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Roll Up Banner Stands

Roll Up Banner Stands
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  • Stand out at your next event with a high-quality roll up banner
  • Select from Economy, Standard, and Deluxe models
  • Banner comes installed on the base & is ready for immediate use
  • Displays can be single or double-sided
  • Economy carry bag included – upgrade to a rigid case for additional security
  • Optional lights can be purchased to illuminate your display

Roll Up Banner Stands Details

Parts List:

  • Your custom-printed banner
  • High-quality aluminum base
  • Support pole to display the banner
  • Your choice of unpadded or upgraded carry bag
  • Optional light to illuminate your banner stand


  • 13oz Indoor Vinyl: Weather-resistant & UV-protected matte vinyl
  • 13oz Indoor Opaque Vinyl: 100% opaque weather-resistant & UV-protected satin vinyl
  • Display Polyester: Nearly opaque flame-retardant knitted fabric (6.10oz/yd²)
  • Premium Opaque Polyester: 100% opaque flame-retardant knitted fabric (7.67oz/yd²)

Additional Notes:

  • Each model can be configured as a single or double-sided display
  • Replacement prints can be ordered by changing Order Type to 'Prints Only'
  • We do not recommend replacing prints on the Economy model
  • Each model except the Standard is able to be re-tensioned if the graphic starts to become loose

Roll Up Banner Stand Styles

This trio of roll up banner styles are all from the same family of retractable banners, but each sports a different base and some unique features. No matter which style you choose, all three are effective at displaying your marketing message to a passing audience. Double-sided printing is available for each style, and each graphic is printed on your choice of premium polyester or standard vinyl.


Standard Retractable Banner


Available in 24”, 31”, 39” & 59”

Most Economical

Most Economical

Graphics Cannot Be Changed

2 Fold Out Base Feet

Includes Economy Carry Bag


Basic Retractable Banner


Available in 18”, 24”, 31”, 39”, & 47”

Better Stability & Durability

Recommended for Continuous Use

Interchangeable Graphics

Sleek Fold Out Base Foot

Includes Economy Carry Bag


Deluxe Retractable Banner


Available in 24”, 31”, 39”, 47”, & 59”

Premium Professional Design

Recommended for Continuous Use

Easiest to Change Graphics

Sleek Premium Base

Includes Premium Carry Bag

Base Options

Standard Retractable Banner Base


Our Economy Base is our most economical option and guarantees an affordable way to get a professional looking roll up banner. It features two fold-out stabilizing feet and is constructed from durable and lightweight aluminum for easy travel. No tools are required for set up, and a handy carry bag is included.

Basic Retractable Banner Base


Our Standard Base is higher quality and a step up from our Economy Base. It features a sleek fold out stabilizing foot and offers better stability and durability. It is made from lightweight aluminum for convenient travel. It also boasts some extra features including the ability to link individual bases together to create a double-sided display, giving you flexibility when you order. There is no setup or tools required and it comes with an included travel bag.

Deluxe Retractable Banner Base


Our Deluxe Base is our highest quality and most professional base option. This sleek design offers chrome end caps and is our easiest model to replace or swap out graphics. It is crafted from lightweight aluminum and fits all the supporting poles inside easily for effortless travel. There is no setup or tools required and it comes with an included premium padded travel bag.

How to Design Your Custom Roll Up Banner

Design Online: Our online design tool makes it easy to create your roll up banner design online without any software or professional help. Our online design engine offers a variety of tools including an option to upload your artwork or images, clip art and shapes, as well as a collection of fonts and background color layouts to help bring your design together. Our design tool includes tips and guides to help you design within the template and within our minimum DPI standards. After you submit your custom design online, our team of professional graphic designers will check all artwork for any errors or mistakes free of charge.

Upload Artwork on Template: Uploading artwork on a template is the most efficient design method for graphics designers and those with professional design software. After navigating to your desired retractable banner product, click the Design/Upload tab on the product configurator. Simply download the product template and follow the instructions to add your artwork within the specified areas and reupload onto our site. Our team of graphic designers will then check your artwork for errors and make sure it is up to print standards. Then your design is approved, and we notify you via email that your order is ready to be sent to production.

