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Italy Flag

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  • Support Italy or display pride in heritage with a high-quality 3x5 flag
  • Made for outdoor use on a flagpole or indoor use as a wall hanging
  • Skillfully crafted from tear-resistant, outdoor-tested polyester
  • Features reinforced header tape, metal grommets, and metal grommets
  • Printed via dye-sublimation for vibrant, wash and scratch-resistant colors
  • Italian design is visible on both sides (mirror-image on back)
  • Made in the USA
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Italy Flag Details

These Italian flags for sale are great for any home or business where you want to show pride in your country or heritage. Showcase your love for your country indoors and outdoors with these outdoor-tested flags. Our flags are made from durable polyester, which is knitted to prevent the fabric from tearing or fraying. Our print method is a modern dye sublimation process, which offers eye-popping colors that won’t scratch or peel off the material. The fabric and printing method allow the flag of Italy to be displayed in all kinds of weather without it getting ruined. We print one side of the flag and the design bleeds through to the other side, saving you on printing costs. Add on hardware to your order to assemble the flag on a pole set. Choose between a handheld pole or a wall mounted pole set. Easily install the flag on a pole with the grommet finishing on the side. Our high-quality 3x5 flags are the perfect accent to a front porch, storefront, event entrance, and more.

Parts List:

  • Pre-printed flag
  • Optional flagpole of your choice


  • Outdoor Flag Polyester: Tear-resistant lightweight knitted fabric with excellent thru-print (3.25oz/yd²)


ModelPart NumberSizeWeightIncludes
5x3 Flag Only DI8119 5ft x 3ft 0.4lbs Pre-printed flag
Flag & Hand-Held Flagpole DI0650 6ft 2.1lbs Pre-printed flag
Tangle-free aluminum flagpole
Removable black handle
Flag & Wall-Mounted Flagpole DI0653 6ft 2.9lbs Pre-printed flag
Tangle-free aluminum flagpole
Removable black handle
180° adjustable wall mount

Italian Flag History

Like many other country tricolors, Italy’s flag was inspired by France. The French, in fact, once had the green, white, and red colors on their cockades before switching from green to blue. This confusion led the Italian Jacobins to use the green color and decided to keep it rather than switching to blue like France. The tricolor cockades became increasingly popular at the end of the 1700s, with the Italian cockade becoming a symbol of the country. The first tricolor flag began showing up around this time, as well, such as when Napoleon conquered the Italian peninsula. The tricolor flag was also used by the Lombard Legion as a military flag. The first red, white, and green flag to become a national flag did so in 1797. This flag included an emblem in the middle featuring garland, a trophy of arms, and arrows to represent the four provinces that formed the Italian republic at the time. The colors were also originally arranged horizontally, but subsequently changed to vertical in 1798.

While the tricolor was kept, different revisions of the flag were made over the years, such as including the arms of Savoy (the ruling house) and a crown for the Kingdom of Italy from 1861 to 1946. The Savoy arms were removed from the flag in 1946 after the Italian Republic was founded. This resulted in the modern design of the Italy flag, which became official on June 18, 1946.

Italian Flag Meaning and Colors

Green: The first green stripe originally symbolized freedom and social equality. Green has also been attributed to other meanings, such as the Italian landscape, such as meadows and the Mediterranean maquis, or hope for a more idealistic interpretation.

White: This color came from the French flag where it represented the monarchy, which became a symbol of political renewal during the revolution. Other interpretations see white as a reference to the snowy Alps or faith.

Red: This was another color taken from the flag of France and was a color associated with Paris, as well as political change. The red stripe of the Italy flag has also been contributed to representing the blood from the Wars of Italian Independence and Unification or charity and love.



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Italy Flag Assembly Instructions

20ft flagpole setup video

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