Pop Up Portable Booth 9.8ft x 7.4ft

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  • Classic backdrop display made to fit 10ft trade show booths
  • Select from standard display polyester or upgrade to 100% opaque fabric
  • Banner is attached to the frame upon delivery
  • Lightweight and fully collapsible aluminum frame
  • Choose a print that exposes the sides or choose graphic with sides to cover the frame

Pop Up Portable Booth 9.8ft x 7.4ft Details

Parts List:

  • Your custom print installed upon delivery
  • Aluminum pop up frame
  • Carry bag

Material Options:

  • Polydeco Deluxe Stretch Matte FR: Premium flame-retardant matte polyester
  • Polydeco Opaque FR: 100% opaque premium flame-retardant matte polyester

Additional Notes:

  • Display fits up to 2 Pop Up Portable Booth Lights


Part NumberPrint SizeOverall SizeWeight
DI3002 9.8ft x 7.4ft (without sides)
11.8ft x 7.4ft (with sides)
9.8ft x 7.4ft x 1ft 27lbs


We recommend the following accessories for your product:

Gray Halogen Pop Up Portable Booth Light
Silver 150W Halogen Light for Pop Ups


  • Light accessory for brightening up Pop Up Portable Booths
  • Halogen bulb stored behind protective glass covering
  • 12" neck allows light to be angled over the display booth
  • Adjustable head for lighting up any desired area of the pop up

1 pc $ 28.71 ea
Halogen light for use with different Pop Up Portable Booth sizes
Black 150W Halogen Light for Pop Ups


  • Great accessory for illuminating Pop Up Portable Booths
  • Halogen bulbs protected by glass covers that's easy to change out
  • Light angles over display thanks to 12" necks
  • Head can be tilted up and down to adjust illumination over the product

1 pc $ 28.71 ea
Silver 16W LED Wide Light for Pop Ups
Silver 16W LED Wide Light for Pop Ups


  • Lighting made for use with our pop up booth frames
  • Fully rotational head can turn to either side for optimal angling
  • Extra wide head measures 12" for further exposure
  • Also available in black

1 pc $ 54.95 ea
Black 16W LED Wide Light for Pop Ups
Black 16W LED Wide Light for Pop Ups


  • Long-lasting accessory light designed for pairing with Pop Up Portable Booths
  • Light is fully rotational and the head can be moved left to right and side to side
  • 12" wide head provides even lighting over the display
  • Comes in black, also available in silver

1 pc $ 54.95 ea
Gray LED Pop Up Portable Booth Light
Silver 21W LED Light for Pop Ups


  • Economical accessory light for our Pop Up Portable Booths
  • Enduring LED lightbulb is protected by glass covering
  • Light is angled over display with its long neck
  • Adjustable and can be placed anywhere on top of the display

1 pc $ 66.16 ea
LED light can be used with Pop Up Portable Booth models
Black 21W LED Light for Pop Ups


  • Energy-efficient LED lights to enhance Pop Up Portable Booths
  • Bulbs are easy to replace and are shielded by glass covering
  • Long neck angles over display for proper illumination
  • Light can be adjusted up or down over the display

1 pc $ 66.16 ea
Pop Up Portable Booth Stabilizing Foot (2-pack)
Pop Up Portable Booth Stabilizing Feet (2-pack)


  • Provides extra stability for pop up booths
  • Constructed of durable aluminum
  • 2ft feet feature a low profile to prevent tripping
  • Made for use with Straight, Curved, 3D, and Backlit models

1 pc $ 31.32 ea
Pop Up Portable Booth Trolley
Pop Up Portable Booth Trolley


  • Make your display super portable with this simple add on for your Pop Up Portable Booth
  • Simply strap your carrying case to the trolley and wheel away your display
  • Trolley folds up for convenient storage when not in use


1 pc $ 15.75 ea
Hardcase Trolley
Hardcase Trolley


Best Seller


1 pc $ 155.93 ea
Hardcase Trolley Tabletop
Hardcase Trolley Tabletop


1 pc $ 45.38 ea
Hardcase Trolley Square
Hardcase Trolley Square


Best Seller

  • A case made from solid black PVC to store and tote display products
  • Features rolling wheels and handles for easy travel and portability
  • Lightly padded lid protects your products from damage
  • Hardcase Trolley Square features lockable metal clips for security
  • Can't be used for shipping, only transporting



1 pc $ 132.39 ea
Tabletops are available in black and white
Hardcase Trolley Square Tabletop

  • Make a display counter out of the Hardcase Trolley Square with this tabletop
  • Wooden tabletop folds in half for portability
  • Available in black and white, both with a wood-grain finish
  • Tabletop features a groove on the bottom side so it sits securely on the case



1 pc $ 32.84 ea

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