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Germany Flag

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  • Durably made Germany flag will last years of wear and tear
  • Strong polyester material used in constructing the flag
  • Can be delivered with your choice of one of our flagpoles
  • Select a 5ft x 3ft or an 8ft x 5ft flag
  • Completed with grommets and header tape on the side for assembly
  • United States of America made international flag
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Germany Flag Details

Let all your friends and neighbors see your love for your country by displaying these German flags for sale in front of your home, business, or event. Our flags were designed to be used for an extended period due to their durability. The flags are made from outdoor-tested polyester, which is tear-resistant and knitted to prevent the material from getting ruined from the elements. We also use a modern printing process that keeps the graphics from scratching and peeling off the material. It’s a dye sublimation method, which ingrains the ink into the fabric. We print the design on one side of the material, and it bleeds through to the other side, saving on printing costs. If you need hardware to display Germany’s flag, add on a handheld pole or a mounted pole set to your order. The grommet finishing on the side makes assembling the flag a breeze. Buy these well-made 3x5 flags to be used for a special celebration or all year round.

Parts List:

  • Pre-printed flag
  • Optional flagpole of your choice


  • Outdoor Flag Polyester: Tear-resistant lightweight knitted fabric with excellent thru-print (3.25oz/yd²)


ModelPart NumberSizeWeightIncludes
5x3 Flag Only DI8122 5ft x 3ft 0.4lbs Pre-printed flag
8x5 Flag Only DI8208 8ft x 5ft 1.0lbs Pre-printed flag
Flag & Hand-Held Flagpole DI0650 6ft 2.1lbs Pre-printed flag
Tangle-free aluminum flagpole
Removable black handle
Flag & Wall-Mounted Flagpole DI0653 6ft 2.9lbs Pre-printed flag
Tangle-free aluminum flagpole
Removable black handle
180° adjustable wall mount

Flag of Germany History

The black, red, and gold colors of the German flag became associated with the country when they were used by the opposition of the French Army during the Napoleonic Wars. After the defeat of the French, the same tricolors were used by radicals to oppose the Conservative Order in the 1840s. Afterwards, the Frankfurt Parliament stated that they were the official colors of Germany. A different black-white-red tricolor flag was used by Germany during the North German Confederation and for the German Empire until 1918 when the Weimar Republic was founded. The old black, red, and gold colors were restored to symbolize the anti-autocratic movement, though the former tricolor flag was also still occasionally used. The former black-red-white colors returned during the Nazi period because the traditional black-red-gold colors were associated with democracy. After WWII, Germany was divided into West and East Germany. The black, red, and gold colors were used by both East and West Germany, except the East German flag had a coat of arms. The standard tricolor design was restored as a symbol to all of Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

German Flag Meaning and Colors

Black: The original use of the tricolor flag had black represent the line “Out of the blackness”.

Red: When red was first used for the Germany flag, it represented the line “through bloody battles”.

Yellow: The final yellow stripe of the Deutsch flag stood for the line, “golden light of freedom”.

“Out of the blackness of servitude through bloody battles to the golden light of freedom.”



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Germany Flag Assembly Instructions

20ft flagpole setup video

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