Custom Floor Decals and Graphics

Give your business or retail store a new, personalized upgrade by installing custom designed floor decals. Custom floor decals are an eye catching and cost-effective way to create positive and lasting impressions with passing prospective customers and clients.

What Are the Benefits of a Custom Floor Decal?

Our custom floor decals are designed to stick to any surface and stand up to heavy foot and machine traffic. These flexible decals are great for a variety of applications including warehouses, hospitals, schools, retail outlets, grocery stores, gyms, outdoor theme parks, office lobbies, and multiple other areas.

Custom floor decals are especially effective because people look forward and down when they are walking, ensuring they will see the custom marketing message as they pass. They are recommended for use in high traffic areas and are the perfect addition to areas that cannot utilize a wall or window decal.

They are also great at providing directional help to passing customers and employees. In factories and warehouses, they provide employees and guests with arrows and guides to keep them on a path for safety purposes, and in malls and stores, can direct prospective customers to the store or department they are searching for. They are also commonly used in large outdoor venues such as theme parks to help direct guests to their favorite attractions.  

Our floor graphics are made from the highest quality vinyl and foil materials, and is scratch and scruff resistant. When applied our custom floor stickers will hold up to years of repetitive employee and customer traffic, and when removed, will remove easily and with minimal effort needed, without damaging the surface of your floor.

  Indoor decal Outdoor decal
Lifespan ~30-90 days ~1 year
Safety Certifications Slip-resistant; flame-retardant Slip-resistant
Use On Tile, carpet, wood, stone, metal, etc. Asphalt, concrete, stone, brick, etc.
Indoor/Outdoor Uses Medium-term indoor and short-term outdoor Indoor and outdoor
Features Repositionable Painted-on look
Use in Wet Areas No Yes

Choose Your Type of Custom Floor Decal

Outdoor Floor Decals

Due to the premium quality textured foil, and high-quality color reproduction finish, our outdoor floor decals are great at attracting the attention of passing foot traffic, and then directing them to their preferred destinations. Due to the high adhesive, our product will stick to a number of imperfect surfaces like sidewalks, pavement, streets, tile, concrete, and warehousing floors. They are built to stand up to any weather conditions including rain and snow. No matter which application you need custom decals for, Vispronet carries all of the options you need.

Indoor Floor Decal

Vispronet indoor floor decals are an inexpensive yet effective marketing tool for your business and brand. Printed on high quality textured vinyl with spectacular color prints, custom indoor floor stickers easily attract the attention of passing customers and prospective customers alike. They are perfect for displaying or promoting store sales and discounts, guiding customers to different areas of store, and adding some color to an otherwise plain floor.

Why Purchase Vispronet Custom Floor Graphics?

Personalized:  Our custom floor decals are completely customizable. You create your custom design, choose your design size, design shape, and adhesive strength.

High Quality Materials and Print: Our custom outdoor decals are digitally printed using dye sublimation, on a premium slip resistant textured surface with adhesive backing. This makes for a much longer lifespan, more vibrant color reproduction, enhanced safety, and easier application and removal. Due to the textured foil material and adhesive strength of our outdoor decals, they are much better at conforming to uneven surfaces compared to traditional vinyl floor decals.

Easy To Install/Remove: Because our custom floor graphics are made from a premium textured material, installation and removal are a breeze compared to older generation vinyl decals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What material are your decals?

Our custom outdoor decals are made from a slip resistant textured foil with adhesive backing. This material is top of the line, and performs far better than previous generations of floor graphics that used short term vinyl materials. This material should last well over a year if applied correctly. The indoor floor are made from a premium time-tested textured vinyl.

Is the textured foil material slippery?

No. The foil material we print on is textured, and slip resistant, making it safe to walk on wet or dry

Are custom sizes available?

Yes! We do offer stock sizing but also carry custom sizing. For specifics on custom sizing, please contact customer service for a quote.

Will these decals hold up to heavy foot traffic? Will these decals work in a warehouse with forklift traffic?

Yes, there are designed to stand up to heavy foot and machine traffic. They are printed on a durable, textured foil or vinyl material with a heavy-duty adhesive for maximum lifespan.

How long will my custom ground decal last?

Our custom decals are designed to last up to a year and beyond, depending on the foot or machine traffic, and any weather elements.

Will there be residue after I remove the decal?

Will it ruin my floor? No, there won’t be any residue left on your floor after you remove these decals. That is a plus of using our premium material.

Are these decals reusable?

No. They are designed to be stationary in the same spot for their product  lifetime.

What are typical applications for custom floor decals?

They are used for multiple applications in multiple industries. Most of our customers buy them for commercial purposes, whether for a warehouse floor, supermarket, mall, retail store, school, or building lobby. Wedding floor decals are another popular application that is growing for this product. Whether it be for gym floor decals, wedding floor decals, or any other possibly s

How to I contact customer service?

Our customer service department is open Monday – Thursday 9AM-6PM ET and Fridays 8:00AM – 5PM ET. You can contact them via chat, phone, email and form submission. Here is the Contact Us page.

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