Soccer Tents

If you need a way to keep your team out of the sun, look at a soccer tent from Vispronet. Features of our soccer tents include:

  • Flame retardant, waterproof and scratchproof polyester canopies
  • Steel or aluminum frames
  • Custom printing for all non-stock tents
  • Accessories such as awnings, weights and walls

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Why Use Soccer Tents from Vispronet?

If you’re looking for shade at a soccer game or tournament, you might be out of luck unless you bring your own. A tournament might last three or four games – all going one after the other over the course of a single day. Even if you only have one game that day, having a place for you and your team to cool off when they’re not on the field is invaluable.

No matter what kind of budget or resources you’re working with, we have custom soccer tents that’ll keep your team cool no matter how many games they’re playing that day. The professional appearance of a Vispronet brand pop up tent will blow your competition away – without doing the same to your budget.


Buying your own soccer tent has other benefits, too: the facilities offered vary from field to field, with some fields having no shade at all. Bringing a tent of your own means that you can ensure your players get the shade that they need to keep playing at their best.

Here are some things to think about before you make a purchase:

  1. Most instant canopies are made of lightweight fabrics and metals to make setup simple and easy.
  2. How sturdy your canopy is depends on what materials are used. Our soccer tents have frames that are built out of steel or aluminum with a polyester fabric canopy.

Even as you consider the above, when it comes time to buy the canopy, consider the components.

Getting a polyester cover for your canopy (something that all of ours come standard with) is a great idea. Why? Most of the polyester-based materials on the market today are scratch-proof, waterproof and flame retardant.

Using a steel frame is great for times when you need something that’s sturdy and durable. If you need something that’s lightweight and easy to carry, look for an aluminum frame. Not only are they much lighter than steel frames, but the aluminum construction means that they’re made to be resistant to things like corrosion or rust.

If you’re looking for a soccer tent that is both lightweight and compact, look no further than our 8.5’ by 8.5’ compact model – it's perfect for fitting in the trunk of a car.

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