hanging Signs

If you're looking for a way to bring visual marketing to your events as a way to capture audience attention, then a trade show booth hanging sign is the solution you've been looking for.

Here's the bottom line: your business needs to adopt innovative ideas to capture the attention of passersby and turn them into interested customers.

So how do you do that?

You have to use every available bit of space that you have and then maximize the use of that space. The best way to do this is by using trade show hanging banners or signs — after all, you have a table cover for your table space, a custom backdrop banner for the space behind that, and then your trade show furniture or a smaller booth in front.

But how do you use the space above your booth? Trade show hanging signs are one of the best ways to do this, because they can be custom printed to your specifications and hung from the ceiling or the wall.

What Are Trade Show Hanging Signs?

Hanging banners for exhibitions are simply displays that can be hung from the ceiling in order use the ceiling space above your booth that you wouldn't normally consider as prime marketing real estate. Most overhead hanging trade show signs are made from opaque materials, like knitted polyester, to ensure that your banner can be seen and read no matter what light it's in.

There's a wide variety of hanging banner styles that you can choose from:

  • Tri-banners
  • Squares
  • Triangles
  • Circles
  • Spheres

We also offer three and four-sided hanging display banners.

How to Use Trade Show Ceiling Displays

So how do you use our exhibit hanging signs as part of your trade show display?

First, figure out what you want your hanging signs to show. Do you want to advertise certain products or specials? Are you just trying to get your company's name above all the others, literally? Knowing the answer to this question will go a long way toward helping you get the custom hanging banners you need to make your trade show display shine.

Having a banner hanging above your booth is great for product or branding placement — their central location means that potential customers will see your signage from across the trade show floor whenever they look up.

Trade Show Hanging Signs Get Traffic To Your Booth

Picture the standard trade show convention center. It's lined with branded booths and filled with people. Oftentimes, there's a stage for presentations, and there's usually giveaways galore. It's a little overwhelming and hard to navigate without getting distracted.

One of the easiest ways to cut out those distractions for your customers is to use one of our trade show ceiling banners. Since they're hung from the ceiling of the convention center, these displays are great for cutting away the floor-level traffic and giving interested customers a beacon they can follow right to your booth.

Not only do these work on already-interested customers, but on open-minded customers, too: having an attractively-designed hanging banner above your booth will make you stand out above the competition.

When you go to a trade show, you're making an investment that you want a return on. Using a hanging signage display to drive traffic to your booth is a great way to ensure you get that return.


To make setup of these products as easy as possible, we recommend using two people when attempting to install your trade show hanging banners. With two people working together, it's much easier to get everything set up. One person can set up the banner itself and its frame, while the second person sets up the hanging kit and its carabiner.

Care and Cleaning

To clean the triangle, square, 4-sided and 3-sided hanging signs (which are made from PVC or poster board), remove any dirt or debris with a damp cloth. Let the sign air-dry. Do not wash the sign in a washing machine or dry clean it.

For the ceiling sphere and circle, wash the sign (not the frame) in a household washing machine on the cold water setting (105 F or 40 C) with mild washing detergent. Remove the sign from the machine immediately after the cycle is completed. Hang wet to air dry.


All of our multi-sided trade show hanging signs are made from vinyl and are printed using a style of dye sublimation printing called DUV — digital ultra violet. DUV printing uses a large-format commercial printer to ingrain the material with a series of inks to ensure that they adhere properly.

All of our trade show ceiling displays are made from a high-quality polyester material and printed via DCD (digital chemical dye), commonly referred to as dye sublimation. This printing method outputs rich, vibrant colors.


Depending on which of our trade show hanging displays you choose to purchase, you have a number of different material choices to pick from:

  • For the 3 or 4-sided Hanging Signs, you can choose between 14mm or 20mm opaque PVC, or 18mm poster board
  • The Ceiling Square and Ceiling Triangle have displays made from our flame-retardant standard polyester material
  • Ceiling Circles and Spheres are made from our standard flame-retardant polyester material

For more information about the different materials we have available and how they compare to each other, take a look at our Materials page.

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