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Would you like to inspect our product before ordering them in bulk? No problem! We offer personalized mailer boxes with no minimum order quantities! Simply change your quantity to one and select your size and material. For customer assistance, contact us via live chat or call 877-822-0201.

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  • Get customers excited about their shipment with custom mailer boxes
  • Affordable and durable subscription boxes for any business
  • 1/16in thick for solid crush and drop protection
  • Mullen 200# test compliant – can withstand 200lbs per square inch
  • Choose from several standard sizes – custom sizes available on request
  • Full-color print available on all inside and outside surfaces
  • All colors printed on brown Kraft material will have a brown cast to them

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Our standard turnaround time is 3 business days plus shipping with expedited options available.

Custom Mailer Boxes Details

Parts List:

  • Custom printed mailer box with self-locking construction

Material Options:

  • White E-Flute Corrugated Cardboard: 1/16" two-sided white corrugated cardboard (compliant with Mullen 200# test)
  • Kraft E-Flute Corrugated Cardboard: 1/16" brown corrugated cardboard (compliant with Mullen 200# test)

Additional Notes:

  • Kraft cardboard causes graphics to appear faded and less vibrant as opposed to white cardboard

Why Choose Vispronet?

Our custom printed mailer boxes are available at the cheapest prices include a lot of great perks, including:

  • Protective Dust Flaps
  • Self-Locking
  • Recyclable Material
  • No Minimum Order Quantity
  • Wholesale Prices & Bulk Discounts
  • Sample Orders
  • Free Design Proof
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Durable Cardboard Material
  • Optional Glossy Lamination Finish

What Are Mailer Boxes?

Custom mailer boxes are utilized by businesses to ship products to their customers. When customers order goods online, companies ship the items out in well-crafted, customized boxes printed with their brand or logo. Many companies use these kinds of boxes for e-commerce orders, subscription boxes, promotional kits, and gift boxes.

Who Uses Custom Mailer Boxes?

The most popular applications for these affordable mailer boxes are product subscription services provided by ecommerce businesses. Our no minimum order quantity and wholesale prices allow us to provide the cheapest custom mailer boxes as a practical investment for both entrepreneurial startups and vested businesses. Some popular industries that utilize our boxes include:

  • Clothing and retail
  • Beauty, make-up, cosmetics
  • Grocery delivery
  • Small electronics & gadgets
  • Animals and pets
  • Gourmet gift baskets

With the increase of online shopping, shipping with customized mailer boxes is a trend that doesn't seem to be going away. Keep your brand on the customers' minds when they order from your online store by shipping items out in these custom printed mailer boxes.

custom mailer boxes

Cheap Custom Mailer Boxes with A+ Durability

Choose from two material styles to craft your boxes from: White or Kraft. Both styles are 100% customizable, and both styles are made from thick, two-sided 1/16” corrugated cardboard. While these wholesale mailer boxes are available at the cheapest prices, the material is not flimsy, and will keep your products safely secured through a rough-and-tumble shipping and delivery process. Make your box even more durable and add a glossy finish by having either material laminated.

  • White: The white cardboard has a sleek matte finish and is the ideal material option for designs that incorporate a lot of colors, such as retail company logos for product orders or art-themed subscription boxes.
  • Kraft: The brown Kraft style is used by companies and organization looking to exhibit a natural or eco-friendly brand image. The Kraft material is completely customizable, but the design may not be as bright as the white cardboard style due to the Kraft’s natural brown exterior.

Sustainable & Recyclable Material

white mailer box

Not only are these durable mailers crafted from heavy duty 1/16” corrugated cardboard, but they also offer a low impact and completely sustainable way to deliver your businesses’ goods to customers. Both the White and Kraft mailer boxes are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly due to the biodegradable corrugated cardboard design.  The thick corrugation provides a protective cover for your products nested inside, while the outside of the box showcases your custom design or brand.

Optional Gloss Lamination

Give your mailer box even more protection against the elements by adding lamination. The gloss lamination finish gives your box a polished, professional appearance while preventing any outdoor elements from ruining the print. Water and dirt will not permanently damage your box, because the lamination is easy to clean. Adding the lamination also allows you to write on the box with a marker, including addresses and thank you notes to customers. Make your mailer box even more durable for the shipping process by choosing to laminate the corrugated cardboard in the configurator.

Kraft vs. white cardboard material

Fast & Easy Assembly

These printed mailer boxes are made in the roll end front tuck style. This means that these custom mailer boxes are shipped flat to reduce the shipping cost and must be folded when they arrive. Assembly is incredibly simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Bring the two small side tabs together on each side so that they touch
  2. Fold the side flaps over the two smaller tab and stick the indents into the two bottom holes
  3. Push the two top side flaps into the inside of the box and roll the top over
  4. Tuck the tabs on the end into the inserts on the side of the box

These custom mailer boxes are self-locking, so no other supplies are required.

These mailer boxes may only be used for one journey, but they are designed to hold up after repeated use so that your customers can keep them around for convenience.

