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  • Custom face masks in standard adult sizes
  • Personalize with logos & all-over print designs
  • Available with tie strings or elastic ear loops
  • Double-layered 100% polyester for excellent breathability
  • Dye sublimation printed for bold, fade-resistant graphics
  • Reusable and machine washable design
  • Handmade in Carlisle, Pennsylvania
  • No minumum order quantity

Custom Face Mask Details

Help flatten the curve and protect your employees and loved ones with a stylish custom face mask from Vispronet. Our masks are reusable, machine washable, and are designed with a double layer of breathable 100% polyester fabric for maximum comfort. Each mask is printed using dye sublimation for a high-definition, fade-resistant print that is unmatched by our competitors. Easily add your business logo or personalized artwork through our online design tool or downloadable templates. We offer them in two different styles – string ties and elastic ear loops. Start designing yours online today!

Parts List:

  • Reusable 2-layer face cover finished with either string ties or elastic ear bands


  • 100% polyester

Additional Notes:

  • Wash in a washing machine on a cold setting to sanitize
  • Our masks are not intended to be used as a medical device or personal protective equipment (PPE)


Size (Flat)Size (Expanded)Weight
9in x 3in 9in x 6in 2oz

Design Custom Face Masks Online

Popular uses for our printed masks range from individual, personalized masks to bulk quantity orders for businesses that are looking for a way to keep their employees protected while enhancing their brand. At Vispronet®, we offer our customers three different ways to create the perfect custom printed face mask that fits your needs. 

Design Online: Create your personalized face mask in real-time by using our online design tool to upload logos, images, and more. Choose from a variety of fonts, cliparts, and backgrounds to include in your design. Use the design tool at any time - before or after placing your order. Once you've finished your design, it will be sent to our pre-press department for review.

Upload Template: This option is recommended for skilled graphic designers. Download the product template from the 'Design / Upload' tab and opt to design your face mask in your own software. Save the template file and reupload the finished template to our website before or after placing your order. Once you've uploaded the template to your order, our pre-press department will review the file to ensure it prints to your standards.

Free Design Services: If you need assistance in creating your face mask design, our professional graphic designers can assist you at no additional cost. Need to recreate your logo at a higher resolution? Send us your logo files, ideas, and requirements and our designers will come up with a masterpiece that you will love!

Custom Face Mask Printing: Why Choose Vispronet?

Style Options: We offer stock colored and custom face mask printing in two different styles: Tie strings and elastic ear straps.

Trusted Experience: Vispronet has over 15 years of experience servicing customers by creating, designing, and printing custom designs for a range of products.

Premium Quality: All of our face masks are printed on a double-layered 100% polyester material using dye sublimation - a top of the line printing technique that makes for a vibrant, fade-resistant finish.

Leading Customer Service Team: With over a decade of experience in printing, our customer service department is professionally trained and knowledgeable to answer any questions accurately and comprehensively. There are multiple ways to get in contact with our customer service department including by chat, phone, form submission, and email. Our customer service center is located at our headquarters in Carlisle, PA and is ready to help if you have any questions or concerns.

Tie Strings Vs. Elastic Ear Straps

We offer two strap options for our custom face masks:  Tie straps and elastic ear straps. Each style is acceptable per CDC recommendations and each has its own advantages.

Tie straps offer the most comfort and are recommended if the mask is going to be worn for an extended period of time. They are also the easiest to adjust for different face shapes and head sizes and allow for a more personalized fit. Elastic straps are easiest to put on and take off but are not as comfortable as the tie straps and are not recommended to be worn for an extended period of time due to possible discomfort and irritation behind the ears.   

How to Safely Apply and Remove Your Face Mask

Before you apply your custom face mask, it is very important that you wash or sanitize your hands. This is to avoid contaminating your mask before it touches your face. Next, grab the mask by the string tie straps or elastic bands depending on which style you chose.

For string straps, tie the top two straps together behind your head and place above your ears. Next, tie the bottom two straps behind your head and place below your ears near the top of your neck. For elastic straps, carefully pick your mask up by the straps and put behind one ear followed by the other. To properly cover your face, ensure the mask is covering both your nose and mouth. You also want to make sure that it is not too tight or loose and fits comfortably so you don’t have to keep adjusting it. While your mask is on it is important to remember not to touch the front or inner lining of the mask to avoid contamination.

Before removing your face mask wash or sanitize your hands. When removing your mask, be careful not to make contact with your nose, eyes, or mouth as the virus could be on the outside of the mask. Take your mask off from back to front, meaning take off the ties or straps carefully and removing from your head without touching the mask.  Place your mask in a safe area and wash your hands again.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning your custom face mask is a simple and straight-forward process. Wash your mask before first use. The CDC recommends washing your mask as often as you are wearing it, or daily, to keep it clean and disinfected. Sanitize your mask by simply throwing it into the washing machine with detergent, and once washed, place into the dryer on the high heat setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your face masks reusable?

Yes! These masks are reusable and we recommend washing often to keep clean and sterile. We also offer tubular style custom bandanas.

Where can I wear this mask?

The Center for Disease Control recommends wearing masks that cover both nose and mouth in high transmission areas where social distancing may be difficult or impossible. Examples include but are not limited to: grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, workplaces, hardware stores, public beaches and parks.

What material are your custom face masks?

Our masks are crafted from a double layer of 100% polyester for a lightweight, breathable wearing experience.

Is there a right way up?

Yes. The top of the mask should contour to your face over your nose.

Are these appropriate to use in medical settings?

No. Our face masks are designed to be worn for general use in public places. They are not medically rated masks and are not intended for any clinical, surgical, or airborne chemical setting. Our masks are designed to slow the spread and help prevent transmission of the virus.

Are these the same as N-95 respirators?

No, our custom face masks are not the same as N-95 respirators or surgical masks. Those specific types of masks are vital to keep available for our first responders and hospital staffs across the country. Our masks work to help prevent transmitting the virus to others along with social distancing. Our masks, however, are suitable as an N-95 respirator cover.

How do I clean my mask? How often can it be cleaned?

We recommend washing your custom face mask in the washing machine. It should be cleaned often depending on frequency of use.

What printing style is used to print these masks?

We print all of our masks using dye sublimation. This makes for an impressive, full color finish that is less susceptible to fading compared to inferior printing methods.

What sizes are available? What are the dimensions of your masks?

Currently we just have adult sizes available. The dimensions are: (flat laid) 9.0" x 3.0" /  (expanded): 9.0" x 6.0".

Are your face masks made with elastic straps or tie straps?

We offer both the elastic straps and tie straps. Tie strings are the best option if you are going to be wearing your mask for an extended period of time as they are more comfortable and won’t create any irritation behind your ears. We also offer elastic straps, which are recommended for if you aren’t going to be wearing the mask for an extended period of time.

Will my custom face mask tear or rip?

No, your mask should not tear or rip if used correctly. It is crafted from 2 layers of polyester for extra safety and durability.

Are your masks designed for children?

No, at this time we only have masks designed for adult sizes. The CDC recommends masks and cloth coverings should never be placed on any child under the age of 2 due to suffocation hazards.

Does it cost extra for multiple colors?

No it does not cost extra! We print using dye sublimation so the more color the better!

How soon can I expect my face mask once my order is placed?

Once your order is placed, expect 1-3 production days before shipping out. We have expedited shipping if you need your mask earlier than standard shipping.

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