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Sectional Aluminum Flagpoles

Interested in displaying an easy-to-set-up flagpole with the added option of portability? Our sectional aluminum flagpoles are perfect for business, front lawn, and on-the-go display. Each aluminum flagpole is easy to assemble and comes fully equipped with lightweight poles, halyard, cleat, and finial. Choose from multiple base options that are designed for outdoor display, and indoor base options that are perfect for exhibits and trade shows. These products reach 5 heights up to 20.3ft tall and can be easily transported with a carrying case accessory. Click a product below to learn more.

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PVC Flag Pole
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Tailgate flagpole
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Cross Stand XXL Base Set
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Cross Stand XXL & Weight Bag Large Base Set
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Base Plate 22"x22" & Weight Bag Large Base Set
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Aluminum Flagpoles for Business and Home Display

If you are interested in displaying a portable aluminum flagpole for your business, home, or on-the-go display, Vispronet’s sectional flagpoles are the perfect solution. These lightweight flagpoles are similar to traditional aluminum flagpoles, except they are assembled in sections, making them ideal for temporary and portable display applications.

Adjustable Height and Multiple Base Options

There are five display heights to choose from and four flag sizes to showcase. Choose from multiple base options. Each base option is designed for different applications including bases for yard display, concrete display, as well as bases designed for tailgate exhibition. All hardware needed for display is included and ships in your order so you can showcase your custom flag on-the-go right out of the box. 

Benefits of Sectional Flagpoles

There are multiple benefits to displaying a sectional aluminum flagpole. They are very lightweight, easy to install, and offer a reliable showcase for your flag. Sectional flagpoles allow for an easy setup and installation process because they are lightweight and are quickly assembled in sections. These flagpoles also allow you to choose the height of your flagpole display, allowing maximum flexibility for indoor and outdoor display applications. The maximum height for these sectional flagpoles is 20.3ft and the weight of the hardware parts is 9.3lbs.

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