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Custom Golf Flag
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  • Available in two different sizes
  • Flags are made from our durable mesh polyester fabric
  • Each personalized golf flag can be printed with your logo or design
  • Mini putting green flags (8in x 6in) can be used for mini golf courses
  • Traditional large (20in x 14in) flags are used on most standard golf courses
  • Flags are sewn onto the included rotating golf pin tube


  • Single-reverse or double-sided flag layout
  • Hollow plastic tube hardware for attachment to flagsticks
  • Flags are made from durable outdoor polyester fabric

Custom Golf Flag Specifications


Part Number
Flag Size
W x H
Pole Size
W x H x D
Putting Green Flags
8.0" x 6.0"
0.75" x 6.0" x 1.5"
0.05 lbs
Traditional Flags
20.0" x 14.0"
0.75" x 14.0" x 1.5"
0.09 lbs

Get Personalized Golf Hole Flags For Your Course

Custom golf flags are great promotional items. They let you showcase the services of local organizations – businesses, charities and even local golf clubs. When you’re decorating your course, you want to make a statement: what better way to do so than by using something that puts the message you want to convey front and center for the whole world to see? Here are some of the ways that that sort of targeted message could be useful – especially on a golf course:

  • Reinforcing your branding. Having personalized golf hole flags with your course’s name and logo at each tee box and station is a great way to reinforce your course’s branding – telling people exactly which course is responsible for the excellent golfing experience they just had.
  • Advertising to the crowd. Most golf tournaments and events have sizable sponsor lists. Why not give these sponsors some valuable advertising space with a custom flag?
  • Creating a relationship. Custom golf sponsor flags make great gifts to the companies that sponsor your events – something they can hang in their office and look back on. More than that, a custom golf course flag featuring the course name and logo is a great gift for the golfer in your life – especially one who plays the same course multiple times.

Custom Putting Green Flags for Mini Golf

Not only is a set of custom golf pin flag great for big courses, but they’re also great for smaller courses too. For a golfer, a putting green is one of the best places in the world – second only to the driving range.

They give golfers a place to relax and practice the game. If you know someone that has a backyard or office putting green, getting them a set of custom pin flags is a great gift – and a great way to let them customize their green so it looks the way they want it.

Vispronet’s Custom Golf Flags

Whether you’re getting ready for an event or you just want to freshen up the messaging on your course, we can help! Our custom printed flags come in two different standard sizes – perfect for on-the-course use or to give away as gifts or promotional items. Framed flags make great gifts to commemorate events like retirement or that first hole-in-one.

If you're interested in using a set of our custom golf flags for your next event, get started with one of the products, or call 877-822-0201 to speak with a sales representative.

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