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Take your marketing message on the go with a custom car window decal or custom car magnet from Vispronet. Fully customizable and built to last, our decals are perfect for the side and rear windows of nearly any vehicle style including all trucks, compact cars, SUVs, and anything in between.

All decals and magnets are completely customizable and can be cut into any shape, size or style. Personalize yours with text, images, brand, logo, etc. and get on the road today! All of our custom window decals and magnets are made from durable, high-quality materials that are designed to last through extreme weather conditions including rain, snow, hot summers and cold winters. We offer multiple styles for nearly any application.

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Types of Car Window Decals & Vehicle Magnets

Rear Window Graphics

Rear window graphics are custom designed perforated vinyl that is applied to the rear and side windows of automobiles. It is the same high-quality perforated vinyl that is applied to storefronts that can stand up to any weather conditions. Rear window graphics allow you to display your custom design toward the outside of the vehicle, while still being able to see out from the inside of the vehicle. Our rear window graphics vinyl is highly durable and is printed in 1000 dpi digital print for spectacular color reproduction.

Car Window Decals

Car window decals are custom vinyl decals that can be applied to any automobile window. These versatile decals are printed in 1000 dpi digital print for full color reproduction. These decals are fully customizable meaning they can be printed any style, shape, size you need. There are two different styles to choose from including adhesive graphic clear and static cling white. Both options are durable but easily removed, leaving no residue behind. Both are great options for temporary window decals.

Car Magnets

Car magnets are an excellent option for those looking for a temporary solution that can be applied and removed as often as needed. Our premium magnet sheeting is tested to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday driving and can stand up to any weather conditions. They are printed in full color, and are completely customizable.  We offer stock sizes as well as custom sizes depending on the application. Whether they are for personal, community, or business fleet automobiles, they will be sure to attract attention to your marketing message.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do vinyl car windows typically last?

The average window decals last about 2-3 years.

Is there a minimum order number?

No. You can order as little or as many custom decals as you need.

Can custom vinyl decals damage my windows?

No, there is way they will damage your windows. Be careful during the removal process if using a razor or sharp edge so you don’t scratch your window.

How to remove the decals? Will it leave residue behind?

The decal removal process is simple. Just pull the decal away from the window using your hands. If you need additional help, a sharp edge that won’t damage glass can help quicken the process. There is occasionally some residue left behind, but this isn’t always the case. Usually if the decal is exposed to weather extremes like freezing winters and very hot summers, some residue is more likely to be left behind. Decals are easiest to remove when they are warmed up some, so we recommend parking in the sun first before removal, or have a blow dryer handy. (This is only needed for a decal that has been applied for multiple years.)

Am I able to clean my decal?

Yes! You want to keep your decal as clean as possible, and we recommend wiping regularly. A slightly wet nonabrasive cloth can gently wipe away most marks. This will help keep the decal clear and transparent.

Can custom car magnets damage my automobile paint?

No, custom magnets should not damage your car paint. Make sure to clean the car surface as well as the magnet prior to application. It is also recommended to remove the magnet occasionally and wipe down again to make sure no dirt or sand has gotten in between the magnet and your car surface, as this may cause the paint to scratch if left for a while.

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