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Folding Table Leg Risers

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  • Folding table risers come in a set of 4
  • Safe and low-profile design instantly increases table height
  • Multiple styles and sizes for an array of different table designs
  • Each style features anti-slip rubber feet that grip the floor
  • Tubes are lightweight, durable, and keeps table completely stable
  • Works for multiple table shapes including square, rectangle, and circle
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Table Risers Details

Having issues bending over a low table-top? Experiencing neck, shoulder, and back aches due to constantly reaching down to a low set tabletop? Constantly holding your arms out in order to reach the table can creates tension in your neck, shoulders and back muscles. Over time, this can create serious posture issues.

Raise your table or furniture in minutes, with a set of durable folding table risers. These furniture leg extenders save money, increase productivity, and increase comfort instantly, simply by raising the tabletop height.

These table leg risers are great for an array of applications including: workplaces – cafeteria and warehouse, trade shows, art shows, flea markets, fairs, work and church events, yard sales, and any application that uses a foldable table. Leg extenders are also great for raising the table height for storage purposes when at work, a show, or just at home. Table risers do not affect the weight capacity of the table and their sleek low-profile design is nearly unnoticeable.

Parts List:

  • (4) PVC pipes with rubber feet
  • Straight table risers come with (4) wooden dowels

Please Note:

  • Inner diameter of table risers is 1.35in
  • Use table height extenders with tables with 1.3in or smaller leg diameter
  • Only use table leg extenders with recommended table type (see picture gallery)

Table Leg Risers Specifications

ModelSizeExtensionWeightPart NumberRecommended ForAdditional Notes
Bent Table Leg
Counter Height
10.75in x 1.7in x 1.7in Raises tables 6in 1.7lbs DI1277 6ft and 8ft Rectangular Foldable Tables Use with tables with bended leg design
Table leg diameter needs to be at or below 1.3in
Bent Table Leg
Bar Height
16.75in x 1.7in x 1.7in Raises tables 12in 2.5lbs DI1278 6ft and 8ft Rectangular Foldable Tables Use with tables with bended leg design
Table leg diameter needs to be at or below 1.3in
Straight Table Leg
Counter Height
16.75in x 1.7in x 1.7in Raises tables 7.5in 3.2lbs KX0590 4ft, 5ft, 6ft Round Folding Tables Use with tables with straight leg design
Legs need to be unobstructed at least 9.5in from bottom
Table leg diameter needs to be at or below 1.3in

Table Leg Risers - Choose Your Style

These handy table leg extenders are easy to set up, require no tools, are easily transportable, and come in multiple styles and sizes. Table risers styles include:

Bent Table Leg Style: This table leg extensions style is meant for use with tables with a bended leg design. They weigh 1.7lbs and add 6 inches to the table height.

Bent Table Leg Style Bar Height: This bar height style riser is meant to raise a table to bar height. These table risers weigh around 2.5lbs and raise a tabletop height by 12 inches.

Straight Table Leg Style: This style of table leg risers is designed for tables with straight legs. They weigh 3.2lbs, raise the table by 7.5 inches, and are best used with round folding tables. These table height extenders include wooden dowels for extra safety and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will these table risers leave scuff marks on the floor?

No, table leg lifts do not leave scuff marks.

Do furniture leg extensions affect the weight limit of the table?

No, these furniture leg extenders will not affect the weight limit of the tabletop.

Can I use the bent leg style on a straight leg table and vice versa?

Never use the bent leg table risers style on a straight leg table and never use the straight leg style on a bent leg table. Using the table height extenders this way is dangerous and can hurt the integrity or your table.

Do table leg extenders require tools to install?

No, our table leg risers are easy to install and take about a minute to put on the bottom of the table legs - with no tools required.

Will these risers work for desks?

Yes, these work as desk leg risers if the style and size of the desk leg is compatible with the table leg extenders. Make sure you check the size of your desk legs before buying our leg risers. The leg diameter needs to be below or at 1.3in for table risers to work properly.

California Residents

Proposition 65 Warning Click here for Proposition 65 warning

Table Risers Assembly Instructions

Table Risers Demo

Q & A

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