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Retractable Roll Up Banners

Retractable Roll Up Banner Stands

  • Get the attention you deserve
  • Perfect for trade shows, businesses, and events
  • Quick and easy set-up & teardown
  • Multiple base, material, and size options - choose your look
  • All retractable banner stands include a FREE carrying bag
Best Seller
Roll Up Standard

Roll Up Standard

1 pc $ 55.06 ea
Best Seller
Roll Up Deluxe

Roll Up Deluxe

1 pc $ 109.77 ea
Retractable Backdrop

Retractable Backdrop

1 pc $ 308.89 ea
20% OFF
Black Roll Up Deluxe

Black Roll Up Deluxe

1 pc $ 140.19 ea
Bamboo Roll Up

Bamboo Roll Up

1 pc $ 162.37 ea
Dual Sided Roll Up Exterior

Dual Sided Roll Up Exterior

1 pc $ 248.39 ea
Dual Sided Roll Up Exterior H2O

Dual Sided Roll Up Exterior H2O

1 pc $ 370.38 ea
Best Seller
Roll Up Mini

Roll Up Mini

1 pc $ 38.05 ea
Roll Up Standard Padded Carry Bag 24''

Roll Up Standard Padded Carry Bag 24''

1 pc $ 10.50 ea
Roll Up Standard Padded Carry Bag 31''

Roll Up Standard Padded Carry Bag 31''

1 pc $ 11.00 ea
Roll Up Standard Padded Carry Bag 39''

Roll Up Standard Padded Carry Bag 39''

1 pc $ 12.50 ea
Padded Carrying Case 37

Padded Carrying Case 37"x10"x3"

1 pc $ 35.94 ea
Padded Carrying Case 43

Padded Carrying Case 43"x10"x3"

1 pc $ 38.00 ea
Padded Carrying Case 51

Padded Carrying Case 51"x10"x3"

1 pc $ 42.19 ea
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Retractable Banners Improve Your Visibility At Trade Shows

A staple for trade show exhibitors. Our retractable banners are designed to be simple, but stylish. They’re perfect for exhibiting at trade shows, advertising inside businesses, and even as signage for outdoor fairs. No matter which roll up banner stand you choose, quick set-up is guaranteed: just pull the banner from the spring-loaded stand and attach it to the to the support pole. Teardown is just as quick: just remove the support pole and allow the roll up banner to reel into the base. You will receive ready-to-go hardware with your print(s) already installed.

Easy 4 Step Set-Up


What sets Vispronet® retractable banners apart from the competition?

  • Premium-quality material: Made from your choice of heavyweight knitted polyester fabric or vibrant vinyl.
  • Durability: Constructed from high-quality aluminum that is guaranteed to last.
  • Large variety of options: Our roll up banner stands are available in various styles and a host of different sizes. Select your desired look and choose from sizes ranging from 24” x 82” all the way up to 82” x 122”.
  • Interchangeable prints: Need new graphics, but want to use the same hardware? No problem!


Our production team is dedicated to providing you with a quality product that looks great and makes an impression. Our roll up banner stands allow you to advertise to your target audience and make for an attention-grabbing marketing solution, especially when paired with one of our pop up booths. With a quick turnaround time, the best materials and high-quality hardware, Vispronet® is the perfect partner for your trade show supplies.

What’s The Difference Between A Retractable and Roll Up Banner Stand?

Within the trade show industry, retractable banner stands have many different names. The terminology may vary from vendor to vendor, but the product is generally the same. Stand up, pull up, roll up, and pop up banner stands are all interchangeable names for this product. No matter the name, all of these products feature your retractable print stored inside the base of the pop up banner stand.

Where Can You Use Our Pull Up Banners?

Our roll ups are fully portable, so you can use them at any indoor location that you want. As one of our most popular products, Vispronet® roll up banners have been showcased at a number of different locations, including:

  • Trade shows and events
  • Movie theaters
  • Car showrooms
  • Retail sales locations
  • Hotel foyers


Take a look at our portfolio page to see how our retractable banner stands have made an impact with businesses across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I care for my retractable banner stand?

In order to make sure that your product lasts as long as possible, follow these guidelines:

  • Pull up banner stand should not come into contact with wires, poles, or walls.
  • Any damage that occurs should be immediately repaired to ensure that the pop up banner maintains its durability.
  • Wash your pop up banner as is needed. If the banner becomes too dirty, it may not be possible to clean it.


How do I clean my retractable banners?

Our pull up banner stands are printed on either heavyweight polyester or vinyl material. To clean polyester banners, remove the banner from the stand and wash it in your household washing machine on the cold water setting (105°F or 40°C) using mild, color-safe detergent without bleach. Remove the print from the machine immediately after the cycle is completed and allow the print to air dry. Reinstall the print into the base once it is completely dry. To clean vinyl banners, remove dirt and debris with a damp cloth while the banner is still installed and let air dry. You do not have to uninstall vinyl banners from the base to clean them. Do not put vinyl banners in a washing machine.


Are the prints interchangeable?

If you’re interested in purchasing new graphic prints, but want to keep the same hardware – that’s okay! All of our retractable banner stands feature interchangeable prints. Purchase replacement prints listed as “Prints Only” in our product configurator. If you are unsure how to replace your prints, please refer to our set-up video.


What material choices are available?

There are several different material choices available for our retractable banner stands:

  • Polydeco Opaque FR
    • Weight: 7.67 oz/yd²
    • 100% opaque with black back
    • Heavyweight-knitted polyester
    • Wrinkle-resistant
    • Flame-retardant material
  • Polydeco Deluxe
    • Weight: 6.06 oz/yd²
    • Knitted polyester
    • Standard display fabric
    • Moderate opacity
  • Opaque Vinyl
    • Weight: 13.00 oz/yd²
    • 100% opaque
    • Anti-curl - super smooth
    • Satin finish
    • Weather-resistant
    • UV protected
  • Standard Vinyl
    • Weight: 13.00 oz/yd²
    • Anti-curl
    • Matte finish
    • Weather-resistant
    • UV protected

Retractable Roll Up Banner Stand Comparison

(Download PDF)

stand up banners comparison chart

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