Vispronet Design Services: We also offer an option for a professional designer to create your design for you! This option is popular for those with limited graphic design abilities. All design services are free of charge for your convenience. Our pre-press team is dedicated to providing you with a quality product that looks great and makes a lasting impression at your next trade show.

Material Options

Standard 13oz Indoor Vinyl

Standard 13oz Indoor Vinyl

Our Standard 13oz vinyl is our most economical option. Matte finish. Anti-Curl. Weather-resistant. UV-Protected. Single-Sided Print Only. Minimum 800dpi graphics.

Premium 13oz Opaque Vinyl

Premium 13oz Opaque Vinyl

Our Premium 13oz Opaque Vinyl is our higher-end vinyl offering. 100% Opaque. Super smooth with satin finish. Anti-Curl. Double-Print Ready. Weather and UV Resistant. Minimum 800dpi graphics.

Standard Polyester

Standard Polyester

Our Standard Polyester is our economical option for fabric. Knitted polyester. Vibrant, dye-sublimation print. Moderate opacity. Machine Washable. Minimum 360dpi graphics.

Premium Opaque Polyester

Premium Opaque Polyester

Our Premium Polyester is our superior fabric offering. Heavyweight-knitted Polyester. Full-Color Dye Sublimation Print. 100% Opaque w/ Black Back. Wrinkle-Resistant. Flame-Retardant. Machine Washable. Minimum 360dpi graphics.

Setting Up Your Retractable Banner Stand

Setting up your roll up banner is a quick and simple task! Remove the separated pole from the base. Connect the poles together. Slide pole into the hole located on the base. Carefully slide banner out of the base. Connect banner to the top of the pole.


Retractable Banner Setup Step 1 Retractable Banner Setup Step 2 Retractable Banner Setup Step 3 FRetractable Banner Setup Step 4 Retractable Banner Setup Step 5

Satisfied Customers


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a roll up banner stand?

This banner style is a rolled up sign within a base that unrolls to create a stand up banner display. They are commonly used across multiple industries and are great for marketing and advertising at trade shows, conventions, large events, churches, airports, theatres, museums, schools, workplaces, and many more applications. They are the very convenient for travel because of their light weight and their quick and easy setup process.

Are “retractable banners” the same as “roll up” "stand up" & “pop up” banners?

Yes. These terms are synonyms and used interchangeably in the industry. All refer to a banner that is rolled up and pulls out of a base to create a banner display.

Is this style of stand up banner stand reusable?

Yes, of course! Our premium roll up banners are durably built to last for multiple uses. If you are storing, setting up, and taking down your banners with care, these banner stands will last for years to come. Most of our styles also have the option to swap graphics if needed, extending the life of the stand.

Are your roll up banners easy to travel with?

Yes! They are easy to travel with. Due to their lightweight design and their overall compactness, they are easy to transport to a show or event. Additionally, each banner stand comes with a handy carry bag included. Once you arrive at your destination, setup is simple and only takes a few minutes.

What material options do you offer for these banners?

We offer an array of material choices for each banner style.

  • 13oz Indoor Vinyl: Most economical, matte finish, UV-protected, single-sided print only, minimum 800dpi graphics
  • 13oz Indoor Opaque Vinyl: 100% opaque, satin finish, super smooth, UV-protected, minimum 800dpi graphics
  • Standard Polyester: Economy indoor display fabric, moderate opacity, minimum 360dpi graphics
  • Premium Opaque Polyester: Superior indoor display fabric, 100% opaque with black backer, flame-retardant, wrinkle resistant, minimum 360dpi graphics

Can these banners be printed double-sided?

Our roll up banners are printed on one side of the material, but we offer single or double-sided displays. Single-sided displays come with one banner and double-sided displays include two banners, both of which can feature a unique design. When you are configuring your product, you are prompted to choose a single-sided or double-sided display.

Am I able to swap the banner in the stand?

Yes, most of our banner styles can be swapped out. We don’t recommend swapping graphics on our Economy model, but you are able to replace graphics on the Standard and Deluxe bases. The Deluxe features clamping rails on the top and bottom of the display, so it is the easiest to interchange prints.