Standard and Custom Sizes Available

We offer our printed mailer boxes with a range of sizes to choose from. All our size options are available for both the white and Kraft box styles. If you are not sure which size to choose, our sales team has some advice to help you decide the best options for your products: If you're sending out small fabric or recipe samples, our smallest 4in x 4in x 2in custom mailer boxes would be a good fit. If you're shipping out an order of clothing, such as designer dresses, shirts, or pants, we recommended the larger 15in x 10in x 4in sized box. Here are the size ranges we offer for each dimension:

  • Length: 4-15 inches
  • Width: 4-10 inches
  • Height: 1.5-4 inches

Are you looking for a custom size? Call us at 877-822-0201 or chat with a customer service representative in the chat window at the bottom right. For more information and the exact specifications of our personalized mailer boxes, contact customer service to find the measurements you need.

How to measure a box

Custom Printed Mailer Boxes in Full Color

Make a positive impression on your customers by showcasing your brand, logo, or custom design in brilliant full color. We digitally print our mailer boxes using UV-resistant inks for crisp, clear color creations that make logos and images sharply stand-out. All custom mailer boxes are printed using the CMYK printing method, allowing you to design the entire box with unlimited colors for no extra cost.

Double-Sided Box Printing

Instead of just having the outside of the box printed, you can customize both sides of the cardboard so the inside and outside of the mailer box is covered with your artwork. Having your branding inside the box, as well as the outside, allows the customer to see it more and enhances the opening experience. The more your customer sees your logo, the more likely they are to remember it. This will also ensure your brand will be seen by more people if it’s featured in an unboxing video.

Custom printed mailer

Provide an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience

Creating a memorable unboxing experience can be the difference between a one-and-done-customer and a returning customer. Packaging is what showcases your product in its best light and communicates your product’s value to the customer. Shoppers get excited when they receive a well-crafted, colorful mailer that is a fun experience to open. A positive unboxing experience from your company can increase brand recognition, and in turn can increase brand loyalty.

Satisfied Customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time for your custom mailer boxes?

Standard production time is required for these boxes. Wholesale orders of our corrugated mailer boxes take approximately 3 business days to be completed. If you need your printed mailers faster than that, rush production options are available for selection.

How do I design my custom mailer boxes?

Choose from three method to design your boxes. Each design submission is checked by our pre-press team for any issues or errors before being approved for print. All artwork submissions receive a free digital proof for your approval before we start printing.

  • Design Online: Create your design online, in real time, using our online design tool. Our online tool allows you to upload logos, images, and other artwork files directly from your computer and provides a design editor, clip art, font options, and more.
  • Upload Artwork Template: This design method is best for users with design software. Simply download the provided artwork template, add your artwork using design software, and reupload the finished template to our website, before or after placing your order.
  • Free Design Services: Our graphics team can fix any issues with your current artwork or create you a design from scratch, free of charge! Choose this method and our graphics team will correspond with you until the design is completed.

How do I decide between printing on Kraft (brown) and white cardboard?

Our custom mailer boxes have two corrugated cardboard styles to choose from. They each come with the same thickness (1/16”) but in two different styles.

  • Kraft: is a brown cardboard that offers a more natural, classic look. If your design includes darker colors or you promote organic or eco-friendly products, Kraft mailer boxes will work best for you. Keep in mind that if your design features the color white, it will show as brown with the Kraft option.
  • White: is a white cardboard that showcases a blank white exterior. White is best for full-color designs because it makes brighter colors pop and stand out. If you have a design that uses a lot of contrasting colors, then choose the white boxes for your custom mailer. Both options are recyclable, are made from sustainable material, and are printed in full CMYK color.

How do I measure my custom mailer box?

To check how much interior space your box has, measure the box after it is rolled and tucked.

  • Length – left to right measurements
  • Width – front to back measurements
  • Depth – top to bottom measurements

For the overall box dimensions and the kinds of items that can fit in certain sizes, contact customer service for more information.

Do you print on the inside of the box?

Yes! You can add your custom print to both the inside and outside view of the box. Designing the inside of the box provides more visibility for your brand and makes the opening experience more memorable.

Can you help me design my custom printed mailer boxes?

Yes! We offer free design services to help customers design their mailer boxes with logos or full designs. One of our professional graphic designers can customize the box template for you and we will correspond with you until the design is completed. Once the design is complete, we will send you a free artwork proof to review before we begin printing the boxes.

Do you have custom bags for branding rather than boxes?

Yes, we offer custom printed tote bags, which can be personalized on the front and back to increase your brand awareness.

Are discounted prices offered for large or bulk orders?

Yes. Our boxes are available at wholesale prices. The higher quantity you order, the less each box costs. For example, if you only ordered one box, it would cost $34.28, but if you ordered 50 boxes, each one would only cost $1.56. The pricing of these boxes was designed for bulk orders. Although these are advertised as cheap mailer boxes, they are still crafted with care from high-quality materials that are designed to a rough and tumble shipping process.

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