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Argentina Flag

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  • Support Argentina or show pride in your heritage with a high-quality 3x5 flag
  • Easily assembles on outdoor flagpoles or can be used indoors as a wall hanging
  • Handmade from tear-resistant, outdoor-tested polyester
  • Features reinforced header tape, double-hemmed sides, and metal grommets
  • Vibrantly printed via dye-sublimation for wash and scratch-resistant colors
  • Argentinian flag design is visible on both sides (mirror-image on back)
  • Made in the USA
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Argentina Flag Details

Spread your love for your country or heritage by setting up an Argentina flag for sale in front of your home or business. These Argentinean flags are great for all kinds of locations both indoors and outdoors due to our durable material and print. The flag is made from knitted polyester, which is outdoor tested so that the fabric will not tear or fray from the elements. The print is just as durable. We use a dye sublimation method, which ingrains the ink into the fabric rather than printing the graphics on top of the material. This not only results in striking colors but prevents them from scratching or peeling off the material. Easily install your flag on a flagpole by adding a handheld pole set or a wall mounted flagpole to your order. The grommet finishing on the side allows Argentina’s flag to be easily assembled on the flagpole. Our flags are designed to last a long time and can be displayed a variety of settings.

Parts List:

  • Pre-printed flag
  • Optional flagpole of your choice


  • Outdoor Flag Polyester: Tear-resistant lightweight knitted fabric with excellent thru-print (3.25oz/yd²)


ModelPart NumberSizeWeightIncludes
5x3 Flag Only DI8121 5ft x 3ft 0.4lbs Pre-printed flag
Flag & Hand-Held Flagpole DI0650 6ft 2.1lbs Pre-printed flag
Tangle-free aluminum flagpole
Removable black handle
Flag & Wall-Mounted Flagpole DI0653 6ft 2.9lbs Pre-printed flag
Tangle-free aluminum flagpole
Removable black handle
180° adjustable wall mount

Argentinean Flags History

The original Argentina flag was created in 1812 during the Argentinean War of Independence. Manuel Belgrano created the cockade of Argentina and then a blue and white flag a few days later. The colors either referred to those used by the Criollos in the May Revolution two years before or they were colors from the Spanish Order of Charles III. At first, this flag was not accepted as the national flag, but was used as a war flag. It wouldn’t be declared the national flag until 1816 after Argentina declared its independence. The accepted design was the Flag of Macha, which included two light blue stripes on the top and bottom and a white stripe in the middle. The Sun of May symbol was added to the center of the flag in 1818 from an 1813 Argentinean coin. The current version of the flag was made official in 1861 in the Argentine Republic.

Meaning and Colors of Argentina Flag

Blue: The light blue stripes on the top and bottom of the flags of Argentina refer to the color of the sky.

White: The white stripe in the middle of the Argentinean flag relates to the blue in that it symbolizes the clouds in the sky.

Sun of May: This is a symbol associated with Argentina. It refers to Inti, the Incan sun god. The “May” in the title refers to the May Revolution of 1810, which was when Argentina began fighting for their independence from the Spanish Empire. It was believed that a sun broke out from the clouds when the new government was proclaimed, which was a sign of good luck.


  1. Flag of Argentina
  2. Sun of May
  3. Argentina Flag Map and Meaning

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Argentina Flag Assembly Instructions

20ft flagpole setup video

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