5x5 Pop Up Canopy Tents

It might look like a novelty item, but our 5x5 canopy tent is all business. Built as both a miniature version of our larger professional–grade tents and as a practical solution to the sometimes–small spaces that trade show displays have to fit in, this tent is the best of both worlds. Features include:

  • Full–color or logo–only printing options
  • Dye sublimation print on flame–retardant & waterproof polyester material
  • Wall options for all sides include half & full wall options with a door or a window
  • Easily change canopy or walls with attached hook–and–loop tape
  • Aluminum frame and hexagonal legs for durability indoors and out

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Small Size, Big Style with A 5x5 Canopy Tent

More and more these days, vendors are being confined to event spaces that make larger tents impractical.

Enter the 5x5 pop up canopy from Vispronet®.

Don't let the small size fool you: our 5x5 canopy is ideal for your events — promotions, parties, picnics, trade show appearances and more. It provides all of the positives that our other, larger tents do with almost none of the drawbacks. Get your full artwork or custom logo printed on our flame–retardant Sundeco 6oz polyester material and then pair it up with half walls or full walls with door and window options.

Other accessories include flags, drapes, bows and banners — all perfect ways to add to the advertising collateral you display in and around your tent.

No matter what accessories you pair with your 5x5 tent, these canopies will more than stand up to the load. We durability–test our tents by having our employees do pull–ups with the frames. If they can stand up to that, they can stand up to everything you can throw at them.

Additional Features

There are several features of the 5x5 tent’s deluxe frame that set it apart from the competition:

  • Lightweight aluminum construction means that the frame can stand up to our durability testing yet only weigh in at 27 lbs.
  • Six–sided legs provide better frame stability, especially when combined with triangle–shaped tent feet.
  • Aluminum frame is rust–free, meaning that it's much easier to keep your tent in service for longer.
  • Push levers instead of push buttons make it easy to adjust the height of your tent.

Looking for the frame only? Click here.

All of these features, combined with small size of our 5x5 pop up canopy, serve to set us head and shoulders above the competition, especially when you consider the fact that we offer full–color printing on both our full and logo–print tents — a service not many companies offer.

So if you're looking for a way to get a big boost to your marketing efforts in a small package, look no further than a 5x5 tent from Vispronet®!

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5x5 Pop Up Canopy Tents