Is there an extra charge for Full Color Printing?

No. We print all of our products in full color. This means no matter how many colors are added there is no extra cost to you.

What file types do you accept?

We accept many different files types for artwork. We prefer artwork to be submitted on a template as a PDF file for Mac and PC. We also will accept Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® Illustrator® file types. Supported file types are: .PDF, .AI, .EPS, .PSD, .JPG, and .TIFF.

Does every order come with an included carry bag?

All our retractable banners come with a free economy carry bag, but you have the chance to upgrade to a rigid case if you expect to travel with the banner stand.

Am I able to just purchase hardware/base?

Yes! You can just buy hardware if you would like. Under “Order Type” when configuring your product, click the dropdown and click hardware only.

Am I able to display this outdoors or is it strictly for indoor use?

While most types of retractable banners are designed to be displayed indoors, you can display outdoors during good weather conditions. Do not let the banner stand sit outside overnight or take it out when poor weather conditions are expected. All our vinyl prints are UV-resistant, so the sun won’t affect the print unless put through prolonged exposure. Our

Will my roll up banner fade?

Our banner printing utilizes digital printing with UV inks for all vinyl materials. The end result is a vibrant, full color finish that prevents any scratching or fading for years to come. All polyester fabric prints are printed via dye sublimation and are more susceptible to fading when exposed to sunlight.

Setup and Storage

How do I assemble my roll banner stand?

One of the biggest benefits of displaying with retractable trade show banners is the quick and easy setup and breakdown. Start by assembling the support pole and inserting it into the upward facing hole in the base. Gently pull the banner from the base and attach it to the top of the pole. For double sided banners, repeat these steps with the second banner. Break down is easy as well. Start by detaching the banner from the support pole, carefully lowering the banner back into its base. Remove the pole and separate. Load poles back into base and close for safe storage.

Is there a correct way to pull out the banner and collapse it?

It is important to slowly and carefully pull the banner out of the stand when setting up your stand as well when reloading the banner into the stand. Pulling or ripping the banner out in an aggressive manner can possibly cause damage to the banner or cause the banner to be crooked when reloading it into the base. This can cause damage to the sides of your banner. It is important to make sure the banner reloads into the base evenly.

How should I store my banner?

We recommend storing your banner in dry area at room temperature. This will help avoid any damage when you are not using it. We also recommend not storing anything on top of the banner stand base, and to not violently shake, drop, or throw around the base.

What if there is a small stain on our banner? Can we wipe it away?

Yes! Small stains on either material option can be wiped away with cloth soaked in warm water. We recommend not using any harsh soaps or chemicals on the print as they may cause damage to the finish. If using the polyester, you can detach and machine wash in cold water using a mild detergent. See above for more complete cleaning instructions.

How should I care for my roll up banner stand?

In order to improve the longevity of your product, follow these guidelines:

  • Pull up banner stand should not come into contact with wires, poles, or walls.
  • Any damage that occurs should be immediately repaired to ensure that the pop up banner maintains its durability.
  • Wash your pop up banner as is needed. If the banner becomes too dirty, it may not be possible to clean it.

Are the prints interchangeable with my retractable banner?

If you’re interested in purchasing new graphic prints but want to keep the same hardware – that’s okay! The Standard and Deluxe models feature interchangeable prints – the Economy model does not support new graphics. Purchase replacement prints listed as “Prints Only” in our product configurator. If you are unsure how to replace your prints, please refer to our set-up video.

What material choices are available?

There are several different material choices available for our retractable banner stands:

Premium Opaque Polyester Heavyweight-knitted polyester 7.67 oz/yd² Best for complex images, 100% opaque, flame-retardant
Standard Polyester Knitted fabric 6.06 oz/yd² Economy display fabric, moderate opacity
Opaque Vinyl 100% opaque vinyl 13.00 oz/yd² 100% opaque, super smooth, satin finish, weather-resistant, UV protected
Indoor Vinyl Economy vinyl 13.00 oz/yd² Matte finish, weather-resistant, UV protected



  1. 10 Tips for Designing the Best Roll Up Banner:

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Standard Demo

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Deluxe Re-Tensioning

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