Flag Poles for Sale

With numerous bases and styles of flag poles for sale, you are guaranteed to be able to set up your flags in a fashion that suits your needs.

No wind? No problem! Standard Aluminum and Portable Flagpoles from Vispronet can be displayed indoors or outdoors. With our uniquely designed hardware, you no longer need to worry about wind to keep your flag flying. Need something a bit more adjustable? Telescopic Flagpoles allow for three different heights and can be equipped with either single or double-sided flags.

Our flag poles are most commonly used for applications including: advertising at expos and trade shows, tailgating events, RVing and camping, sporting events, and flying in front of businesses and residential homes.

Read more below to find a solution that is right for you.

Standard Aluminum Flag Poles

Our Standard Aluminum Flag Poles are the most traditional flag poles we have for sale. These extendable flag poles work perfectly to catch the attention of passersby and can be flown indoors and outdoors.

Fully expanded, they reach a maximum of over 20ft in height and have 5 different height adjustments on the way up. All of our aluminum flag poles are designed to be easy to spot, lightweight, and simple to break down and resurrect. Our 20ft flag poles are fully transportable and are crafted from aluminum for maximum durability, while still only weighing under 10lbs.

Portable Flag Poles

All of the Portable Flag Poles we have for sale are lightweight and transportable. These sleek, attention-grabbing flag poles display the flag in a vertical position and have multiple bases available for different promotional applications. They are suitable for short and long term indoor use and are very easy to assemble and disassemble due to the snap-and-click hardware. There is no need for wind with these models, as we offer an extender arm to keep the flag displayed at all times.

We offer the Portable Flag Poles in an array of sizes, from 9ft to over 14ft, and have five different options for height. Because of the size options and the ultra-fast setup, these are our most versatile indoor option.

Telescoping Flagpoles

Our Telescoping Flag Poles are another option we offer for outdoor and indoor use. The silver, modern design creates an appealing base and pole for your flag. These are extendable, come standard with a carry bag, and are compact, making them easily transportable.

This product is available in multiple sizes, ranging from approximately 8ft, all the way up to just under 18ft, while having 3 different adjustable sizes in between. Multiple bases are available due to the plethora of indoor and outdoor applications.

Flagpole Hardware

Looking for portable flagpole hardware? We carry the hardware and parts you need to keep your flags up and flying. We offer a collection of flag pole hardware and flag pole accessories for all of our poles, including bases and stakes, pole sets, weights, bags and weather extensions. Have any questions about which hardware and accessories will be best for your flag pole? Our customer service team will be happy to help point you to the correct options.


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