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Stretch Table Covers

Get a more polished look for your next table set up with these stretch table covers from Vispronet®! Your design, message, or logo is printed onto a durable, smooth polyester fabric with dye sublimation printing. Transform boring wooden or plastic tables into super-effective advertising tools with these custom stretch table covers.

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Custom Stretch Table Covers with A Professional Appearance

Draw attention to your vendor booth when you’re at company events like conventions, trade shows, and presentations with these custom stretch table covers. Let passersby know what business or foundation you represent by displaying a logo or a full design.

We offer custom stretch tablecloths in a number of different sizes and coverage options. Available sizes include 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft while coverage options include 3 or 4 sides and a banquet style stretch table cover. Do you also need a table for your display? Don’t worry! We have a wide selection of trade show furniture perfect for event settings.

In addition to creating a personable event space with products like tents, brochures, and catalogs, the table should considered the keystone of any vendor booth display. Make your design as inviting and fun with your full-color stretch tablecloth.

Affordable Covers for Superior Advertising

These stretch table covers are incredibly functional due to their long-lasting polyester material that can be used repeatedly. The stretch of the fabric makes them easy to place on a wide range of tables, while making it look like it’s a perfect fit.

Using a custom spandex table cover that clings to the table eliminates the need for cheap, unreliable clips. You can place a stretch covered table outside and not worry about it blowing away if it’s windy. It will always keep your message fully displayed regardless of the weather and without wrinkles.

These stretch table covers are one of the most convenient displays we offer due to their inexpensive cost, customization options, and their stain and wrinkle-resistant material. The longevity of the durable material ensures that these table covers will be able to be used for years to come.

Stretch Table Covers with Logo or All-Over Print

To suit different preferences, we offer two different options: stretch table covers with logos only or with all-over print. The all-over print style can have the design printed on the entire stretch tablecloth while the logo print option can have the graphic displayed on designated areas with your choice of background color.

No matter which option you choose, these custom stretch table covers deliver a simple yet eye-catching appearance that is sure to give your company a professional look that will pique the interest of your potential customers.

Stretch Table Cover Options

3-Sided Stretch Table Covers Banquet Tablecloths


Stretch table covers with an arched back. Ideal for sitting at the table and extra storage.


Arched front, back, and sides for a sophisticated look and the ability to sit at the table.
4-Sided Stretch Tablecloth with No Zipper 4-Sided Stretch Table Cover with Zipper

4-Sided with No Zipper

Complete coverage on all sides to showcase your design.

4-Sided with Zipper

Back that can be unzipped to fit contents underneath the table and for sitting at.

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Stretch Table Covers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between all over print and a stretch table cover with logo?

The difference is based on how you want your table covers printed:

All Over Print – The entire custom stretch tablecloth can be covered in your design. You have free range to design across the whole cover, including the top.

Logo Print – This option is ideal if you want to showcase your company’s logo. The graphic appears on the front center of the table cover and nowhere else. The rest of the cover is personalized with a background color you pick. See the stretch table covers with logo product templates to see what areas can be printed.

What material is used for the stretch table covers?

Our stretch table covers are made from our stretch display polyester. This fabric can be used indoors and outdoors due to its stain-resistance. The stretch makes the material cling to the table rather than drape over it.

How are the table covers printed?

All of our custom stretch table covers are produced via dye sublimation printing. This means that the ink is infused into the fabric to create a seamless appearance. While lesser printing methods make the graphic look like it was placed directly on top of the fabric and includes texture, this kind of printing blends the fabric and the print together.

This form of printing is also best for creating vibrant, full colors for noticeable graphics. We offer full color CMYK printing so that you can utilize all the colors you want at no extra charge.

How do I find out if the stretch tablecloth will fit my table?

Both of the available tablecloth styles have the same sizes. We include a 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft table cover. The table size should be roughly the same size as the stretch table cover for the best fit. See more details below.

  • 4ft tablecloths measure 48in x 29in x 18.35in.
  • 6ft tablecloths measure 72in x 29.5in x 23in.
  • 8ft tablecloths measure 96in x 30in x 24.25in.

How do I put the cover on my table?

Due to the stretch of the fabric, placing your stretch tablecloth on a table is very easy. You simply stretch it across the table and extend the ends over the feet of the table. Please refer the setup videos featured on each product page for detailed instruction.

How do I clean the stretch table covers?

They can be cleaned in a washing machine, but some precautions need to be taken. The cycle needs to be on a delicate setting with cold water. Do not tumble dry the fabric. Hang it to dry.

If you get minor spills on your table cover, they can just be wiped away due to the stain-resistance of the fabric.

Are the tablecloth edges hemmed?

Our table cover edges are hemmed to prevent tearing on the ends. Your stretch tablecloth with logo shouldn’t rip unless it's intentionally pulled.

Are these stretch tablecloths flame-retardant?

Yes, our stretch table covers are flame-retardant. If your event has requirements that you need to use a fire-resistant material, then this is a perfect choice.

What are stretch table covers used for?

Custom stretch table covers are often seen at events where a lot of vendors set up booths. Companies create their own stretch tablecloths for their setup at tradeshows, street fairs, conventions, product demonstrations, and more. The table covers don’t just have to be used in professional settings. They can also be created with personal information, such as wedding dates for rehearsals and receptions.

If you have a message or brand that you’re trying to enforce, these stretch table covers are a cost-effective advertising tool. They can be used to perfectly compliment other printed products such as custom pop up tents, step and repeat banners, backdrops, and more.

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